Why Can’t We

Why can’t we  just be ourselves  ? Why do we have to go on an endless pursuit  to ” make ourselves better ”  Why can’t we just accept  the way we are  ? Why do we  listen to all this rubbish  that they try  to ram down our throats ? Things like you are too short  , or too fat , or you’re hair is all wrong , you need to put this stuff on  your face or   you need to shower in this stuff   and wash  your hair  in this stuff , if you do not then you are not going to be good enough and not going to be in with the crowd , and it seems that these days everyone wants to be in with the crowd , must admit it amazes me just how many people  listen to and go along with all the hype ,not stopping until they have all the in gear. How have people come to this that they  cannot bear to live without being in the  ” in crowd  ” ? Why are their lives so shallow that they run after this stuff all the time ?

Every day  on  TV in the papers in magazines  the people running things do nothing but  convince our kids that they will never be good enough  until they have all the latest  gear , and do all the latest things like being seen at all the popular places , be there or be square they  waffle on and sad to say the gullible  kids , not old enough to have any experience  go on at parents  who are exhausted  and give in to them . Parents these days have an even worse job trying to raise kids , everyone tells them they cannot discipline them or they will have them taken off them  so parents feel defeated  and so cave in to the wants of the kids . Wants that are so many and  varied    that it takes  them by surprise but they still give in so they do not upset their kids , kids also know that they have the upper hand and learn to wield it very early on in age .

Why can’t we  fix this  ? We cant fix it because it has gone on too long , for too long parents  have been told  you will not upset your kids so now they are too scared  to do anything but give into them , hence we are now seeing  a generation   that care for no one but themselves  and that is just heart breaking , as a mother it just breaks my heart when  I see young kids  tell their parents ” don’t you tell me what to do ” saw this with my own eyes  one night  when we were out  to dinner , kid was only about 5 or 6 too , it was dreadful to see something like that from someone so young . We have let this happen over time , we never objected loud enough when the government’s  around the world started to tell us what we could and could not do with our own children .

Why can’t we fix it now  ? because it is way too late and the  ” Politically Correct ”  bullies have now taken over and if we try to fight them we end up in even more trouble . These days I seriously doubt anyone even tries anymore they know they are beaten and just give in to what they are so sure they  cannot beat , it is sad because if they tried hard enough I am sure  they could make some inroads into changing  things back to the way they were before the interference  started . Cannot remember the last time anyone even tried to get the rights of parents back again , so they could raise their children the way they want to the way they should be . In saying that  I do not for 1 minute advocate violence toward our kids but the odd smack now and then to teach them respect is fine as long as it is just a small smack to get their attention and explain  what they did wrong .

Why can’t we  ? We can’t because as  i said we have become too weak in our own rights as parents , we have let them take those rights away so no child even gets taught what respect is , I bet if you asked a few kids today what it is and what it does very few would have a clue  as they have not been taught because parents are not allowed to teach them. What we do now is anyone’s guess  but we must never give up trying to do the right thing , it is too easy to just sit back and give in but we must resist the urge  to give in and try to find a way  forward . Would it not be great to see kids around who do not scream and yell  and do not throw hissy fits  when they are in public ? Would it not also be great to go out to dinner and be able to have a nice quiet dinner without being assaulted by the screaming of other peoples kids ? That would be just wonderful  but sadly does not happen and  I do not even know if there is a place  anymore where you can go that  does not allow kids  in  so you can have a nice quiet dinner . Years ago  kids under 16 were not even allowed in most of these  places and that was a good thing as they were not corrupted  by gambling and drinking, that should never have been changed .


I would like to thank my legs. Without them I would not be standing here today….

“Don’t try this at home”…Okay, i’ll try it at my friend’s house..

One thought on “Why Can’t We

  1. Oh this is so very true, if were not told to better ourselves in criticisms or general talk its in the gadgets we should have to make ourselves cooler or more savvy. Excellent blog Girlie. I couldn’t have said it better.

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