Nimby …. To put it another way  .. Not In My Backyard ….. I do not think there is a single person out there who  hears  about all the terrible things  going on in the world  who does not do  1 of 2 things  when they see even more of the evil  that is going on.  1 .They say how awful it  is  and  feel  terrible , that lasts for all of 5 minutes and then ..2. We wish with all our hearts that it does not happen  near us , not even within a mile or 2  . It is not that we are heartless or cruel  it is just that we think  we would not be able to handle anything  of that nature  , but I think we vastly underestimate ourselves  we can do more than we think we can . When something like that happens  we also withdraw into ourselves  a little bit  because that makes  us feel that little bit more secure  for the time being we fool ourselves into thinking that will make us safer .

When something that bad and that evil happens and we find out just how much damage  is done, how many have been  killed  the mind just has trouble  processing it  so we revert  to the  Nimby  and that makes us feel safer a tiny bit  , it is the only  way the brain can handle so  much evil and not flip out . Well face it what would happen to us  if we did not have a safety  catch so to speak ? Let’s face it  the average normal mind can only take so much  pressure before it explodes and wants to quit, it has to have a safety switch like a lot of things we make today   no safety  switch  no mind . While it is the mind that imagines  so much be it good or evil  it also has it’s limits  and needs a safety  switch. Hospitals these days are full of people who for 1 reason or another  could or would not activate the switch .

Some people  though have trained their brains  to ignore the switch and become  cruel and evil for whatever  drives them , for whatever they think they will get out of it , and trust me they are so wrong  but there is no stopping them once they go down that route . Having said that we know from all that goes on they  do a  great job and because of that and the fact  they do so much we have now become a nation  of people   who hide behind the  Nimby   protocol . All nations of the world are now into this frame of mind not just 1 all of them , because we are all sick to our hearts  of all the violence   and all killings , so a lot of us now just think Nimby when we hear yet more of these things .

The nations of the world have now changed so much we  have all become almost immune  to what we hear and see  because there is so much it becomes too much to process in the brain so we have invented an escape for the brain in an effort  to save it . More and more as time goes on we will all become like this and the whole problem is it is not the way to go , we need  to try and ignore the safety  zones  and try to make our brains stop hiding  so these things can be handled . We all need to be able to handle bad things as  everyday there is something else  we have to see and hear , and trying to hide from it will not help anyone  and  surely we will not just sit by and watch  rather than help where we can ?

Almost all people now just look , think Nimby , then go about their  daily business and  pretend it is not something they need to worry about , it wont happen to them  if they pretend it  has nothing to  do with them  and here we have Nimby  in full flight . This sort of thinking now is world wide and is why people who should be helping to stem the tide  and doing what they can to try and stop the violence . While I know that it is probably  impossible now  for the average person to do anything much  to help , this same kind of thinking also infects the people  who are supposed to be doing something about it .Trouble is now we have seen so much of it and heard so much we now try to just close it out altogether  as it just becomes too much to handle . The mind is becoming number and number all the time  , the more we see the more we just numb the  brain down  so it will not give up on us .

While it is essential to protect ourselves  we also need ways to learn to keep ourselves safe  while training the brain  not  to freak out  and to learn how  to find ways to protect us and our loved ones . This is never going to be easy but we can do it if we try  and while  the world is heading in a direction  we do not like  we have to learn how to cope with whatever gets thrown at us  and going down the path of  Nimby  is not the way to go.

I’m unable to sensible advise, would a sarcastic comment do?

How come glue never sticks to the inside of the tube?


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