TMI  or to the uninitiated  T= Too M= Much I= Information … and just how many times do we hear or say to ourselves stop it !!  That’s  TMI  because we get TMI in so many instances  look at TV stations for a start some of the footage they show  is way more that what the average person needs to see  to work out what is going on . Why do we need to see broken  people or cars or buildings ? Why do they think we need to see every single little detail ? Have they  decided that the only way we will take notice is if they make us sick to our stomachs  so they must show everything ? Surely   if they just  tell us what is going on without all the gory details and film  they can credit us with having a modicum of sense enough to work out what is happening. Sometimes  I wonder about people’s  thought processes if they even have  1 , they don’t seem to credit that some people can actually think and then can see what is going on without the  TMI .

TMI is all too  often shown too in movies they seem to me to be getting more and more detailed and more and more  violent  yet no one seems to even notice much less  say hey  enough is enough we don’t even need this  level of violence or in most cases straight sex. The movie industry is today so full of  sex  it is everywhere  they seem to think there is nothing else that will sell their movies than either sex or violence  , haven’t they heard of just good old action ? Action movies can be  great  without all the  TMI of rampant sex or violence . When you look at it  why do you think our children are the way they are  ? All they see is all this  TMI  all day everyday  in TV and books and movies , yes even their books  now are full of things that would  years ago would never have  been allowed  for  children of the age they are now allowed . Seems there is no  limit these days to what people can write in books or for movies or for the  TV whoever  used to control what people now  are allowed to see  has obviously  left the job and  the department  closed down  or is just out of  touch . No matter where you look or  where you go TMI  is everywhere  you go now. Cartoons now are so bad  even I can’t watch them saw an episode of 1 very popular cartoon that had the father and  son go out and kill someone just because he did something wrong , how is that good for children?

TMI is an abbreviation  we all know and laugh at  but if you bother to look into it , it really is  not very good  for us or  our children , yet nothing seems to be done about it  then people wonder why the young are so easy to radicalize   it is really easy to see why  . As they grow up there seems to be almost no teaching of  truth  or love or caring for others  it is all just look out for number 1 and forget the rest  and be as greedy as you can because  who cares anyway  ? Along comes someone from a radical organisation and whispers in the ear of the child brought up with no respect  for anyone but themselves and  wham! yet another  radical  is born    they have been taught nothing  but number 1 is all and that is wrong on every level . Many many times  I have seen on  TV parents whose child had done something truly awful say ” Why ? Why ? ”  That is easy to sort out , up until this point said child has been allowed to  rule the roost , with phones and computers given to them when they can barely read , this is so very bad for them but nobody cares as long as child keeps out of the way and keeps quiet there is the reason right there as to why why  does not take rocket science to work that out .

Then said  child who for all it’s life now has mostly been ignored and just given things to ” shut them up ” starts to see things on phone and computer  that any  self respecting parent would never allow their child to see much less reply to online , but  reply they do and that is that pretty much that  the radicalization  has started and that  is how  it goes  and how easy it is  to get their attention. Children given so much technology  at such young ages as they are are a wide open target and  the radical  ones are there to pluck them out of the internet , and because the children are quite  often bored as well  they lap up some things they should never ever see such as all this  TMI. What makes me sad is that now people are waking  up to the damage all this  TMI  is doing  I can almost guarantee  it is way too late  which is why so many young people now are murdering ( there has been at least 4 this week alone  charged )  robbing and being violent . It is way beyond a joke and as  I said it is way too late to stop  it now everyday it gets worse and  worse and things that should never be put on  TV  or in movies or books or anywhere  are now in our faces 24/7  what else can you expect  ?  As far as  I can see all we can do is pray for the young as no one else seems to give a dam as long as the young keep  quiet and just stick their heads in their phones etc. * sigh it is all so wrong and heartbreaking *

I know a little about a lot, sometimes I know a lot about a little, and then there are times I know nothing at all!

I just realised. Potatoes have skin, I Have Skin, Therefore, I am a Potato…

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