Husbands !!!

Husbands !! …. Lol  how many women and how many times has this been said in sheer exasperation  at the men in our lives  ? Wondering just  how many times in a  year or maybe make that a day even , lol, we say that , it does not  matter how much we love them  there are still so many times we want to scream or even strangle them . They can be the most infuriating species on the planet , and my guess is there are a lot of women who feel like this too  , as  I said at times the most infuriating  things ever .and there are a lot of infuriating things on the planet , trust me

Husbands who come and ask you where something is  , you tell them they go away and come back and tell you , nope , it is not there , so you go with them only to find that as you knew all the time is was there but they could not see it because it was right in front of them. Those are  definitely the times when we want to strangle them , why can’t they see it  ? They can’t because it is right in front of them and that seems to be a purely  a male thing  this is the conclusion I have come to as it only seems to be males  that cannot see something right in front of them. Makes me wonder sometimes why more of them do not get strangled lol it is so annoying  but we still love them ( silly aint it  ? )  lol…

Husbands  who say how much they love helping you around the house but never seem to get the time to actually do anything  always seem to be just  ” Too busy ” with more important things , and they must be done first …lol  of course they do ..we know that  why do you think the phrase  ” If I do it myself then  I will know you did it  ”  came into being  we just do it ourselves and pretend they did it  , trust me it is  much better for our sanity and their health if we do this  . Cannot count the times I have asked for help and just ended up doing it myself as it is much easier and better for his health if  I do me on this . Took me a week once just to get him to go out to the shed and get something out of it  and even then I almost had to kick his butt.   just to get it done then !

Husbands will never ask for directions , lol yes that is so true  that is why the  whole world knows about it and makes  so many jokes about it , but to this day  I have not found out why they are so stubborn , am inclined to think it is a masculine thing  they are afraid  they will look less manly  if they ask . Just go a bit further they say we will find it  , it does not enter their heads  that to just keep going  might be just going in the wrong direction  and then all steps have to be retraced  back the way we were  going .what a waste of time and energy ,like them sometimes lol. Times like these make you wonder why you married them in the first place and  if murder can be legal  just this 1 time …sheeesh ..

Husbands  who love to fiddle with things they should not before getting professional help , and no not those things lol , mind out of the gutter please  …sheeesh … I am talking things electrical or plumbing or automotive , or unless he is an IT bloke the computers too or phones etc. I laugh the most when him not being able to fix it , asks me , I look and then show him how to fix it , lol and yes it does happen  that’s when I laugh the most … I know it’s not nice but then again  who cares  ? lol was his own fault ..  As I keep telling him it is all ” self inflicted ”  he started it  so there …When they do decide it is time to help it has got to be at the speed they want to help and not 1 bit faster  so again  you may just as well forget them helping . Even if there is more than 1 thing needs doing they will do 1 and say  that will do the rest can wait ….that is the time  I really want to kick his butt or worse  if you are already doing things why not finish them all  ? Then you can sit down and relax and have a drink  …makes sense to me get jobs done then you got more time to rest  once they are all done ..

What is wrong with men’s brains …On the right side there is nothing left and on the left side there is nothing right …

The trouble with men is …you can’t live with them and they won’t let you shoot them …

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