Not This Time

Not this time ….Not this time is this going to be a funny blog  , sorry about that as  I always prefer to make people laugh . There is not enough laughter in the world anymore , too much sadness and evil taking over . Yes  I know laughter is the best medicine  but sometimes you just can’t , sometimes you just have to stop, look, and say what just happened  ? Somethings are just way too much , too terrible to even contemplate but  we have to as it is forced on our attention if we want it or not , somethings you just cannot ignore . Things like what have just happened in the last 24 hours , something so evil , so bad your  mind just refuses to accept it at first  but then has no option as it is all too clear that it has happened. Fighting this horror, this  feeling, is so hard  but you try so you do not have to confront  what you  do not want to but you try anyway . What just happened was the murder of 22 innocent people and the attempted  murder of another 59 who just wanted to go see a concert and have fun.

Not this time can you hide away and say it is not my fault so therefore  I do not have to do anything about it  , in other words  NIMBY  or Not  In My Backyard , this is what we are all too quick to think because we do not want to have to do anything  about what just happened  . We do not want to have to deal with something so evil so we put it away in the  too hard basket and think to ourselves that we will just let the  Government  deal with it , and way too many times they deal with it ok  but do it all wrong and so they make the problem  worse not better . Leaving the problem to others is just the easy way out and does not solve anything , we need to let those in power know that we will not have this stuff ignored anymore , no more evil done in our name . Make the Government accountable  for fighting this evil  not kowtowing to it and trying to appease it .

Let’s face it most people are good law abiding citizens and hate the very thought of someone going around hurting and even killing people  and  saying it’s ok the Government don’t mind . Why would they come to this conclusion you ask? They do because most Governments the world over just do not seem to have the guts it would take to take these animals on . They prefer to try and assimilate ,wrongly thinking that it is possible with animals like this when it is absolutely impossible  to assimilate with  a group that has nothing but murder in their mind . How many  times do they say as loudly as possible  Believe in my Make Believe God  or we will kill you  , no just give it time you will believe , no time to think just do it now or be killed . The killing will not be fast either it will involve torture  and rape and be-heading , we know it is a make believe god because the real God is a god of love and acceptance . He does not say assimilate right now or get your head chopped off , he says  ” Thou shalt not kill ”

So how did these evil sons of the devil get to be so big , so fast  ? The quickest and more certain way is to make money to get all our  guns, cars, ammo, etc, how do they do this  ? That is easy they blackmail everyone and everything into paying Halal certification on everything  and if you don’t pay  we will destroy you . They have to get money from somewhere right  ? So everytime you just go and buy things without bothering to check if it is Halal or not  you are giving them their blood money , they have you right where they want you , they know almost everyone won’t look into it , won’t really believe it  so they have won right there playing on people being basically too damn lazy to check  it out. Think about that when you next go shopping  with every Halal thing you buy you are paying for more people to be murdered  so are  almost as bad as they because you can slow them right down if not stop them altogether just by being wary.

We can only play the  NIMBY card  for so long then the time will come when it is way too late and these animals will have all they need to wipe us all out , all because people have become way too complacent and that will be death ( literally ) for many , many people . We have just seen the worst case of that in the last 24 hours as I said before  so many innocent children slaughtered  well before  they even had a chance to live . They were just starting out in life , all they did was to go to a concert , now they and others are all dead , they did not deserve that  , no one deserves that , and we can thank  the scam of  Halal certification for it as it funds it almost totally . Don’t believe it  ? Then for once do not be lazy and check it out yourself  it has been proved over and over , I mean seriously  why would water & toothpaste , & chocolate & dozens of other things these animals do not even use  need to be  Halal  ? Yet they are ,the cymbals are on all of them  except now harder to find as they have woken up that people now are waking up , a bit slowly but are waking up to the scam.  We can help we can make a difference all we need is to stop being so lazy and stop leaving it to other people to fix , it will not get fixed like that .

It is all up to you  if you want to play a part  even a small part in trying to stop this evil then please stop being so lazy and do a bit of research ….

Sorry too no joke here today am still too upset over 22 dead , mostly children and 59 injured also mostly children …

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