Weight Loss

Weight  loss …. Have you noticed just how many adverts  there are about weight loss  ? They are on  TV, in magazines , on line, almost everywhere you  look there they are all of them saying the same thing over and over again , each saying the same things but in a subtly different way . The  main theme is exactly the same no matter what company they are  it all boils down to 1 thing , they are still all saying the same thing , so it is only cost that people decide which way they are going to go with it . Weight loss these days is a multi million dollar industry and no matter how much they say to the contrary  it is the money side that drives them ,and makes them make adverts that are so in your face that it really is dreadful. Some of the adverts are just so bad it makes you wonder if they think everyone is just stupid  or that they cannot see what is really going on , like they want your money that is all that matters and I don’t think everyone wants to look like a match with the wood scraped off now do they ?

What all these huge companies do not do is look at people as individuals , they  just treat everyone  the same , as sheep to be led to what they want them to do, not a thought about anyone else, as  I have said before in other blogs money is all anyone wants these days . Really why would they take the time to check things out properly ? Check into the actual ingredients of all this stuff they say you ” must have ” to lose weight , and  everyone must lose weight according to them. What does it matter to them if what they are selling has harmful chemicals in it? They are getting paid to sell it and if they sell it they get money  end of story, no matter if it is drinks, energy drinks, special foods, special biscuits , it is all the same , read the labels  and give yourself a heart attack. Another thing they do not take any notice of is conditions of the people who they want to use it , who they want to sell it to nothing matter but the money.

Makes you wonder if they even bother to think  , lol, not a hope but still , do they ever stop judging the people ? Looking at them and seeing them overweight as they think  they are and just judge them ,thinking right away they eat too much they do nothing every day . Way too many times they are 100% wrong in that the people they are judging are not that way because they want to be , they are that way because  of varying reasons  and quite often it has nothing to do with how much they eat or drink or how much exercise they get . In a lot of cases it is medication they are on that does that to them  or it is hereditary and that 1 trust me is very hard to fix, if all your family are overweight  then chances are you will be too no matter what you do . Amazing too is that a lot of people , and no not just women have fluid retention  and no matter how hard they work on it , they cannot shift it , it has to be 1 of the hardest conditions to regulate , it can be done but is very , very hard to correct and not something you can do alone as I found out to my cost .

Also there are so many who have other conditions that make them overweight  and there is nothing they can do , as if the medication they are on  that causes the overweight  is stopped they that may be catastrophic  to them and may kill them. Some medications are like that they fix 1 thing but cause a heap of other things  , the side effects can be terrible but what can you do  ? If you need them you need them really. Reading labels and checking side effects  has become something  I do all the time now  and yes it does take up a lot of time but if  I don’t I could be in a lot of trouble , and trust me just being married is trouble enough  thank you very much.  Who needs anymore trouble  than that  ? Only someone who is bored  I think  lol , so reading labels and checking things is to me a very important thing to do .

Along with the you eat all the wrong things mentality  that they have they also do not realise that some people just cannot do all the exercise that they think they should be doing. Not for a single minute do they examine the circumstances of   all the people they have judged so they have no idea that some may have disabilities or injuries or some other reason they just cannot do all the super exercises , but do they do anything to help these people who usually do want to help themselves ? No they don’t they are too busy judging  so nothing gets done and someone who really wants to lose weight but cannot without  real help  gets none at all and stays the same . They are all so focused on the money part of it that the real reason they should be in the industry they are in gets lost in all the hype  and nothing ever gets done for real people  in a way that really helps them . Most of all this ” help ” be it at a gym or in all these fancy drinks and foods  are all way too expensive for the average  person , they are all so overpriced  it is unreal yet they still sit back and judge , humanity is at a very low level right now. I live in hope that 1 day someday someone will start to care and change things for us all.


Has anyone lost their marbles? I just found some while looking for mine.

I’m going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow! <—- For you dear lol.

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