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Labels … Why ?

Labels …why  ? ..Why is it that we label everything in our minds and in our lives  ? Why do we see something and  automatically  add a label to it ? Can we not as supposedly mature adults  see something or someone and not right away subconsciously  add a label  to it ? Whether  it is right  or  wrong  the label gets attached  and that is the end of it , and nothing takes away that label once it is there , for instance we  see an ambulance and right away  mind says ok someone in trouble , all is ok label  attached  all is well.  There are so many things  we add labels too that I do not think I have the room, time , or effort to cover them all , lol, be here all day  and that is not on lol .

As well as things we stick labels on people  and this is 1 part of our incessant labelling of things  that I really hate as more often than not we are so very wrong in our judgement and yes labelling is a judgement  look at her she is so skinny she needs to eat more , and the truth is maybe she does  eat but is 1 of the ones that can never put on weight ( lucky ducks  ) The opposite is when we see someone over weight  we automatically think shes fat  must eat like a pig and never move off her fat bum. This too can be so wrong as I myself have a thyroid problem that I just cannot beat and nothing I do moves it . This then is true of so many people and not just women men have thyroid problems too and also get labeled  as just a fattie . We seem to be so ready to judge without even knowing the person or their history or background .

Now we come to labeling of the food and other goods we buy , now this sort of labeling is very necessary  as we need to know what we are buying , if it is food  we must know what is in the food , anything to prevent allergies  as again I myself have suffered  terribly because something was in something  I ate but not on the label  which would have prevented me from even buying it much less eating it had  I known it was in there  . We also need the right labelling to be on so many things to prevent  disaster , like medicines  of all kind  and even car parts , get the wrong part and just watch the damage , it will be noisy  and expensive to then re-fix. labelling of almost everything  …except people very , very necessary . Just wish some people would either stop labelling people altogether or keep their judgements to themselves as they can be very hurtful .

Other types of labeling are for when we  fill up the freezer , other wise how will we know just what is in each bag, box or container , right hubby dear  ? lol  We were going to have a meat pie for a  meal and he had said it’s ok we do not need to label these  we know which ones they are , so ok pie taken out  and left to thaw . Sometime later  come to re-heat  pie  and… what was it  ? An apple pie …now what was it you said dear ? We will know the one we want ? No need to label these ones  ? hehehehehe  Wrong dear …but  I still love ya …just …next time let’s just put a label on before  I label you ….:P

Another thing we label all the time is music , there is country , rock , rhythm & blues , etc etc etc , but  the worst of the labels is the ones we call ” ear worms  ”  man I hate it when I get 1 of those because it takes hours to get rid of the thing even if it is a song  I love , after all it does get to the stage where it is a case of yes , ok, know it now, please stop it  ..When we get to this stage though the ear worm has been there  way too long and it is time to get rid of it . There is a category  too we do not think of too much but is nevertheless  a true 1 it is the ” Haves & Have nots ”  while we try not to admit this to ourselves it is also very true and we all at 1 point or another  we look at someone and right away know they either have everything or have nothing or somewhere in  the middle .

So how do we stop this incessant need to label everything ? How do we stop and try to be more thoughtful and more caring ? This labelling has been going on for so many years  I sincerely  think now there is no way to stop doing it  , even though you can see by a persons face sometimes  just what they have labelled you . The look they get on their faces , the way the look goes up and down you and you know right away they have labelled you , right or wrong the label is there . People do not seem to know how to hide their feelings or do not care that  they may be  wrongfully labelling and therefore  hurting someone. Society these days has changed so much that almost no one  has the manners to keep these things to themselves and it is a real shame ..

Keep the dream alive, hit the snooze button.!!

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Songs ….or as sometimes  we know them  as ear worms , how many times have we heard a song and  ” bang ” just like that it is stuck in our heads and we  sing it over and over again in our heads . Sometimes the songs are great numbers we love so it does not matter  but mostly they are annoying  and  they may even be just a little ditty but  the fact is once inside the head there they stay for who knows how long . Some of the worst ones  as  I see it are advertising jingles , some of them are so irritating you just want  to shoot someone . the more we try to stop it the more it stays there and it seems  that it takes very little  to start it off again once  we do manage to shake it off .They  can last in your head for hours and even sometimes  you can go to bed and when you get up ” bingo ” there it is again ..

Amongst the worst songs in my mind are the ones  that I consider  not real songs  as they are just weird , take the so called song  Watch Me I think that’s it’s name  it gets stuck in your head so dam quickly  it is unreal  with it’s  lines and some words just repeated and repeated  over and over till you get dizzy . Sung by Silento  my poor hubby hates it , so if he annoys me once too often I play it to him , lol , he knows he’s in the crap then , and yes I have it to hand all the time lol  not because  I like it but to play if he  is too big a pest .lol.So now all I have to do is mention  the phrase ” watch me ” and the speed he shuts up is remarkable  would break a speed record I think  lol , anyway it’s a last resort so if I do play it he has asked for it  , it is self inflicted …lol a bit like me really I am 1 of his self inflicted things too , he is a silly bugger at times …..errr all the time ..typical male in other words  never know when to shut up sometimes , guess that’s why we love em ..

