One Of These Days

One of these days  …. lol how many times do we say or think this in our lives ? We find a job that needs doing and we look at it and think , yep will do that 1 day , everyone of us has done it sometime somewhere  and if you say you didn’t then  I seriously think you are fibbing . We could really go through the place we live in right now and find at least 1 job that we have said and keep saying  will fix that 1 day , but for reasons only known to ourselves we still have not done it  . I  find it  really funny that most of the times we put off doing these things if  we are honest  is for the silliest things  and we could have had the job done ages before  but it still isn’t , people are weird  right  ? Why we do this , why we keep putting things off is a mystery to me  and yet we are not , well mostly are not procrastinators  but we still put some things off.

One of these days ..we will travel to new places to re-visit,  places we have already been to and loved so much we want to go back. Even I have places  I would love to go to for the 1st time and ones  I have been to but want to go back to  as the time  I had in them was far too short . My guess is that there are lots of people who feel like that , also how many of us say  one of these days  I will get that thing  I have been wanting for such a long time . Why we have not already got it could be as simple as we keep forgetting to get it  or we just keep thinking yep one of these days , lol, ok sometimes it is because we don’t have the money but mostly that isn’t the reason . There just seems to be in us this  thing ? I don’t know what you call it , apart from silly ..that makes us  as a people just put certain things off  it is just nuts

Then there is the  one of these days  that you say to , mostly your kids ..yes you do  one of these days you will cop it if you do that  , one of these days you will pay for not doing what you are told  or  being cheeky . We say  one of these days  so  many times and for so many reasons  it is really just plain funny , because  when  we do finally  do them it seems so silly that we put it off for so long , lol, what is wrong with us  ?? One of these days  someone  will figure out why we do this and hopefully find a way to stop us doing it . Once we have done what we have put off for so long it usually makes us feel so silly and wonder why we took so long to get on with it …people …sheesh there any hope ? No not while we procrastinate  so much we need to as they say …extract  the digit  and just get the  things done , that would save us a lot of  embarrassment  and keep things tidy.

My favourite and yes if  I am honest  the only time  I keep saying it is  when the menace , lol, aka hubby , keeps annoying me  and yes he does it on purpose  lol , even tried to sell him on faceache but  got no decent …errr any real bids  on him ..dammit  so a still stuck with him , all because  I forgot to check the  T,s and  C’s  when we got married  lmao  sorry babe need to watch that don’t I ? Anyway  I am sure you get the drift  there would be very few people who  would not  have at some time or other put off things that  should never been put  off  and so would have saved us much  trouble. Sometimes we put off fixing things so long that we forget about them till we move house , then we find them and oopps  should have fixed that , now it has to be done  right away , but would have been easier if we had done it when it first needed doing  ….It is like putting things away to be fixed later then you forget where they are and why you didn’t fix them, had you fixed them at the time instead of putting them away  you now would have no trouble. ..We seem though not to be able to get this through our thick heads …one of these days ….maybe .lol


Not doing anything is very time consuming…

I’m not the kind of person to distance myself from anything… Far from it…


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