Moods  … We all have them and if anyone says they don’t then they are lying , there is not 1 person on the earth that cannot be happy 1 minute and full of anger or frustration or sudden elation  , it happens to all of us and really why does this happen ? What causes this changing of moods ? Many will get angry if you say they are moody  as somehow this word has been made to be  a bad word when in actual fact it is not , as well have mood changes we all have what is called mood swings . We would not be human if we didn’t  we would be more like robots  and yes how very well I know as a lot of people do  indeed seem like robots  but that is just a persona and inside they really do have feelings/moods  they just decide to hide them , and  I think this is not a good thing at all for a person.

Whatever it is that causes these moods and what causes them to change sometimes over years sometimes over  moments or as can often be the case right in an instant . The causes of mood changes are  many and varied , it can be a little thing  that someone does or says that can  cause it or it can  be something you read  , whatever the cause  it happens to all there is no getting away from that , as it is more than obvious  that someone’s mood has changed , it shows almost instantly  in their behaviour . Mood changes are not something you can hide yet some still try to hide them  why I do not know , easiest thing  I think is to say right out  , hold on I have changed my mind. It is a mind change on something/everything  that causes the mood driving it to change .

So ok we all have mood changes  some instant some not  but it is how we handle them that makes either for a lot of problems or solves them or gives a way out of a situation . If  a mood change is handled correctly then all surrounding issues  usually  get sorted quite quickly , but if they are not then I’m guessing we all know how things can go from bad to worse in an instant .I  for 1 have experienced a mood change so devastating   that I ripped an entire hospital ward  a new 1 , I went right off my rocker at every staff member there , I have never ever been that angry in my life before , won’t go into details but it worked and we got the results we needed at the time  , never ever want to have to do that again.

It  goes to prove though how easily it can happen to anyone  given the right situation , when we went there I had absolutely no plan or idea of getting so angry , but it happened  and it worked , I definitely  do not recommend it  at all it had an effect on me too . So drastic mood changes like that can have drastic effects  some good or some bad  but everyone has them  and deals with them  in 1 way or another , right or wrong how we handle them soon makes itself  evident . So if you meet someone who asserts that they are nice and quiet and never get upset  you can bet your life they are fibbing  because we are all human ( supposedly  )  so all have moods so hiding them makes no sense and makes you look  something less than human .

Having moods and mood swings is quite normal so why people try to cover the fact that they are actually human and say they do not have them is something  I will never understand . Why anyone wants/needs to try and conceal these feelings is more than  I will ever understand as all that does is make you more closed in , and you begin to withdraw from everything and everybody  so cannot be very good for you . I think it is that we have  so many people world wide   who do this all the time is why we have so many unstable  and angry people , because they try to hide real feelings and pretend that they do not have them.  I just try hard to let things and life go by as it will and handle them as they come and deal with whatever it throws at me , lol so far so good I’m still here  , but seriously  it can be the hardest thing to just keep going when you really do not want to … really is a case of ” pull up your big girls knickers and get on with it  ”

Me and my husband are happily married  …I just haven’t told him yet ..

Before I get busy doing nothing … I usually  take a 20 minute break …

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