Where Is That Noise ?

Where is that noise  ? ….. I would love to know how many times , or had a $  for every time a noise has caught my attention , 1 that just does not seem to fit in with the usual noises  . A  noise that  by the mere fact  that it is not  the same as all the other noises you are so used to makes you edgy , nervous ,  wanting to  find it and either fix it or at least  know that it is a harmless  noise and not 1 that needs to be worried about . Let’s face  it  strange noises even if they are harmless do tend to make out hair stand up ( if we have any lol ) and until we investigate  and sort out said noise we will not be able to relax .

The mind even though it is a remarkable thing can also be a damm torment , it will play out every single  harmful , yes harmful as that is what the mind does  , scenario that is causing that noise . That noise that does not go with  the usual noises  , What is it ? Will it hurt me ? Will it hurt my family? Will it hurt my house  ? These are the things the mind starts on and it will not stop until you have tracked down the noise and what is making it , no matter how many times you tell it to shut up it will not . Will not stop annoying you until you know just what the noise is and what harm , if any it can or cannot cause.

Strangely enough you will fine that 99%  of the time the noise will be something completely innocent ,  the wind banging a door or a window , a cat jumping  in a window or knocking something off a table or bench , a dog  playing with something , there are just so many things that can make noises you do not expect  but are completely harmless . Along these lines  I am very sure you can think of a ton more noises that seem to come out of nowhere  and either make you jump or make you laugh or something . Whatever the reason for the noise the crazy part of your brain will not let it rest until it knows just what is going on , will keep nagging you until you find out about it . The worst part being that it just will not stop until noise is sorted  and men , yes you men are just as bad as women in the need to find out what and where it is .

As for the  maybe 1% of times when the noise needs fixing right away  well that can also be anything  but for once the crazy brain is right to want to find it and fix it . Maybe a snake has crawled into  your laundry , lol don’t laugh it can happen here  that is why we have snake catchers , or maybe some  other animal or bird has managed to sneak in where it is not supposed to be , or  maybe an electrical fault has caused a fire . Both ideas are extreme  yes but  I use them to show how crazy our brains can be  when it comes to noises it does not like or understand . So unless you wish to go right round the twist  you have to get off your butt  and go investigate  no matter how  much you do not want to  move  or have the crazy brain  rattle  away at you  until you do .

The very worst time to hear these noises is at night , late at night , because it is dark so you cannot see  outside what may be making the noise  and that makes it worse .When you  go to bed is to my mind  the very worst time , you get into bed , you are just dozing off and then it happens ! Yikes now what  ? How are you supposed to get to sleep when you have no idea where the noise is even , let alone how to fix it  , so off goes the crazy brain in it’s endless circles  leaving you lying there wondering what will happen next ……Don’t you just love it ? lol … you have to love the brain really of all the things it gets itself  in a tangle over a strange noise is the worst …..BANG!  …lol Try going to sleep after  an exhaust backfire  just as you are dropping off to sleep ….


I think once we get past the restraining orders and the court dates and the stalking charges, we can really make this relationship work..

“Where do you want this big roll of bubble wrap?” I asked my boss.
“Just pop it in the corner,” he said.
It took me three hours….


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