One Of The Best Things I Ever Bought

One of the best things  I ever bought ….. what is the best thing you ever bought  ? There must be at least  1 thing that stands out above all the others  ? That 1 thing that you use and use and use as much as you can ? There is always 1 thing out of all the things we buy  that we constantly use and use  , and quite often more than 1 thing , things that as soon as you get them they go into use right then . Right before you say refrigerator , stove, washing machine  and things like that or a freezer  those are not favourites  they are essentials  so do not count in the area of  things you just like to use as much as possible .They are the types of things that we must have so I do not count them in this article .

While you think of how many things you have bought , think about  all of them , what are they used for and how many times you use them , then work out what ones  you do use over and over again not because you have to but because you just like using it . Things that really give you enjoyment  to use because they give you the greatest  pleasure , as the use of them gives a lot of benefits  and not just 1 thing . I know I have a few that  I class as being pleasurable to use  as using them gives multiple benefits , I will get to them in a few minutes  but in thinking of them , if you do  stop and think you realise there are a few  , and that a lot of what you do have  are things you only use now and again  but you do still use them so you keep them thus cluttering up the cupboards . Rather than go through everything  to see what you really could do without you keep them for  ” Justin ”  meaning  justin case  I need them again  I will leave them clogging up the place .

What are my ” best things ” ?  The first 1 would be without doubt would be my slow cooker , I can make so many things in that , that you just can’t count all kinds of things from roasts to casseroles, to sweets, to stir fry , the list is endless and mine is constantly in use . With it  I can  take a small amount of meat and add veg. etc to it and end up with a cooker full which then makes  a meal for right now  with at least another 4 to be put in the freezer , so 1 cook becomes a minimum  of 5 meals . This also is very economical in this day and age when we need to make things go further . Another thing would have to be the kettle , lol, as we need our coffee in the mornings to wake up  and during the day for other drinks as well so it is rarely out of use . Another  would be the microwave  I know I said before not stoves but  this is an addition  to the stoves  and also can be used day and night and get things cooked or warmed up or  defrosted in a quick time.

Must also add right here too that 1 thing we do use a lot but is only used during winter but is still used  for pleasure , I mean an electric blanket  of course when it gets that cold , with my back the way it is  I sure do need  and the lovely heat it gives of a night is just great for helping me settle and hopefully sleep. Heaters  too are something  that we only use once a year but also make us feel good  when it gets cold each year . I guess too really we must add our computers and our televisions  as some of us who cannot go out very much  need something to help us stay up to date  with the world and also to entertain us . When we sit and think about all the things we own how many of them  do we use over and over makes us think  how did we ever manage without them ? Yet we  did  but how would we manage now  I wonder  ? Could we do all the things we do now and get the same satisfaction  and the same good results if we suddenly did not have them ?

Thinking about it  we really do have a lot of things , things we cling to , things we say we cannot do without   but I am wondering   if it came to it  how would we go ? how good would we be if we did not have all these things  we rely on so much ? Well 1 thing for sure we would sure have to use what passes  for brains  to get on wouldn’t we  ? We would have to go back to the inventive part of what people used to be , the part that  kept us alive and firing on all cylinders , it worked for us before  so we would have to make it work for us again, if we wanted to keep living that is  lol .  Might be hard but I am sure we could do it if we wanted to or should I say needed to , if we did not we would be in deep crap so as they say , ” Use it or lose it ”  and we do not want that do we . ?  It s a pity really that things have become so important to us that we value them sometimes above people  and do not try to tell me that some people don’t do this , it is a sad reflection on our society  but it is the way it is.

If work is so terrific, how come they pay you to do it?

Today I discovered that two wrongs definitely don’t make a right! Tomorrow I’m going to try three. 🙂

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