If … Let’s look at this tiny word and just start to realise how many times and in how many ways  this tiny word has caused chaos , have you thought of any  ? By now you should  have thought of at least 5 ways , we do it so many times and I dare say that by now having used it so much  we do not even realise we are doing it . Such a tiny word  just 2 letters but those 2 letters can cause such trouble or paradoxically  such happiness  amazing for a word so small. This just shows us never to think that  just because something is small it cannot have a big impact .

So  how does this happen ? How many times have you said oh If I had known about the sale I would have been there for it  , or  If  I had known that person needed help I would have helped , but I had no idea . Trouble was coming and I did not want to get involved but  If I had known when it was  I would have kept away . When the train or bus left without me  I would have been there in time  If I had known what time it went  . If the job opening  was available  at that place  I would have been there for  it  If I had known the day and the time. I would not have gotten  so sick If I had  known not to eat that out of date food or the things being passed around  that were a bit iffy at the time.  If  the idiot running  North Korea  right now had not got  his tiny little nose out of joint then he would not be pointing missiles  now at everyone or everything .

Then there are the elections coming up in the  UK  soon now  If people in the  UK had not been too lazy to vote , as it is not compulsory ( it should be  ) then they would not be in all this Brexit crap that is going on now  with yet another election coming up so soon . Having said that  America also is in the same position If the elections were compulsory  then they too would not be having all the  Trump  blow up that they are . As you can see that If they had taken the time to vote then they would have a right to complain , but they didn’t and it is always the  ones who do not vote  that yell the loudest after , sheesh give me a break If you didn’t like the way it panned out you should have voted  it is that easy . You get what you ask for in most things in life   so If  you cannot be bothered taking part in it then do not complain if you get what you really didn’t want.

Picture this … you go out to a fair or a carnival or something  and there are people having fun enjoying  themselves  and kids running around yelling making a lot of noise  but you don’t like noise so why go  ? If you wanted a place to have a bit of fun then  why go to such a place if you don’t like a lot of noise ? People do though and then complain loudly  about all the noise . I personally do not like a lot of noise for more than 1 reason but I make as sure as  I can be that where ever I do go is a reasonably  quiet place  and there is a chance it will be good , but sometimes I just have to put up with it  and hope  for the best. Have you ever gone to a shopping centre  and found there is a sale going on in almost every  store  and you didn’t know , now why didn’t you know  ? If  you had read the junk mail instead of just chucking it out you would have known  then when you got there they would not have sold out by the time you found out .

Can you see now how  such a tiny word has such big implications ? If this then that …is so appropriate  for this , if we had known this , or that or something else  we might have done something , gone somewhere  different . If these people had not done this or said this  we would not now be in the trouble we are in , but who can we blame for not  paying attention ….yes  yes  I know you are too broke to pay attention , but aside from that  it is our own fault , If we bothered  to take note and try and keep up with things then this little word If could not possibly have such an impact on us , we just need to focus more that then would take a lot of the power  of If away from it . So next time you are tempted to answer  with ,  If only ….just don’t  it is more than likely  your  own fault because you let  life get too hectic  and become  too easily lead  and  say IF .. only .


Thinks that thinking about the thoughts of thinking are too thinkable for thoughts to be thought about thinking, i think that’s what I think.

Why is it every time someone sees me smile they ask me what I’ve been up to???


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