TV or not TV ?

TV or not TV  that is the question , that is the question every parent should ask , these days the absolute trash  that is passed off as  TV  is beyond belief. years ago Tv was a fun way to relax  and to entertain the kids when you were too busy or they were bored . Look at what is passed off as ok  for kids  to watch  nowadays  is pathetic in the extreme  all they seem to be being taught now  is it is quite ok to lie  if it suits  you , it is also ok to cheat if that suits you too , and if you look at the adverts  today they say the same also it is quite ok to steal  , just make the add a  bit funny  and the mere fact of the matter that it is telling you it is ok to do all these things  means nothing. There used to be an advertising  standards board  but obviously  that is now no longer in operation  or has been watered down so much  it may  as well be shut down as it is no longer any use.

TV  has been infiltrated by so many ” let’s make money off suckers ” companies  that almost all the ads now  are either mushy and pandering to people’s self image or  right out telling you it’s ok to steal, cheat etc. Gone are the days of it just being a nice simple way of entertainment , there is not a channel on the  TV  now  that is  now just all about making money  , they have long  since sold the general public out for the big $$$$   as it suits their  purpose better  money is all that counts. As in most things money is all that matters and the TV stations now have become so attuned to making money even what used to be  a good  source of entertainment  now most of the time is not even worth switching on . Some , no, make that all the commercial free to air stations are now not even remotely entertaining  , 1 morning show I used to watch all the time now  I just turn off  , I timed it once, in 1 hour you got exactly 15 mins of actual program content the rest was advertising so why would you bother watching ? Watched it again the other week  to see if anything has changed , nope still the same beats me, why would anyone want to just sit watching ads ? Makes absolutely no sense and never will to me .

Once upon a time too if you decided you had , had enough of all the advertising  you could invest in pay TV  that would mean you got little or no ads and it was worth the bit extra  so you could have proper content without all the ads . Now it’s almost as bad as  free to air , the only difference now is that if you love sport, nature or any other specific  thing  it can all only be found  on pay TV so long gone are  the no ads policy  and the  best of things you originally  got the pay TV  for  you still got but you also now still get the ads  , the big money wins again  not the subscriber . They  con you in with all these so called extras  but in the long run it is all just blackmail  if you want to see the things that free to air  now can no longer screen because they do not have the $$$ needed  to get them. Seems to me none of  the TV stations  free to air or not  have no control over the greed that runs them  and even the governments own channels in whatever country are the same and most seem to be run by lefty’s  who  are controlled  by the unions  so are equally as bad.

So as  I said  the days of the nice relaxing programs , the funny  and innocent and more simple ads  have long since gone all have been commercialized to the Nth degree as big corporations take over yet another   facet of our lives  so they can control what we can and cannot see if we pay extra or not . Innocence in yet 1 more thing has been wiped away in something that used to be a lot of fun . Just  as the mobile phone  has been ruined  by all the stuff they have now added to them it is the same with our TV  and once again we had no say it was done while we were  distracted by all the new flashy stuff. Once again we did not see that sometimes less is more , we really did not need all the additions to the phones nor did we to our TV  but it all has happened anyway . Unless we can find a way to ” un-do ”  a lot of these so called  extra features we just ” had to have ”  we are still being controlled and will be if we cannot stop the rot , not likely to happen though is it  ?

So the question To TV or not to TV  as far as  I am concerned  has been answered , turn it off and  try to find something more productive to do , and yes I do know that it is about all some people have  to keep them sane  I am 1 of them as I spend hours alone all the time and others  live alone , but  I sometimes still think we should turn it off  and  I have even started doing this myself  , and I used to love watching it  but not  anywhere near as much as I used to that is for sure . Thankfully I at least love reading so that helps  but   not everyone  does  so that does not help  , just wish there was a way .  I was going to say something about these so called ” Reality shows ”  but made myself sick almost , have never seen such utter garbage in my life  yet people  watch it by the thousands  and I am stunned by that  they are trash in the extreme * shakes head * tries not to be sick *


By the time you’re finished reading this, it’s  too late to find out that there’s nothing interesting in this status. What did you expect? I wrote it.

When I get sound advice from my husband it’s usually 99% sound, 1% advice.



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