The Early Bird

The Early  Bird  …Catches the worm right  ? Well ok that  sounds great but wait just a min here  what about the poor worm ? Did anyone ask it if it wanted to be caught ? Think about it for a few mins , you’re sitting there deep in the mud  enjoying a quiet time  then all of a sudden Wham!!  The early bird strikes  !! You are caught , gobbled , eaten , and all for a bird that has to get up early  , why cant it sleep in and leave you alone ? After all  what did you ever do to the bird  ? All you do is live in the mud minding your own business  crawling around being nice to other worms  then just because a dam bird cannot sleep  you are caught  , now  honestly  is that fair  ? Worms do not harm birds they keep to themselves  so why can’t those pesky birds just leave them be ?

Those pesky early  birds have also caused others to be mean to worms too  , they are called fishermen  and they too live by the maxim ” The Early Bird Catches  The Worm ”  again why the poor worm ? why does he have to keep hiding in the mud just to live  ? So now we not only have a bird  chasing worms early now we got fishermen who catch them and then go drown them to catch a fish  that also gets up early  so he can get those worms. Only problem with that is he too now gets caught and taken home to be eaten . Beginning  to see a picture here  ? That pesky early bird has someone else in trouble too now , again why ? Why can’t that silly bird stay in bed for a while so everyone else can too ? Why does he have to get up so soon  ? I think it is because he just loves  causing all the mayhem  he does  after all he starts it all .

Want to know what  else that annoying early bird causes  ? Well how many times have you yourself  had to abandon  a nice comfy bed to get going  because  someone used that dam phrase on  you with the direct  effect that you too now have to get up early . Does this seem fair to you ? That an insomniac  bird  who refuses  to stay in bed  now makes it impossible for others to stay in bed  and for worms to have to hide deeper in the mud ? One good thing is that  unless you are a fisherman  you are not going to go  get the poor worms in a frenzy trying to escape  so you are 1 less  danger to the worm . That at least gives the worm a bit of a rest for a while and he can  enjoy  his mud and  relax …until  the next morning  , damm that bird , someone needs to sedate it  for everyones  sake so they as well as the worms can have a nice lay in , sounds fair to me .

So anyway you look at it the early bird  is the cause of a lot of problems and needs to be   re-educated  and fast  so it stops upsetting so many people  and  causing so much havoc  around the world . Around the world  ? Yes this dam bird does this thing everywhere in the world  not just in 1 place it is everywhere  and people need to stop this bird from being so disruptive in so many places . If it was only just 1 or even 2 or 3 places it would not be so bad because then the worms could migrate  and be right out of the  birds range  and would be  a lot better off . So would all those fishermen they also would not have to get up too early  as they could then catch the worms anytime if the worms did not watch out  for themselves .

As I see it all   the   problems   or most of  them  anyway  in the world are caused by an insomniac bird , so we need to get this bird and teach it to stay in bed longer then all will be well !! See how easy it can all be  ? We just need the right answer to the right question and Bob’s your  aunty!! Problem solved  !! See how easy it all is  ? Just get that bird to stay in bed longer and all will be well.  Now all we need is a committee   to set up the bird teachers , then they can teach the teachers  how to teach the birds to sleep in , no worries piece  of cake  or bird food  something like that  would work , lol , sounds ok to me . We also need volunteers  to teach the teachers   etc etc etc lol  you see what  i mean I am sure by now . So all in all we need the    Early Bird to Stay in Bed !!  So to protect  the worms , the fishermen and us from having to do things we do not want to do all we need is to  get that silly bird to stay in bed longer , there !! That’s all we need to do and world problems all solved  easy aint it  ? lol

I never believe anything until it has been officially denied…

I couldn’t see a thing this morning so I opened my eyes….

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