Oh Really ??

Oh really ? ….. Lol  just how many times  do we say or think this when  you hear people say or read something that is as obvious as the  nose on your face ? There are times when you actually wonder at the sanity of some people  when they come up with a statement  so damn obvious  that  it really , really did not  need saying  like ” oh  it’s raining ” I mean really  ? Like you don’t know that yourself by the actual fact you are getting wet or about to , sheesh  why say it ? Why bother  when it is so blatantly obvious , I mean how would you not know you are getting wet  ? Lol  what planet would you have to be on not to know that  ? If  you can’t see or  feel water hitting you  then Duhh  go back to  bed you will be safer that way  and so will the rest of us.

There are so many things that fall into this category  that it’s hard  to pick just a few  but lol let’s have a giggle and try …Go to the grocery store pick  up a pack of peanuts  and what does it say on the pack ? ” caution may contain nuts ” well Duhh  it better as that’s why I got it in the first place  ..sheesh …Or someone gives you a cuppa they just made and even  though you are an adult…well maybe ..some are and some not  …lol  they say to you careful now it’s hot , lol   no really ?? never would have guessed   even though I saw the kettle boiling  just a few mins ago ….sheesh ..Have even had people say to me when out walking  oh the light is red  we have to stop …lol. again no! really ? !  I really do wonder  at people sometimes  yes  I know I just said that but really look around you they are everywhere  so watch yourself or you will find one too ..lol

I think my favourite is when you buy alcohol of any type you get a warning that it has alcohol in it  …lol  it bloody better if I bought it  , then it tells you it may be intoxicating  ….giggles  sorry  thats another case of  no! really! ?! That is just so  funny  I just giggle all the time  , I mean why would you be buying  it   if it did not have the alcohol in it , after all it is great for cooking as well as drinking . Also  you may go out for takeaway  food , not having the time to cook or the inclination  so you grab a fast food  and when they give you a …wait for it  …. lol…Hot Apple Pie!  then they tell you  warning contents maybe hot!! lmao here well Duhh I bloody hope so it’s what I asked for ….sheesh …I give up …

Next on the list frozen food , lol have to laugh  at this it says  , this is frozen food and needs to be kept in the freezer until needed ….say what ? lol no!really!?  Where do they think you are going to put it  ? in the oven ? in a cupboard somewhere ? Makes you wonder how silly  people have been over the years that makes warnings like this even needed , how many people put frozen stuff in the cupboard before they decided they  have to label it  with a warning ?? I say again people are nuts  and best to be avoided  if you can sometimes unless you have your  armour on ….and strapped on tight too …it’s scary out there  …

Lol now I come to one of what I think is the funniest there is …sleeping pills !! lol yes even they have a warning ..” caution  may cause drowsiness ” well Duhh I knew that it’s why I got them for heavens sake  and if they didn’t why would  I even bother to get them in the first place  ? sheesh …Once again I ask how many people did something or said something stupid that requires  such a warning  ? One more time  I say people are nuts ..lol and I keep wondering how some  of them are even still alive * shakes head  * giggles *

With all my wondering and  looking into  this subject I find myself torn between 2 things , is it the fact that people are really that stupid  or is it all part of this dumbing down of people going on with all this ridiculous  ” political correctness ” ? There are arguments for both sides yes  and also  a bit of both   can be found  but really  nothing stands out as one thing   that has made people so  stupid . Was it their desire to  test things too much  or just sheer stubbornness and not bothering to read labels  or listen to what they are told that has bought this about  ? We all know how damn stubborn  some people  can be after all , some will swear black is white even though you show them  the truth   so what can you do ?

About all you can do as  I see it is …watch out and take cover!!  lol they are everywhere  so no one  is safe  keep your armour on at all times away from the house ….

As this  the last blog before xmas …may I take time to wish all who read this a very merry xmas and a wish for you all to have a wonderful New Year ….love you all for reading these ..

After 6 months of my husband nagging, I finally did it, I lost 120lbs … I’m sure gonna miss him….

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