Secret Life of Socks

Secret life of socks  … I know you all think that there is a phantom sock nabber  who nicks all your socks when you are not  looking , and all you try to do is wash them or keep them safe in a drawer . Now why if it was a sock napper why would he just take 1 here and another 1 there  ? Think about it if he was a real sock napper you wouldn’t have any left , he would take them all to do whatever the sock napper does with them , mmmm  makes you wonder  doesn’t it ? What would he want with that many  socks  ? Anyway like I just said a true sock napper would not just take 1 here and 1 there he would be after all he could get hold of and we would be forever buying new socks .

One thing is for sure we all have  socks  and their sneaky cohorts  the stockings oh and do not forget tights  , all of these can be found in almost every home   and we keep losing them most often  only 1 at a time to make you mad . After sometime you will also find that wait..what ? That sock you thought was missing is now where it should be as is the stocking or tights  and that makes you wonder where it went to  did it go on Holiday  ? If so how come you didn’t get to do with it  ? That is just not fair to any sock, tights, or leggings owner  now is it  ? After all they are yours so why shouldn’t you be able to go on holidays with them  ? Makes a lot of sense to me …

Well here  I have some news for you, it is not a sock napper that messes you up and just takes a sock here or there it is something more sneaky than that …wait for it …… what really happens is those socks and tights  etc have a secret life . What ? You ask ..yes they do they  sit there  for a while letting you put your feet into them all the time  even those with smelly feet ( yes you Jim )  lol , then they decide ok time for a break  so they keep a look out  , they help each other you know . Then when the time is right 1 will sneak down the back of the washing machine  and just sit there out of sight until they have had a rest  then all of a sudden there they are  and you scratch your head  trying to work out how you missed it . You missed it because it was hiding   and it didn’t want you  find it until it was ready to be found  , then you found it very clever and sneaky .

Sometimes they hide down the back of the couch …you know where the coins that fall out of your pocket go , they sit there too until they want to be found then not giving away the place of the coins they manage to be found  and again you wonder how . Some are even sneaky enough to hide inside another sock so you think you have lost yet another 1 when it is really there all the time it was just hiding inside the other 1. Sneaky huh ? When again they want to come out , they never stay hidden for too long  just long enough till you go get more socks , then they slip out of the other sox in the drawer and you come in find it and again are left wondering . So now you have more than likely 3 pairs of socks  you didn’t need because these days  socks  come in packs of 3  and it is cheaper to get them that way  how’s that for sneaky huh ?

So next time you lose some socks or stockings ot leggings  or tights  remember  it is not your fault  , nor a  sock napper , it them being sneaky little sods just wanting to have a day or 6 off they are cunning little things as they can get into the sneakiest  places . They can also  wriggle up into the top of your shoe and you don’t notice because your feet  just want to have the shoes  off so you don’t pay enough attention and so they  hide in the shoe safely hidden . Convinced you have both of them together  you throw them in the wash only to find out when the wash is done you are minus 1 sock …dammit …sock stays hidden till you need your shoes again he makes his reappearance and you wonder how you missed him ..again .. lol ..

So when you discover a sock or  a legging or some stockings  missing don’t be in too big a rush to replace them because as sure as you do they will sneak back and you end up with way more than you need , see how sneaky they are  ? They conspire together to give us a hard time  just because they can  and who are we to try and stop them  ? Lol we are just human  and not nearly as sneaky as socks , so when they nick off take a while to really look for them or to buy any more coz  you can be sure they will return . I have even heard of people who have drawers  full of odd socks  that eventually get them all back into pairs they way they should be if  they were not so sneaky .. So careful and patience  are the 2 words to remember if you don’t want to be always  buying socks …right ?

Have you ever experienced the experience of experiencing experiences?


ME; “I love you.” HUSBAND “Is that you or the wine talking?” ME “It’s me.. talking to the wine.”

One thought on “Secret Life of Socks

  1. Love the phantom sock eater, I came to the conclusion after losing six single socks in one wash that he was one footed or he was trying to tell you to buy more socks, which I did lol. Excellent blog.

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