Ooops ….. This is a word we use so many times and do not even realise we are using it , it has become so entrenched in our daily lives , just how many times we use it depends on just how silly or lazy  we have been . Like we do our shopping for example and we  go off in a rush or online in a rush so sure that we know what we need without double checking . No double checking is  what we do   or not do because we are in a hurry and these days  we are always in a hurry  right  ? Back to the shopping we rush through , then when we get it home we put it all away and all is well right  ? Nope not a bit of it because during the week or month or however you shop  you suddenly run out of this  and that  several times …ooops …If only  you had done the double check ….

Sometimes what we forgot  does not matter that much  and we can wait till next time to get what we need , but sometimes it can be a real problem  , like if you forgot the toilet paper , or another tub of butter , because we were in such a hurry we forgot to check how much is in the tub …ooopps  now what will  we use to butter the toast ? It is all ok if you can just nick down to the shop and get  more but sometimes some of the things  we forget can make life quite difficult   but we did it to ourselves in our ooops moment . We didn’t stop and think …hmmmm…does anyone even think anymore  ??  lol Somehow  I very much doubt it , but it is high time we did don’t  you think ?

Sometimes  our oopps moment  is a right royal pain , if we are in so much of a hurry  so much of our time  imagine rushing out to go somewhere then half way  there  oooops we run out of petrol …now that is a huge oops  and can mess us right up for the day  while we get it fixed . That big oooppss  just cost us not only  time but money too if we are late for work and get docked for being late , so best we stop rushing about and take time out to check what we need to do before we go rushing out . Rushing out and about is what we seem to do more and more these days so we create more and more oops moments ,we really , really need to slow down and smell the roses  before there are no more roses.

Don’t  you love it when  the oops moment is a funny one because  someone else did it  ? Now yes  I know it is not nice to laugh when someone messes up but trust me sometimes it is funny . Like when hubby says it is ok we have more of that we don’t need anymore  only to find after all shopping done and sorted and put away  that ooops …errrm  that was the last one even though I told you we had some it seems we didn’t  ooopps bad hubby you didn’t check properly ….You like everyone else these days was in too much of a hurry to check it properly … Had you done so you now would not have to either go without or go get another one …This is almost as bad as not putting labels on things saying it is ok  I will remember what is in that ….yeah right  …lol . Some people can’t even remember what they went into a room for …lol yep me too sometimes .

Thinking along these lines  yes we do have way too many oops moments  in our lives because the world  is way too fast these  days but  I guess  as long as we don’t do ourselves  too much harm or cost ourselves too much money we might just get away with oopps moments . As long as we at least try to keep these moments to  a minimum we just might survive  but really we need to up our game to be able to keep things in order  and in order not to hurt ourselves too much . Thankfully the oops moments of running out of ink  in pens no longer matters or running out of  coins  for the TV  that used to be coin in the slot , man that was along time ago ..but boy they were ooopps moments big time way back then …

So before you do anything  anymore how about taking time to check and double check whatever you are doing  or where you are going to avoid too many oops moments . Really does not take too long to  do either and we can save ourselves  a lot of trouble and a lot of  oopps moments . The only people who can have oops moments  and get away with them are those on  TV as if they mess up all they have to do is stop  and re-do  the take again  but life does not give us this option , we cannot re-run life . So to all these oopps moments  I say nick off  … lol and will try not to have  anymore , no more oopps moments let us be more careful ….and try to bye bye the oops moments. ..


All my life I’ve wanted to learn to juggle. I just never had the balls to do it.


I’m a beer enthusiast. The more beer I drink, the more enthusiastic I become….

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