What We Thought We Knew

What we thought we knew  …..Ever noticed how many times and in so many places and instances  we were so sure we knew what was what  that when we suddenly find out that what we thought we knew was all totally wrong  and we almost go into meltdown . After all we have known this stuff  for years and years how could it all now be wrong ? How is it possible that things , people , places  we have known and been 100%  sure we knew , all of a sudden it gets  shown to us that it was all wrong  ? It can be 1 of the most annoying and distressing times for us  or sometimes it can just be downright funny when we find out the truth  , we shake our heads and wonder what else  we thought we knew  is also wrong  ? Sheeesh  what a thing to have to think about as now you have to sit down and virtually re-wind your whole life and try and work out what is right and what is not , or just shake your head laugh and walk away. Thinking  about this sort of thing for too long can  give you a huge headache  so maybe it’s best not to and just from there on wait and see and do not be too surprised when you find out things that you knew were  all wrong   after all  we cannot know everything  though some people think they do  lol .

What made this all very clear to me was  leaving this country for a number of years then coming home    and thinking    , no worries it will all be just fine the place wont have changed much  after all it was only a few years . Then the reality sets in and you wonder  if you ever knew anything at all  in the first place , as all of a sudden after all these years  away it  seems the whole country  has changed . Changed it’s way of doing things , of laws , of  how things are done , and now you have to start again  to try and make sense of things, things that were legal then are now not or things that were against the law are now allowed  what ? The 1 thing of all these that makes me fume is that there is now nowhere you can go out to dinner without having to put up with other people’s screaming  kids , I have not been able to find a single place to go for a nice quiet dinner . There is no respect for others  at all now and that is why before  I went away you could go to any hotel , pub , restaurant and know that kids  under 16 were not allowed in to those unless they were alcohol free . Therefore  if you wanted a nice quiet dinner you could quite easily find a nice place to go  , now I’m guessing it’s this damn  politically correct bull***t  that has changed all that without a minutes thought  for those of us  who actually do like a nice quiet night out  and as  I said there is  not 1 place  I can find anymore  it is just pot luck if you manage to be able to have a quiet night .

Also when  I got back it became clear  that  a lot of family things  I always thought of as correct also was not , so still trying not to think about that too much . What else do we think we know ? How many things can you think of in your own life that you were so sure of only to find out  that nope you were all wrong , it isn’t  that way it’s this and you were just wrong . Most  frustrating  when things like this happen has you wondering if you ever knew anything or if  you do now ? Remembering places as they once were , you are  positive you know where everything  is  that you used to know , only to go there and find it gone  and people now tell you that the place you thought was there was never there but down the road a bit  or somewhere else  altogether. Somehow we had it wrong all the time but never knew so the wrong place got stuck in our brain  and not until we get back to it do we find out the truth . The mind is a funny thing  it works out what  things are what and then fixes them in place and then if proved wrong later  gives you a headache lol , can’t win can we ?

What we thought we knew  opposed to what we actually  do know can be  very  annoying there is nothing worse than being sure you knew something only to have it proved later by someone you were  all wrong , don’t know about you but it really upsets me  lol hate being proved wrong  as  I keep telling the menace ( hubby lol )  I am always right . Cannot have someone proving me wrong now can  I  ? As well as being frustrating finding out you are wrong  also means if it is important that you know the truth  you then have to start digging to find out the truth and that can be a right pain in the  butt while you do it and it can take a long time  and cause many a headache  at the time. So all in all it seems it pays not to be too sure you know things , always leave a little corner of doubt there until you do know for sure .

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