Really ?

Really ? Really why is it even possible that people these days just accept what they are told without ever questioning  it or finding out the truth ?  We just  seem to hear something and say to  ourselves ” Oh Ok ”  and that is about that . We never stop for a single second and think  hold on that may well be wrong  and then say ok I will check  into this and then make a decision  when I know  the facts . Accepting  things at face value is something we should never do , this I know from experience  having  been there done that and come off second best before  so now  I check and re-check  everything and have saved  myself a lot of trouble. There is nothing worse than accepting something or someone the way it is first presented   to you only to find out later what a very bad thing that was to do, that you should have taken the time to check it or them out more first. Very often just accepting things can also be very expensive  and a lot of people  have lost a lot of money  by just accepting things that we should have checked more thoroughly.

The amount of things than can go wrong by just blindly accepting things  is so high it makes me wonder why on earth we still do it , why do we still just accept so many things with just a cursory check ? I will tell you why the clue  is in the last sentence,  Time , time is the enemy of us all now we have become a people of clock watchers  always running and jumping to the time clock  so making even more time is a very hard thing to do in our already hectic life styles . So give us yet 1 more thing to have to do and our mind just clicks over and says oh sod it that will do  and no more checking is done because we are too overworked  and rushing too much. Was in a way a sad day when the  clock or timing  came into being , yes  it has helped us a lot but  also has put us in a position  that now is really beyond a joke  as we now seem to be fighting it all the way every day .

So ok even  though we now fight every day to race that time monkey  does that mean  we have to stop using our intuition ? Intuition  is what generally helps us make correct decisions  but more and more these days  we let it sleep and make rushed decisions  that often come back to bite us  on the butt. So again we come to the place of making decisions on instinct or do we just say sod it that will do ? We have to stop accepting things at face value and start to do more research or we will get bitten again and again and more and more we will just say Really ?? As yet again something we just accepted proves to be wrong  and we now have to start again  whereas if we had taken a little bit of our precious time and checked  it out we would not now be spending even more time  to start all over again.  We do not seem to realise that if we spend just a little time at the beginning it will save  a lot of time later  comes from making rushed decisions.

So now will we learn anything ? The correct answer  is no but some will say of course we will and yes we might but after how many times of getting it wrong will we? Having a very busy lifestyle  is no excuse for making snap decisions  even though we tell ourselves it is , just because we are terribly busy is no excuse to not do something  correctly and if we are the ” adults ” we claim to be then  we should know that . Getting to this so called adult stage is not easy and surely we  must have learned a thing or 3 on the way there  but it is amazing how many  of us just don’t bother  because we are just too busy and in so doing have more than 1 Really ? moment in our lives. Seems that as time moves on it does seem to get faster and faster but in actual fact it does not  , it is our lives that get faster  and faster and drags us along with it  ready or not.

Makes you wonder  then just how many times we will still do the ” if you say so ” thing and not check things out and by doing so get into more trouble , I mean how many times will we do it ? Will we just accept that a mouse born in a biscuit tin is a biscuit and not a mouse ? Will we just accept that politicians  will tell us the truth ? That last 1 is a big no for me as those people  don’t even seem to know the truth themselves  so how can they tell us ? Anyway they are more for themselves than the people they are supposed to represent anyway . So next time someone tell you something and they assure you it is the truth  just say Really ? and be sure to check it out for yourself a lot less harm will get to you if you just take the time to do some research .

If quitters never win and winners never quit…..why should you quit while you’re ahead?

I was hooked on auctions after only going once… going twice…going three times !!

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