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People ..

People … Love  them or hate them we have to deal with them everyday , unless of course you never go out and just live like a hermit miles away from civilisation . People  though you can only avoid them for so long usually , you have to talk to them 1 way or another  every single day even if you don’t want to …sheesh .. Most people on the whole are pretty reasonable  and you have no problems with them  and they cause you no grief , or very little anyway , these are the ones we mostly  deal with. There are of course a lot of people who fit  into their own categories , we will get to them in a minute , but basically the majority of people you come into contact with  are your decent , hard working people who just want to get on with life  and what they have to do . Some we have to deal with online or some on the phone  but we still have to deal with them as we just cannot  totally ignore them no matter how much we might want to.

Other people now , let’s start with the ones we see often and even though we don’t see them every day when we do it can be quite fun . Take 2 blokes we know  called Mark and  Paul , oh and let’s not forget Dimitri , so take these blokes …please  ? lol pretty please ?? Ha! Well anyway these blokes are regulars at our local pub and all 3  of them are unique in their own way ,now Mark for a start , lol, he is a funny man who seems to start yawning as soon as he get’s there and has the cheek to blame that on me , it is all my fault , how I have no idea lol. Then there is  Paul also a very funny bloke who also blames me for as much as possible  but as usual he is wrong , just as  Mark is , it is not my fault , so there , lol. Then there is  Dimitri  now he is also a funny bloke but has this habit of sneaking up behind me and putting his arms around me , lol all ok once  i get over the fright  ,lol, hubby is now on Dimitri watch  every time we go there . It just would not be the same  or have the same atmosphere without funny blokes like these , but shhhhh  I never said that  lol.

Some people though as well we know are only out for 1 thing and that is themselves , all they are dedicated to is making  themselves important and have no care what ever  for anyone they hurt along the way . These types are purely driven by money and power and other people  had best just get out of the way or they risk getting trampled on. They have an agenda and let nothing at all get in the way of that agenda especially not other people  they are just pawns in their end game . Guessing here that many others of you have met up with these types , I know  I have and they can be very hurtful as they just do what suits them and nothing more  ,and they are not 1 bit thankful  for anything you might do for them. Quite often they shrug off what you did for them and bitch about  what you didn’t do  and that’s when it can hurt very badly , when you have gone out of your way to help them , been there done that . Owing  to this type  I still have trust issues  it is hard to trust again after something like that , it brings you right down.

Then of course there are the so called leaders of all the countries , all they want to do mostly is line their own pockets first , then maybe they will try to help the country  they are supposed to be ruling . Right now there are daily clashes between  some of them and I very much fear it will all lead to another war , as they seem determined to be the ones that rule the world. World domination has now become the thing each and every country is seeming to want to do , they want it like that so they can have or do whatever they want and the people they are supposed to be protecting  are just second fiddles . Sadly there are more and more countries leaning toward this way of wanting things, it used to be if they were left alone they would all get along nicely. Now it seems more and more are eyeing other countries about them and wanting to take them over , it is just so sad and so wrong as in the end it is all fuelled by the lust for money and power.

Getting back to our blokes in the pub  they are a funny lot and  fun to be with for the short time we get to sit and wind each other up and have a drink. All of them work hard have lots to do all the time and  love to go to the pub to have a drink and unwind  and yes they all need to as work at times can be very stressful. These blokes  too will always try to help if  you need it , as will most genuine people  and that too makes it good to have a few drinks and a catch up with them . Raffle tickets though  now that is something else  lol every Friday or  Saturday  if we make it there at the right time we literally get mugged by both  Mark and  Paul , lol, ya gotta get tickets , lol, yeah right got no hope of winning , but ya gotta have them as the meat trays are well worth trying for . So yes we get our tickets and watch these 2 go round the pub  getting other people to get tickets too and it is quite funny watching them do it , they have a style all their own.

Love em or hate em these sorts of funny blokes make the world a happier place for  the short times you get to have with them  , it is good to catch up with them always  and always a lot of fun. Pubs may not be for everyone but we have found them to be mostly relaxing and a good place for a giggle , anytime that changes , as it did recently with 1 such pub we just leave it , we just want a nice place with nice people to relax with for a while . Nice staff with good senses of humor also helps make the place a more relaxing place to be . …

Sometimes, numbers are the only thing you can truly count on….

Instead of “lol”, try “lsimhbiwfefmtalol”. Laughing� silently in my head because it wasn’t funny enough for me to actually laugh out loud…..


Spoiled For Choice

Spoiled for choice … Have you noticed just how spoiled for choice the world has now become ? You try going to buy something , have you ever seen just 1 brand of that product  ? Have you ever seen a display that says  there is only 1 kind of item ? No you haven’t  because every single thing  we buy has so many types, colours, brands, levels of expense  that it just blows the mind , there will be so many different prices for the 1 product that it makes your head spin , you try to work out now, do I get the most expensive  ? Do I get the middle of the road price  ? Do I go for the cheapest? The thing that annoys me most is that this 1 item is exactly the same no matter what you pay for it  so deciding  to go cheap or go expensive really makes no difference  but the companies selling these things don’t want you to know this as they depend on our  getting sick of trying to work out which  1 to get just makes them more money.

