What Makes You Happy ?

What makes you happy  ? What would you need to make you happy enough to say that is all I ever want ?  Would make you happy ,contented , relaxed, loving , a person good to be near  ? A person who  would then begin to see the best in others  who would then be nicer to others around them and be willing to actually  go out  and help where possible ?  The sort of person  there  are just not enough  of in this me,me,me  world  where  almost everyone  is out only for themselves  and no  one else ?  Could you ever be that happy and contented that  you could then go out and share  your happiness ? This when you think about it  is an almost impossible thing to find anymore  , someone who helps because they can and because they are happy and want to share , they are as they say in the classics  ” as rare as hens teeth ”  I cannot remember the last time I ever actually met someone like that last  and it hurts that  things have got this bad …..

What makes people happy if that is even possible today and trust me sometimes  I  really doubt it is even possible these days  as people become more self  centered  all the time . Wonder if to be honest  they even know themselves what would make them really happy  given all the things that life now  throws at us  and  as you know it sure throws a lot . We have all got to the stage where we just brace  for whatever is to be thrown next  and we are getting better at learning to duck  but we just can’t  duck everything  no matter how hard we try. I know some have very unreal   ideas about what would  make them happy and they think  and it is the first thing  almost everyone thinks all we need is a lot of money  give us that and all will be well and we  will  be very happy  ..sorry to burst your bubble  but that will not help at all money only buys  more trouble  the more money you get the more trouble you buy , once you pay your bills what else do you really need a lot of money for  ?

Yes , yes I know a lot will say let’s  give some to charities  but , and this might amaze some  , I would never ,ever advise anyone to give  to any charity  the worst being the Salvation Army  …these so called charities put 3/4 or more of the money in their own pockets  for ” administration  ”  and only a very tiny amount goes where it should and they totally ignore you if you dare to ask  for help. So no giving money like that is all wrong  so what else would you do with it ? Spoil yourself ? Spoil one or two  people  who you like? Alright  do that then what ? Will you be happy or  even more  down  because it just does not give you the satisfaction  you think it will ? Money is almost the last thing you should crave to make you happy  , so what else in your life would make you happy   ? What sort of person are you deep inside  ? The sort of person you are inside is what defines you and how you handle all the crap life throws  the better you overcome the better you will be ..

What would make me happy ? I  am a simple person who does not crave what the world craves , yes a little money would help right now enough to fix the lappy and hubbys as both are almost shot , and to pay the bills after that   I am happy just to have a loving husband , wonderful children, grandchildren and great grandchildren ( yes  I am that old lol ) and to know that they are all healthy and happy . Love just relaxing  watching TV   having a nice place to live in and not having to worry where my next meal will come from or where  I will be sleeping that night . To be able to go out  if we want to  and  go shopping if we want , nothing too  much just like to keep things simple because the more we  have in our lives the more it becomes  complicated   and then we get more trouble  so yes  less is more for us and we love it  . I have seen too many times people who achieve all the things they think they want and in too short a time they have either wasted all of it and are now worse off  or they feel isolated  and alone  neither one of these  is good…

We must learn to take as a song once said …one day at a time   and  not stress over things you cannot change  makes it all so much easier to handle  , bit like  husbands  be nice to them once in a while and they are happy for ages …simples …lol  ..sorry dear …..Really though we need to lower our expectations on what we think would make us happy and relax more and that alone will do the job we keep searching for , we keep trying too hard and therein lies the problem , it has taken me a lot of years to sort this out  and I hope a few more will too it is much nicer …

You can’t have everything ….where would you put it  ???

Condoms aren’t always protective …my husband was wearing one the other day and he still fell down the stairs ….


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