Did You Know ??

Did you know  ? …..Did you know there are a lot of things you really don’t know ? Did you know that the more you think you know the less you actually do know  ? Did you know that the more you try to know the harder it becomes to actually know things  ? Did you know you can drive yourself mad trying just to know more  ? Did you know that the more things you think you need to know the less things you really do need to know? Did you know that the more you try to know the more you cram in your thick skull  the more you are actually pushing out  ? Did you know that if you keep going like this eventually you will either know everything  ( impossible ) or know nothing at all ( more likely ) ….

Now if that hasn’t confused you enough let’s try this and see how many of these things you have already done but refuse to admit that you have  so no one knows what a drip  you have actually been …lol.. Did you know that no matter how hard you push a door if it is marked pull you will never get it to open ? Did you know that if you want to make a cup of coffee  then you really do  need to get a cup, take it to the coffee , put coffee in , then take it to  hot water and pour it in ? Did you know that no amount of  glaring  at something will not make it change it’s position  and that if you want it to be gone  you either have to get off your butt and move it or move yourself so you cannot see it  ? Did you know that no amount of wishing  someone else will do it will get anything done for you , you have to either ask nicely ( or not )  or do the dam dishes yourself   as no one else will do them unless you threaten them ? …lol ….so true  .. it is always the dishes no one  wants to do .

Did you know  that when watching your favourite sport on TV that no amount of yelling at the screen  will make your team perform well  as they cannot hear you ? Did you know that no amount of telling the adds to shut up will make them shut up and that if you want them to shut up you will have to turn the  TV off as that is the only way to shut them up ? Did you know  that when you wish to use an appliance  that you actually have to turn it on  as  that is the only way said appliance will do whatever it is designed to do ? Did you know  that the longer you sit on the need to go and have a pee break the worse you make it  as it gets to the position that  you will have a lot of trouble if you don’t stop sitting on it ? …..stops for a pee break ….lol…be right back …..

Right  now where were we ? Oh yes  now did you know that while  I was away not 1 more word got typed because this silly thing didn’t  typo any for me I have to do  it myself ? Did you know that none of these inanimate  objects we surround ourselves with will do a single thing unless we make them do it  no matter how smart they are supposed to be  ? Did you know that sometimes these things go wrong and even then still will not do what we built them for  and we will have to get them fixed or replace them ? Did you know that in order to get said objects fixed or repaired we will once more have to get up off our butts  and do something about it  ? ….damm …lol..Did you know we have way too many said objects and that we really should get off our butts more as it is not good for us to be lazy ?

Did you know that when you go shopping you actually have to read the labels , make sure it is what you want/need  and even if you shop online you still have to read labels of products etc.? Did you know that if you cannot read very well you can get into a lot of trouble , but even if you can read sometimes you wish you couldn’t  as somethings are better not read  ? Did you know that after reading all this you probably wish you hadn’t bothered because  you really didn’t want or need to know any  of this   and that you have just wasted  a lot of time checking to see if you read it right  ? ….lol yes you did  …good aint it  ??  Did you know that even though you spent time reading and trying to work it all out there was some point in it all when you had a giggle and had to admit yes you too have done some of these  ?

Did you know that there are so many more of these that I could sit here all day and  find even more ” did you know ”  things that we all do know but do not bother to think about ? Did you know that by now you have thought of a lot of other things by now yourself just reading this ??? lol …my work here is done ……

Have you ever make fun of someone so much that you think you should thank them for all the good times you’ve had?


Most people won’t admit their faults, I would if I had any, but I don’t so I wont…


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