Add Breaks

Add Breaks    love them or hate them, and yes most people hate them I am going to show you why you actually really like them , there are a few reasons why you really do like them even though you say you don’t.  When I have finished here I really think you will be agreeing with me  that yes you really do like the add breaks , and that  they are really very useful  to you in many ways . Now before you start  going off and saying no I do not  , no you are wrong  wait till you read right to the end before saying that , as I might just prove you wrong , so many people say arrgghh  damm adds !! but when I have finished even you will see how helpful they are and in ways you never thought of  because let’s face it adds are not something people think about much except to go crook about.

Yes  I well know that the adds are there to sell things and to make money  for the manufacturers  or the sellers , but they do have a place in what we do  and now  I will tell you how , you ready  ? lol …

First and foremost we are watching a program and feel a sudden need to go to the loo , but you don’t want to miss the movie or show you are watching  so you sit on it , crossing your legs  lol as  I do all the time  , but why  ? Why do we wait  ? Guess why  ? Yes it’s for the adds ! Yes those adds you said you hated , now you cannot wait for them to be on so you can go  without missing the show  you were watching , See? right  there is the first  time those pesky adds have helped you , lol, and you said you hated the adds  …sheesh … So back to the show and now you remember a job you had to do , maybe it’s  bin night and you need to  put the bin out , but again you don’t want to miss the show , so once more you wait for the adds , then off you go. See? yet again the adds have helped you out of a tough spot . See how it works yet  ? lol ….

Right back to the show  ,and someone calls  out to you Hey! I’m hungry is there anything to eat ? What do you say  ? Yup you say  wait till the adds ! Again those adds you said you hate so much is about to save you from missing your show 1 more time , clever huh ? Have you ever stopped to think it through ? lol Bet you didn’t. So one more time back to your show  and as you watch you realise  there is something else you need to do , like dishes or laundry , because these adds are on 24 hours a day even if we are not watching they are always still there , so at any given point  you will be in the situation of waiting for the adds  so you can do this or that  so you don’t miss anything. So what did you say at the beginning of this ? I hate those damm adds  but now, do you really  ? Don’t you see now that they are actually very useful and do have a place in the scheme of things even if we say we don’t like them, they save us quite a lot of trouble 1 way or the other .

How we doing so far hey ? Have we got to the point where you will now admit that yes there are times when you do like them as they come in handy for marking time for you to get things done ? If we haven’t we should have but just to give you 1 more thing the adds help you in , what say you actually do need to buy something  ? Heaven forbid!! Now the adds are very important and you actually watch  them avidly  so you can compare prices , location , and a lot of other things , so now the add breaks are wanted and watched  rather than being called a pest.  Seeing as now you really do need something those adds are not so pesky now are they  ? lol They have gone from being pesky  to being wanted  , see what  I mean  ? lol So next time you start to say dammit the adds are on again just remember what we just said and realise they do have their place in our  TV watching and they do save us quite a bit of trouble . Also we can do quite a lot of shopping , or at least make notes of where things are and where the cheaper ones are thanks to the adds …All from the comfort of your lounge seat no going  out to do it . See ?? lol you do love the adds , you know you do …now!!  lol

I’m going to be productive today by making a list of things I don’t have to do and making sure I don’t do every one of them.

HUSBAND: What are you doing sitting in the fridge? ME: I was cooking tea and the recipe🙃 said to chill in the fridge for an hour.

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