Wouldn’t Want To

Wouldn’t want to  ….wouldn’t want to what  ? There are so many things or places  I for 1 wouldn’t   want to go to or do  , like for a start would you want to go skinny dipping off a huge cliff into  the sea ? Not for me thank you very much  for 1 thing  I am scared of heights  for another  I do not do skinny dipping  lol no thanks . For another I would not like to go off into some  desert  or woods or some other lonely place where if something happened you could possibly die . As  for the heights thing  I believe  in terra firma  the more firma the less terror  thank you it is called self preservation  or not doing foolish things to oneself . Also wouldn’t want to drive those maniac cars at silly speeds  but having said that I do love watching  them those blokes are so good even if they are crazy , they can have it all to themselves . Though to this list add the Stadium Trucks  they are just crazy  but those blokes make driving them look so easy  but no way would  I want to drive them .

Talking of places  I wouldn’t want to go to  there must be a big place called Service , but all you ever see is busses and trains and taxi’s  with the sign on them  Not in Service , well that is obvious because you are here I can see you and this is not Service . So to my mind it seems that anyone who goes there gets so lost  they cannot find their way back  to wherever Service is , and it seems that even the public transport cannot find it’s way back either so why would you want to go there  ? I am quite happy being where I am thanks without going there and getting lost  , I might get a bit muddled now and then but I can always find my way back home. So if the people from Service cannot get back what happens ? Does that mean they are sort of imprisoned  , knowing that if they dare to leave they too will then be lost ? To forever be in a bus or train that says “Not in Service ”   for the rest of their lives  ?  Pass no thank you not for me  I sure don’t want to . Seems more like the setting for a horror movie  to me so I will give all vehicles marked  ” Not in Service ”  a very wide berth .

What else wouldn’t you want to do  ? Let me see now …how about going to the Moon or  Mars  or anything that involves leaving this planet , it may not be perfect but it is home   to me and  everyone else . Wouldn’t want to  have the kind of job that  means  I have to be away from family  for long periods  , as  I love my family to bits and would miss them too much . Wouldn’t want to have to go to  movies that  I normally do not like just to please someone else  and yes this does happen all too often but no not me thanks , I prefer  to pick my own movies to go to if  I am actually going  out to 1 , as it means I have to pay for  it and maybe dinner or coffee or something . Wouldn’t want to have to  clean up after storms like people have to either as when cleaning up you see all kinds of hurt and disaster  that the storm has caused , and me being the softy I am would spend too much time crying more than likely  as  I do feel for others in trouble  so I would be pretty useless on this sort of job. Have to really admire people who can shut off their emotions so they can do these jobs  they are very good and brave .

Talking of things  I wouldn’t  want to do I wouldn’t want to be 1 of those groups of house cleaners  who have to go into houses or shops or buildings where there has been a tragedy of some sort as again  I couldn’t  do much my feelings would get in the way  . I do however really admire the people who do this job all the time , maybe after  I did it for a while it would be ok but who knows  ? Wouldn’t want to be a TV producer  either as I have been backstage  at some  TV channels before  and fair dinkum  the things that have to be done just to  put on a show for an hour , it is amazing  to watch to see just how much goes into putting on a show phew no thanks . Never  ever realised how much goes into doing something  like that it is amazing just what goes on behind  the scenes  it is a lot like an ant colony  so many running around  and 1 main ant giving all the orders .

When you think about it there are so many jobs, places and things we wouldn’t want  to do , what are yours ? What are the things you really wouldn’t want to  do ? We sit back and let others do it  but unless we really  have to do it we just wont do it  . Would you be the type who just walks away or would you do some of these jobs  if it became really needed  ? Myself I would like to think I would knuckle down and get on with it but I cannot  be sure  I could do it .What about you  ? If you really had to could you ? We may never be needed to do something we don’t like but if the need arose it would be great to know we could do our bit to help out and not be a wimp lol . I leave it to you to decide I am just asking the question  it is a question even  I don’t know the answer to.

An unemployed clown is nobody’s fool…

Women are like roads: the more curves they have,the more dangerous they are… <–true dat lol


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