All Aboard

All Aboard …. the  I don’t care bus , as long as it doesn’t  affect me , as  long as  I don’t have to do anything , move anything , pay for anything, help anyone , etc etc etc , as long as  I am ok Jack then  do not bother me  . Have you ever taken the time to notice just how many people get outraged by what is going on in the world  but never do a single thing to try and stop anything? They will be the first and the loudest  to go off their trolleys  but do they actually ever do anything  about anything  ?    Comes back to that old saying  NIMBY or not in my backyard  , do what you like to whoever you like  just do not do it near me or mine or anyone I care about , that way I do not have to be bothered.

All Aboard  the I want this changed and that changed and  I want this benefit or that benefit  but  I do not want to have to actually get up and do anything myself , oh no that would be too much work and bother by far if  I had to actually help. I want this freedom and that freedom but  do not expect me to actually help to get it sorted  that would be too much of my time wasted and that is not on . I will do 1 thing though  I will go out and demonstrate and riot and abuse all and sundry  but  I will never do anything  to actually put things right , I mean come  on me? Do anything ? Not a hope I am just there to be as much of a pest as possible while expecting the best from everyone else . Why would  I bother to help when by all my protesting and abusing and violence  I can get what I want quicker  and get the best while the really deserving people just get pushed aside  .

All aboard  the let’s just  blame all politicians  and slam them for what they might be trying to do , trying to do with no help at all from those that should help . Before you all say but what good are politicians  anyway , all they do is line their own pockets and bugger everyone else , that is true to a very large degree  but there are a few that  do actually care and do try to help . As with all  ” jobs ”  for want of a better word they  have their detractors  and those within that have their own agendas  make it very hard indeed for those who really do want to fix this  huge problem the world has now with  being overrun  by refugees , some who are genuine  but too many now are not they steal onto the boats and planes etc along with the real ones  and that causes so much trouble   for anyone trying to do the right thing . The politicians who do try to do the right thing usually get vilified  , shouted down , called everything under the sun but never helped so that is why we have such a huge problem  and there is hardly a country left in the world who does not have this problem.

All Aboard the outrage bus when because of all the lack of help nothing gets done that should be done  so people who are really deserving of help do not get it . People are so busy protesting and demanding that they themselves want this and that  and that they should get it first  that they block  the help that they are screaming out for .It never ceases to amaze me how many people are like that , they do not stop to think that they themselves are the biggest part of why they are not getting what they are screaming for  but as to how you wake them up I have no idea what ever . That would be the answer to the million dollar question I think  but boy would it help if someone had the answer  and no before you say it  more violence is not the answer either , there must be some sort of compromise  I would think. but good luck finding it .

All Aboard the let us  teach our children that  all that matters in life is me, me, me , and if anyone gets in the way of that then it’s all ok to protest and even get violent  if need be . Let us not teach our children to care for others or that it is better to be nice than to be angry all the time , let us also not bother to teach them that to get on with people and be caring and sharing is a way better way to get things done , that you get more done like that than by all the other methods  at all , no one ever says   you do not need to be upset to get things done , you can achieve much more by being reasonable .

All Aboard the how did we get to this stage bus .. how did we  ? We did by being lenient , by not teaching our children respect , I am almost sure that if you asked the modern child these  days  what respect was they would have no clue having been brought up in the if  I want it then  I will get it  society so what I want is all that matters. If we had taken the time to tell the governments of the world that no we will not let you tell us how to raise our children  and kept on teaching them respect  we would not now have such a class of people  who think of themselves as ” privileged ” and expect what they want when they want it . A lot of us said way back when all this happened that it would be the worst thing to happen and boy have we been proved right , though we so wish we were not , that we had been the wrong ones.

All Aboard …the very next bus no matter what it is as we now seem to be a world of let us jump on the bus with whoever  no matter what they are on about , do not bother to check out if it is right or wrong just jump on the bus and lets go . …


If today is tomorrow and tomorrow is yesterday and yesterday is Monday and Monday is today what day is it? Did i confuse you  

I wonder if people wonder what I wonder, because I wonder what people wonder. Do YOU wonder what I wonder? Now THAT is what I wonder. I wonder what you’re wondering as you wonder what I wonder, if of course you’re even wondering what I’m wondering…
I wonder..

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