Lights ..On or Off

Lights on or off  ? Now as far as  I am aware this is a subject that divides men and women  almost equally , some like to turn them off when finished with and some like them  left on in some instances so they don’t have the arduous  task of turning them back on again , must be difficult  for some people really  how much energy would it take to turn a light off honestly ? It seems though  for many years there is this argument  to turn off or not to turn off ? Before you  laugh  too hard this is a serious question  to some people  , it can cause  friction if either the husband or the wife  leaves it on and they  shouldn’t seems silly to some people to  argue over something this silly  but trust me  some couples do .

I am sure you all know that marriages  can be in trouble sometimes over the silliest things  and this is 1 of those silly things .Totally amazing to me is that things this small can cause  all sorts of trouble , I mean really ? What difference can it make light on or off  except  for when going to sleep or going out ? How can something this trivial  cause so much  trouble ? I mean we are supposed to  A be in love, B be adults , C setting a good example to kids , and other things yet we get our knickers in a knot over a light either not turned off or 1 that is  turned off  …sheeesh   ya can’t win sometimes with people . wonder if it’s even possible ? lol  dunno about that .Seriously though  woman leaves a room turns light off to save  power , hubby comes in turns light back on , finishes what he  is doing  walks out leaves light on…uh oh …wife comes back sees light left on turns it off , goes crook  at hubby and here we have another argument ….see how easy it is to start a fight  ?

Seriously though can leaving  a light on during the day  make that much difference  to the power bill ? Does it take more  power to turn it on again  as the power surges back into the light ? I have never quite worked out  yes or no  so maybe some genius   can tell me if so .It is the same as turning a car motor off for a few mins at a stop or letting it idle , does it or doesn’t it use more petrol in a surge when re starting ? So here we have 2 things very similar without  either having a definitive answer so come on you geniuses  work it out and tell me  , it will give you something to do, lol, does it or does it not  save power to turn off , then re start   or better to leave it on ?

Now  take my husband  ( please  ) lol he is a terror for leaving all the lights on no matter what room he is in , if he is home long enough  at a time  I find myself running round behind  him turning lights off all day . Somedays  I just want to kick his bum get so sick of lights on all over the house , all I can think of is the money for the power bill , but he doesn’t  seem  worried at all but  I worry because  I have to balance the books . Whenever we talk about this  he just says  ” yes dear ”  and all is well for about ohhh  maybe 5 mins  lol  then he’s back to what he calls normal , lol normal ? him ? nahh never going to happen , hasn’t yet   so  not holding my breath anytime soon  lol  ( sorry dear )  no not really   you drive me nuts with  this   lol .


My husband said he wanted to see the world, so I bought him an atlas.

If the average person walks about 900 miles a year and on average drinks 22 gallons of alcohol a year. That means that, the average person gets 41 miles to the gallon….


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