Life of Birds

Life of birds  and yes I mean the feathered variety  , have you ever considered what it might be  like to be a bird  ? They get  to do whatever  they want , go wherever  they like , eat if they want to or not and not have anyone going  crook at them  . Just think  ,you see something you like the look of so instead of having to ” ask mum  ” or  anyone else  you just flap your wings and off you fly  to see or do whatever it was that caught your attention . When you want to see something there is almost nothing that can get in your way  as you just use  your wings to get above anything  that blocks the view . Wonder how many times in life  you maybe go sightseeing  and get to a place and  find that someone or something is in the way of the perfect picture or sight , now a bird just cheeps to it’self  and rises above the blockage  and gets the full view ….lucky bird ..Right now I envy those birds very  much even though right now there are some noisy little sods just outside the window  they are still free and happy , free as a bird  should be  ..* sigh *

Birds also once they leave the nest  can go where they want and do what they want  , but we as humans  even after we leave the nest  are restrained by things and or people  and cannot just go where we want  or do what we want as what we do affects others ,. birds then have it lot’s better  also they do not have to ask can  I ? when they want to eat something or do something  they just flap those wings and off they go answering to no one …lucky things  Birds also get into fights and squabbles  with other birds  but when they have had enough they just flap those wings again and off they fly right out of trouble , wish we could do that sometimes  be much easier for sure  . Imagine today if someone was giving you a hard time you just cheep at it and fly away no harm done , nobody hurt  a few feelings hurt maybe but that is about all and they soon heal.

Travelling too again no worries just flap those wings  and off you go to wherever  the mood  takes you and  you can also stay as long as you want to with no one able to tell you what to do or when to do it  you are as they say free as a bird , how true that is  right  ?  When anything scares them or if they get sick of the place  they are in  once more flap those wings and get outta Dodge  boy .. What a wonderful existence  though  just think about it no real worries if you just use those lovely wings  to flap away out of trouble  and  be able to do what you want to what pleases you not what pleases everyone else . Some birds though do live together well and live in communities  and live very well as a rule as being in groups  is safer sometimes  and group  decisions are sometimes much better  than just 1 person or bird making it  as it may be safer in the long run.

All in all sometimes  I think  it may have been better to be born a bird  so many advantages  not too many disadvantages   sounds just like the kind of thing we all might like to be able to do , just to be able to do our own thing  not be  having to listen  to others  or do what they  want you to do  you know as  I said before  free as a bird  . Having said that there are also  points to being just what we are  , we are born  what we are meant to be and no changes should be made  we have almost the world at our feet  and we should learn to be thankful and do  what is right . Then we have the knowledge  to go far and do much  if we just use the brains we were all  born with  if only  we learn how to use them  for good and not for selfish things . Birds have  pretty much the life  of leisure  yes to a point but there are a few drawback  so let us just be us and learn to love the birds  and the way they live .

We have a strange and wonderful relationship. You’re strange and I’m wonderful…

We don’t need no educashun.. doing fine without it…


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