The More We Stay Together

The more we stay together  ….. The more we really do know what the other is thinking and yes that old saying ” complete each other’s sentences ”  lol it really does happen and we do it to each other all the time , which is good coz it saves energy  , that’s my story and  I’m sticking to it  lol. We have  been doing this sentence thing for years now and you know sometimes  I don’t think we even notice we are doing it  it has become so much a part of us now , part of who we are as a couple  really . Have no idea at all how long we had been together before this started happening  but I’m guessing it was a fair  while , it would take a while for something like that to start to penetrate our everyday  life like that , these things do not start quickly they happen over a period of time .

The more we stay together too the more we know what each other needs or likes in just about everything we do in a day , like we might be in need of a coffee but for some reason just cant do it right then but the other seems to sense it and goes and gets coffee , this happens all the time with  us . Also after a busy day we might want a drink and just time to relax or to have a snack to go with the drink and it is just there 1 or the other just knows and goes and gets it , again this is something we always do for each other . cannot count the amount of times we have just gone and done something or got something that we needed and just seemed to know the other 1 would love it too so do it for 2 , again this is just what we do and have been for years now.

The more we stay together the more we also know if the other 1 is sick or hurt , even though they might try to hide it so as not to worry the other , we always seem to know they need some extra help and just do it  because we have been together so long and because the love we have for each other is still as fresh as it ever was . Again I cannot count the amount of times  I have needed help because of my back problems etc. and most of the time  I do not even need to ask , as the help is there just when  I need it most and  I always try to be there for him  just when he needs it too . This is something we have just done for each other from day 1 but the more we stay together the easier it is to know what the other 1 needs and also when they need it , it just works for us and does so more and more as time goes on .

We have made people laugh on so many occasions because we tease each other all the time no matter where we are and lol I suspect they wonder what is going on . What is going on is that because we have been together so long we know how each other thinks and how they will react  to any given situation  so when something happens , or someone says something  we might either tease each other  or just crack up laughing for what seems to be no apparent reason . Just having that happen on occasion makes us laugh too and that to me is a good thing as there is not enough laughter in the world  so the more the merrier as far as we are concerned .This special kind of idiocy also takes a while to get into your everyday life and it slowly crept into ours and it keeps  us happy and laughing more than not and that is a good thing.

Writing this makes me realise just how nuts we must be , and you know what ? I do not care 1 little bit , it is what we are , what we have become with each other and long may it continue . The day it all started  to me now was 1 of the best days in my life , that day started with a stalker and after a lot of fun, hardship, trouble, travelling , being stupid, lol had to put that in and now keeps going from day to day with us both being so in tune with each other that  often we can just look at each other and crack up because we both thought of something funny right at that moment and yes it will be the exact same thing  as we do that too all the time to each other . I hope that this kind of idiocy between 2 people who love each other so much can just keep going on coz we love it , it makes life much less boring for us and relieves a lot of stress.

The more we stay together also means that knowing someone else this well makes it easier for planning anything , even what to watch on  TV or what to have for dinner or even where to go on the occasion we go out for dinner etc. The other added benefit is that if we get a chance to travel again we both pretty much want to go to the same places so planning a trip is no trouble at all , in fact it makes it downright easy for us. All I hope for now for us is that it keeps on keeping on and keeps us happy  to continue to be together  and to keep on being idiots with each other  as it is way more fun , who wants to be sane anyway ? That is too boring  lol , no fun at all and should only be used when absolutely necessary , any other time is just irrelevant .

So there you have it 2 idiots , who love being idiots , do it all the time and are happy , and so the more we stay together the better …so there  …lol.

I would be unstoppable – if only I could get going!

I’m confused… Don’t ask me why, I don’t know 😗😙😚. That’s why I’m confused.

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