Anyway getting back to these songs , some are just great as  I mentioned before but others very annoying and as yet I have not been able to find anyone  who knows how to stop them  once they start . The other annoying thing is that all the advertising companies now know how easy it is to start  these things  so  try to make sure the jingles attached  to their products  are the sort that will stick and become ear worms. They achieve  this  and they then know they have won and that people  know  their products  will get more attention  than just an ordinary advert  and unfortunately  they are right .  All you have to do  is think back a few years and start thinking about all the little ditties stuck in your head ,everything from cars to food, to drink, to houses , etc, etc. See how easy it is ? Some of the ditties we can still think of  are from many years  back and yet we still remember them  just as though we heard them yesterday  for the 1st time , sneaky huh ?

Whoever thought up the idea of making  songs into ear worms  needs  either  a good kick up the bum  or a medal   not sure which  yet …lol but whatever  he did it and we all get driven nuts  by them no matter who we are or how old we are or whatever we do . These ear worms are so annoying  but they work so well  it does the head in just trying to find ways to ignore them . They  may not be alive in that sense  of the word  but they sure seem to be  and they seem to breed as more and more people seem to get affected  by them all over the world , so it is very easy to think they are  alive in their own right . Anyway  even if they do not have real life they sure have a life of their own So either  a pest or a genius the inventor of ear worms  should get something  …

Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. Small, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, extra toppings.

I woke up feeling strange this morning…I felt Rested and Relaxed so I immediately Googled my symptoms. Turns out I had a ‘Sleep in’ Apparently it’s not harmful but may be addictive. . .

Passes And Pins

Passes and pins  …is that anything like needles and pins I hear you ask ? The answer is yes very much so as they can hurt you just as much as someone sticking a pin or a needle in you  . Think about the last time you  needed  and  I really mean needed  to get onto a bank account  or something  equally  as important and all of a sudden you cannot remember that  damm password  or failing that the pin number , now what do you do ? In most cases you get in a muck sweat  and start searching all over the place  to see where you put the written copy of all your passes and pins  and  I am sure  most people do the same thing  so that they have a back up set  and yes sometimes we lose even those .* sheeesh *

These  days you need passes  and pins for almost everything  no matter what you do these days you are confronted with either ” please enter your pin ” or in some cases “please enter your pass ”  so  1 way or another we need a pass or a pin for almost everything  so  writing it down seems like a good idea  until you need to find what you wrote it down on. Trouble now emerges as since you probably  have not only forgotten what you wrote  it in  but you also cannot remember  where on earth it is now ….arrrgghhh … Now you go into a right state trying to remember the pin or the pass you need , but the more you try to remember them  the more impossible it is and you just want to kick someone or something will not help but will make you feel better  but will not find what you need .

Passes and pins needed for almost everything we need these days but how? when? where? and why? did all this come about  ? Why did we suddenly decide that we needed this in our lives  ? When in actual fact we probably  could have been quite ok without it all. Who exactly decided to add this complication to a life that before the pins and passes happened  was getting complicated  enough as it was . Let’s face it  we could go  ok with 1 or maybe 2 pins and passes  but  as many as we now have  ? Why  did  it suddenly  become  necessary  to add these damm passes and pins  to more and more things ? Now  there are  pins and passes  added to almost everything  and it adds  just more frustration to  everything. This also applies to all the plastic cards  we have to have now , lol, how many do you have  ?

Why so many pins and passes ? I will tell you why , because as we get more and more technical in everything we do , we open ourselves up to more and more crooks who will rob us blind if we do not protect ourselves and pins and passes  are the way we have to do it. It does not matter how much grief these pins and passes cause us we need them and it is just bad luck if we have to change them or if we forget them  it is how it is nowadays . The urge to be  ” up with the best ”  means we also put ourselves in more and more stress positions trying to keep up with pins and passes  so we can get into our own things. Until we learn to remember better or find a safe place that we will not forget  we just have  to put up with the occasional times of frustration  when we need to change  them.

Right then , so as we see yes, passes and pins are exactly like needles and pins and can hurt you just as much , sometimes no matter how hard we try  to keep things in order .Sometimes I think I would rather have a needle or 2 than trying to have to cope with all these  passes and pins , but sadly that will not happen either  so if we lose a pass or a pin  we just have to suck it up and go through all the crap to reset  them no matter how frustrating  it all is  it has to be done to protect ourselves. Also yes  I know there will always be bad buggers out there who will try to crack them  but  we just have to learn to be more careful and cope with it . Unless we want to sit back and let whoever get at our private things we just have to try and give up.

Men are Stupid and Women are Crazy. And the reason why Women are Crazy, is because Men are Stupid!

My husband and I never argue except on where to holiday. I wanna go to the beach and he always wants to come with me…