No Thank You

No thank you ….. For what exactly ? For  some of the jobs that people do , some of them are downright dangerous , some are funny  , some are boring  , some make you work long hours for almost nothing  , some are very physical , whatever job type you have  if it is a job you like or even love then that is great news , but these days sadly a lot of people  just do the jobs they have because they have no choice.  With the way things are so expensive and getting worse , and  the need to keep up with all that goes on these days  some just stay in the jobs through necessity  and not because  they want to . Some people  are really lucky  and have  a job they love  and mostly things are ok for them but too many have to change jobs just to get more money  and the new  job  is not what they like  but what they have to do to survive.  The need for money  these days is not just greed but  because  they have  to get more  to keep up and keep their family  looked after  .

There are so many jobs too that I would not like to do  but really  admire the ones that do them , there are the firemen  they  often put their very lives on the line  to save a home or a person from the fires they are fighting  and the constant smoke they have to breathe in when doing this job cannot be good for them . After them are the police  now these have a job that can daily take their lives  dealing with some of the things they do  and the people they  have to as well , sometimes they have to dodge bullets literally  when arresting  criminals . They are very brave  people and do their best  to keep us all safe  and they do a very good job, also they have to try and keep traffic  flowing and other drivers safe , and pedestrians as well , when you think about it they have a lot to do  so no thanks . We must not also forget the detectives  who do their jobs quietly and in the background and we never know it  and that is just as well  but we need to thank them too for removing  criminals  and helping to keep us safe too .

While we are thinking of jobs that are dangerous there are those in the army , navy , air force , etc. they do a wonderful job protecting the country  , along with them are customs  and excise who also work alongside police  , these again are jobs that can be very hard on them as well as dangerous  so once again  I say no thank you . Border control  is yet another job that is dangerous , and water police , both of those jobs carry danger  as well so again very brave  people do  jobs that  I would not want to do and who also I admire very much. Doctors and nurses too do very demanding jobs  and they work very long hours to save people’s lives  if not for them a lot of people would not be alive today .

These days there are so many jobs  people do  that I would not like to do for so many  reasons , not only the danger that could be involved  in them . Some people though study and train for years to get to these jobs that too is something  I admire very much , would have loved to be a nurse myself but for reasons I won’t go into  I was not able to do it . The very work load and training  load these people are willing to go through just to jobs that help others is truly wonderful and amazing to me .  The fact they are willing to put themselves on the line like that  just to get to the point of being able to work these jobs is something  to be admired  and  I do  .

Even though  I have this far only mentioned the ones who put everything into keeping us safe  I know full  well that there are many many jobs being done that there is just not room to mention here but to all those who work and do their jobs well  I say thank you  very much.  Someone has to do  these jobs or we would all be in trouble   so each and every job has it’s place and  and it  is good , trouble is too these days there are a lot of people who would love to work but cannot and these are the ones  I feel for the most. There  must be frustration every day either if they cannot find work or if they are just not able to anymore .

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Do one thing every day that scares you” and that’s why I weigh myself every morning.

I have amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think ive remembered this before.

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