Just Because

Just because  we are taught something  at school or at work or somewhere does not mean it will forever hold true , take some of the things we spent hours and hours learning  at school  yet as we get older we prove that it was all a waste of time . Let’s face it how many times did we sit there trying to absorb all this stuff they called algebra or then there was the higher forms of mathematics , we sit  and  try and make sense of it and somehow manage to make it through , and let us not  forget geometry  all those angles going in different directions  . Really it was for me anyway a pain in the proverbial  and  as you can imagine  once it was over you manage to pass get on with next level school  work it seems that whatever else you do nothing is as hard as these 3 subjects were . The amount of hours we spent trying to make the numbers add up and the circles go the way they should  , we finally get it right and pass school and then we leave  and say thank heavens that’s over.

What now then ? Now we have to go out on our own  , get a job , look after ourselves  , so off we go and we get started , we get a place then a job and off we go and it is only years later after  much striving  we are pretty well established . Something makes us stop and think we wonder  how we  managed it  after all those years getting to this point  , 1 thing becomes obvious  in all our striving in all our getting to this point  we never once  needed all those higher maths , or those circles or those angles at no time did we ever need any of those things we had rammed down our throats . So many hours of study and worry and what for  ? Turns out for nothing at all  as in our journey to this point in time  what we have achieved  has had nothing whatever to do with where we are now it was all wasted , after all these years I still have never needed it .

Just because we did all that for nothing  does not mean conversely  that  we wasted that time  , yes it was a pain  and yes it was time consuming  but we did learn something we learned patience  because if we didn’t we didn’t  pass and that would be the end of it  if we wanted a career of any sort . Just because we did not like all that  pressure  it did do us the world of good teaching us how to handle that pressure then we were equipped to handle  most of what life would throw at us as we got older and moved on with our lives. Imagine what would have happened or where we would be without having gone through all this , it made us much stronger than we would have been had we not gone through it. Pressure is something no one likes but it does have it’s brighter side it toughens us up  and helps us prepare for the challenges we will have to face and trust me there will be plenty  unless you go live on a deserted island    somewhere.

Just because we learn things or hear things as we grow up and form our own opinions on things  does not mean we should ever stop listening and learning  we still need to keep aware of what goes on around us . Research is the best tool to prepare  us for what things  might come our way , I have learned the hard way never ever to just trust  what  I am told , also 1 thing  I learned is that too many people will lie to you if it suits them or if it suits whatever it is they are up to . Research  is my main tool now I always  do it when someone is trying  to get me to do something , go somewhere ,  or anything else I will never just do anything anymore until I have fully checked it out .

So just because someone  tries to convince you that black is white do not believe them check it out yourself  it is way safer to do that and you lessen the chances of getting  hurt  you cannot stop it but by  checking  everything you can at least make it easier for yourself. Once you learn to do your own research and not trust  what others tell you it is way safer  for you and those you love , it might take a lot of time but it will save you in the long run . When  someone says to you hey I got a great thing for you  just do this and then pay that and you will be rich , how many of us have had those e mails from Nigeria  ? I would suspect most of us have had them  and if we just blindly did what they said in the e mails we would be right up the creek.

Moral of the story …Do your research …Just because someone says something does not mean it’s right.

I have all the answers, just wish someone would ask me the right questions…

Struggling to do your exercise??? Do it early in the morning, before your brain figures out what the hell is going on!!!

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