Thank You

Thank you  …. 2 little  words that can be used  2 different ways either  for good or in some ways to hurt , you would be surprised how just 2 words  can be used for different things . These 2 words  have been and will be used  I guess  in both ways forever  these days  as we  all seem to do what everyone else does and do not  think for ourselves  anymore we are too much like sheep following a shepherd . Makes you wonder if you do any thinking at all  how  many other words get used in several different ways  rather than the main 1 they were intended for . So many things change  and so many things stay the same  but changing  the use of words  seems to be on going  we seem to do it all the time , just see how   many times dictionaries get changed , words added or words  taken out as no longer valid  it is always happening .

Anyway back to the 2 words I started with , let us start  with the good  side  like if someone does something  nice for you , or is polite to you , or gives you something ,  then when you say thank you , you mean it in a nice way and whoever you said it to gets a nice  feeling for having done something nice  for someone else  instead of just  ignoring  them and staying in their own little world . Gives you , well it does me , when I do something  for  someone  and they say thank you it makes me feel good , and makes me want to help someone again sometime . Thank you  is something that has the power to make someone’s day  if they have said or done something nice for someone else . Today sadly  these 2 words  today are hardly ever heard  as most people do not use them anymore  as they are words learned  when you learn  respect , but again sadly that too is something that is not  taught anymore and explains why thank you is very rarely used in the nice way it used to be . Saying thank you is so easy to do too and that makes it even more sad  that it is too hard for some people  to do .

Thank you ,as  I said before  can also be used in a hurtful way , it can be used as an insult when someone thinks someone else has  hurt them , as in they look at you and say well ” thank you ” with a sneer and you know they mean to hurt you with it . Whether  the hurt from the person is real or conceived  it can still be hurtful to say it that way to someone else , but all too often it still get said like that . Even if the slight people think has been done to them is true  there is no need  to be hurtful  to others , we should try to be nice that costs us nothing at all . Too many people  though tend to like being upset and have a need to ” get back ” at someone  they think  has hurt them  so if there is no other way they become sarcastic and the thank you they say then  is very hurtful . Thank you was always meant to be a good  thing meaning that someone was happy about something  someone has done for them but given the way the world has twisted things  now it can be used to hurt and that is sad .

To be honest I think most people  have at one time or another used these words both ways  but I personally try only  to use them as they were intended  as an expression of thanks . Thinking of saying thank you , have you ever been just walking around a shopping center and  listened ? Hearing just what people say to say shop attendants  ? Attendants who have helped them out and got them what they needed or wanted  then they either just walk off , or say such an off handed thank you that it means nothing ? There are those too who having got what they needed say thank you and really mean it  and you can see how much it means to the person attending them , a little bit of being polite  goes a very long way and can make the attendant feel worthwhile . It takes  so little to be nice but even  this tiny little bit of being nice seems to be too hard for most people these days  and it can mean so much . Having been a shop assistant  myself once I know how much that nicely said and mean thank you means when you have been on your feet for long hours , it really helps  trust me .

What we need to try and do  , but I am afraid  will not be done  too often is to try and teach the younger ones respect , then they will know that to say thank you is the right thing to do when someone does a nice thing for them . I know  I for one will always be thankful when someone helps me  and would just love to see more people  being thankful as well as it is not hard to do , seems just normal to me to do it . Also it is part of what we call manners and like respect now is sadly not taught anymore it seems , think back over the last few days , has someone been nice to you  ? Did you say thank you  ? Maybe the problem starts with you  , the one who didn’t say thank you  ? How will the young learn if the older ones do not teach them ? Sigh ..the world these days is too full of people only wanting to look after themselves  to bother to take the time to teach the young ones , so all they learn from what they see  is how to be disrespectful .

Useless fact: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words…

That awkward moment when the awkward moment you thought was awkward isn’t awkward it’s just awkward ’cause you think it’s awkward but no one else does… now that’s awkward…..

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