Assumptions  even though we are told all the time that to assume makes an ass out of you and me does that stop people from doing it  ? Does it stop anyone from looking at someone  or something or a situation  and right then right there we decide  what we are looking at  not for 1 minute do we stop to think that we might be terrible wrong  ?. Jumping to conclusions  is about all the exercise some people get and no matter how many times you try to say to them but hold on stop and  think work it out just don’t  assume  you know what’s going on . Trying to get people to actually stop and think about what they are doing , what they are thinking or choices they are making is almost impossible people just seem to   think they are correct no matter what . I know people like this and it’s heartbreaking  because the more you try to explain to them the more they resist  and would honestly swear black was white  just to avoid admitting they might be wrong.

Some people will just not ever admit that heaven forbid they might be wrong about something  my father the excuse for a man he was , was just like that so stubborn he did himself and no one else he came in contact with any good at all . Watching someone say  at  a job  you know and can see what needs to be done  but the person who is working with you decides it needs to be done differently  and will not hear of it being done any other way. Right there is a huge problem because by the time  you finally get through  to the other person it has cost a lot of time and money and it usually has to be done again , the way  it should have been done the first time . Some people  I think you cannot get an idea into their heads even if you were  to hit them over the head with a hammer  makes them so hard to get on with and to live with if they are family.

Another  way we assume things is that often we go and buy something and do not bother to read all the directions deciding that it’s no problem as we know what we are doing , so we buy the thing take it home and then maybe after leaving it for a while because you are busy you try to use it only to find out we got it wrong and it is not what  we needed at all . So back off to the store and this time we work out just what it is we need and get it right , it is better if when we buy things we do it when we have plenty of time  because if we don’t we end up assuming that the thing we got in a hurry will be ok . More times than not though it is not right so then we have to wait longer to use  the thing because we now have to go back and return it , this will be ok as long as the  exchange period has not elapsed  and this can happen  and if it has you are stuck with something you cannot use all because you assumed it was ok . This is 1 of the things assuming really does mess up  you should never go shopping in a hurry as rushing it only makes you make mistakes which then turn out to cost  you a lot more time and money than you were  expecting .

Another thing people assume about is other people  how many times have we seen on faceache or somewhere a picture of someone who looks just like a drunken mess and homeless  only to find out later they are only dressed like that to help others . Knowing that with a lot of the true homeless they are a bit worried about anyone turning up all neat and tidy  they might be out to rob them  because a lot do that. So they dress the part and then can get close to the people  they want to help without them running away in fright . Also how many people look at others  mainly women and automatically assume they are  no good and on the street because they deserve it , when it is often the case that other people have caused the problem and we are totally wrong.

One more thing about assuming is that so many people will look at someone and decide they are lazy and need to get a job or do something , when the actual truth is that the person they are assuming is just lazy has an invisible  illness or injury  . These people look just fine , dress just fine so most cannot understand why  they are not working , what they can not see is the pain inside the body , the pain that makes it so hard just to do the simplest of things . I have seen on faceache and heard about in real life how some people have abused others for parking in a disabled spot  when to them they look just fine  again what they do not see is the hidden pain or know how hard it is  for some people to just put 1 foot in front of the other . Sometimes  I wish that there was a way to just for a minute pass that pain on to the 1 abusing them , and let them feel that pain so they stop judging but unfortunately  it is not possible  even though some people deserve to be able to  feel that pain . Maybe  then they will stop poking their noses into what does not concern them and also stop hurting people who already have enough pain to bear  .

If I ever get to name a street I would name it Datta Way …

“Don`t try this at home” Okay, I will try it at my friend`s place.


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