What Do We Really Know?

What do we really know  ? ….What do we really know about things we maybe should know a lot about , do we really know our  neighbours? They may live just next door,  and have lived there for many years but  I am betting we don’t really know who they are , what they believe , what they really like , etc.etc.etc. Let’s face it no one ever really tells anyone else  everything about themselves , nor should we expect them to we need to keep somethings  to ourselves . What do we really know about our own governments  ? We only get to know what they tell us and if we have even an ounce of brain we never take for granted that they tell us is even the truth sometimes it is not even  near the truth as they all have their own agendas , no matter what party they are from all of them are the same no matter what label they go by ,all driven by money.

What do we really know about all these terrorists ? Again we only know what the media  chooses to tell us and mostly that is only a semblance of the truth , they know full well that if we know the whole truth the whole world will be awake to them and they do not want that as they are making too much money out of us not knowing . Why do you think there never , ever seems to be a good answer  to this terrifying  scourge that is in the world today ? Where do you think they get the money from to keep up their endless supply of guns and ammo and dynamite ? They get it from the  governments  who have their own interests at heart and know full well that if it was stopped the money trail would also stop and they would get no more , and that is the last thing they want .You cannot tell me that there is not enough armies of the whole world able  to stop these vengeful killers , they are not stopped because  it is not to their best wishes to stop them they want them to keep killing the more the merrier as it is less for them to have to try and control and that’s just what  they want .

What do we really know about Global Warming or Climate Change  ? Well I can tell you right now  that both are a scam set up to do exactly what they have achieved , they have convinced the world that they  need to spend and spend and spend  to stop something that is not real . Such a good job has been done on these scams that they are literally  laughing all the way to the bank making  billions  all based on a huge lie , and sold to a very weak accepting public . They have been systematically  dumbing down the world so that their scams will be accepted and man has it worked , so much so that the  things that we never would have accepted are now deemed as normal  , perversion is now normal and yet we wonder  why the world  is going  to put it in a way an author  once put it * To Hell In A Handbasket * Until we wake up it will only get worse …..If we wake up that is..

What do we really know  about the food we eat ? Do we really know what exactly the big businesses  are putting into it? We have no idea what they do to the food we eat the only safe way to eat is if we grow all our own and have nothing from the big corporations at all , but who honestly has the time or money to do that  ? All the big corporations know full well we are not able to do this no matter how much we want to , things have been set up so well that we now are powerless to change things back to the simple untouched way we used to grow things . No pesticides ,  no added this and that  nothing but good soil and sun and rain, no interference at all , totally natural  the way it was meant to be.

What it all boils down to is that we do not ever  really know what is going on in so many things unless we take the time to research everything  as  I said once before in a blog . I sort of re-visited  this subject because of things that have  happened all over the world , and seeing people leaping into  judgement and not having done any research at all  getting it all wrong and getting all upset  about all the wrong things . What we really know is ,to be honest   only what the powers that control everything  the big wigs that control the money want us to know , and that is only what suits them not what we really should know . The big few with all the money will never tell the truth because that does not suit what they are doing at all . What they are doing is really quite easy to see , they are turning everything into , 1 world government , 1 world religion , 1 world currency , and until they finish it  they will say and do whatever it takes  to keep us in the dark . Another well worn but correct saying is ..Follow The  Money  and it is forever true as money is now the  god of this world and always will be until the end sadly .


There must have been a sale on cranky pants today, everyone’s wearing them!


I’m good at sleeping , I can do it with my eyes closed.😞   

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