What are the odds of getting a bad 1 out of all these things  ? Not very big as it is the same thing every time  just marketed differently  so you will be fooled into getting the more expensive 1 of them so making more money for the big boys . The odds of  everyone just going to get the cheaper 1 of them is not very big  so it is well worth them letting some go cheap and even then they still make  money . Marketing is such big business these days that people now make a whole career out of it , and it is taught as a separate subject on it’s own. Marketing  is so advanced now they can just about sell ice to  Eskimos , they can take this 1 product and make it sound so different for each category they are selling it in, make it sound expensive  for the up market , make it sound pretty good for next level , then make it seem a real bargain for the next level . Doing this makes it all work so well and we do not even stop to consider that for all of these approaches we are still talking about the same product  it is just how it is presented that makes the difference .

Wonder what  the difference would be if they were advertised  the right way  ? Without all the hype , without all the fancy displays , just telling the truth , lol yeah right , never let the truth get in the way of a good sale …So 1 product ,3 or more different ways of presenting it and 3 or more different prices for the same product , they love it as it makes them a lot of money and it will not stop anytime soon . Having said that the sales would end , the displays would be boring  and the staff would not have to help sell the most expensive and they would get bored  , so that is why it will never change can’t have   staff getting bored or boring displays  or all the same price now can we ? Even though as we know they are all the same thing just sold differently to make more money . It works so well because we are just too busy or too lazy or too rich ( lol yeah sure )  to be bothered  looking at it in the right way. Sales are all made to look so exciting and so good we all fall for them and love them , but how many of us will wait for a sale to get what we want? That is when the thing is at the price it should be not what they were selling it for.

Imagine if you will an electrical store  they have a ton of  TV’s a lot with very little differences but they are sold as though this 1 is a ton better than that 1 and this 1 can do a heap more than that 1 , but in actual fact  they are pretty much the same thing . Then look at any electrical thing  so many things so many ways to sell and a lot of it really just not correct at all . They all come from the same company more often than not , maybe just put in different boxes so they look different  but basically just the same thing . So many times I myself have bought a cheaper thing  maybe on sale maybe not but have never had any problem  with it despite the staff trying to get me to get the more expensive 1 . Never ceases to amaze me how many different prices there can be for 1 single thing , so imagine how they get away with  just changing 1 little thing in a box or a pamphlet  or something and we are fooled into thinking it is different but it is not.

Advertising is another thing that now has it’s own  thing going , it too is now a job and indeed  a future all on it’s own , selling the same thing  ar 3 or more different levels  and making it work . Anyone in this area makes a very good living and yes good luck to them they have made  a career out of selling us  what we want but at the price they want not what we want . Good luck to them they have found a way of making a living in an area most of us have no idea about, as  I said earlier  we are either too busy or too lazy to do do any research  so we just go along with it  and often end up paying more than we should for things we buy.

Anyway as  i said things would be very boring if they were sold in the correct way and all for the same price as they quite often should be , the displays would be boring with just 1 or 2 things on it and  staff would have nothing much to do anymore . About the only thing we would have to choose is what colour we want it in  , lol , that would save a lot of time for sure  but at least we would know that they really are all the same . The day this happens I think I would faint if ever they sold things by telling the truth and not try to talk us into things at a more expensive price than we really need to pay .

An easy way to “have your cake and eat it, too” is to buy two cakes…


I’m undecided what to do today 🙂 I know what I SHOULD be doing, but hey, since when have I ever done what I SHOULD when I can get away with doing what I WANT ?!


Why Did You ?

Why did you  ?  Join Facebook  or as  I call it  Faceache  ? What made you decide this was a good idea  ? Did you decide by yourself or did someone else  help you decide  ? Or were you taken in by all the advertising  that went on at the time all this started ? Me personally I only went on it because a woman I worked with at the time came to our place  and actually stood over me and said ” well come on get on with it ” lol and  as you can imagine once in stuck in . So that is the reason I got on it  what is yours ? Who or what made you do it ? Did you join because you really wanted all the crap that goes with it at times  ? Or just  the mostly connection with others , the games , a way to keep in touch with family , a way to learn ? There are so many reasons you might have joined  that it would be  probably impossible to work them all out right now .

Twitter  now  did you join twitter as well ? A lot of people seem to find their way  from Faceache to twitter in due course  as we both did and we do have a lot of fun with both , we learned to not take very much of it too seriously  , and with twitter  I just mainly have a giggle  though to be fair I also get a lot of news from there way before the media get it and that can be good at times . There are people though who seem to get on both just to look for trouble and see how much they can hurt people , but thankfully they are few and far between. Most people I know who are on both are just very nice people and we have met quite a lot of them in real life . Will never work out why people want to take it all too seriously  sometimes as  I said before , when all it is meant for is a bit of fun and a few games , and connection to family and friends. Sometimes too for housebound people or those with  reasons why they cannot go out very  much  it is a great way to keep up with everyday life  and to learn more from all the pages that are on there .

So to be fair to what is now called social media  they do have a real lot of good things they provide , a way to learn  of things you might never know any other way  as not everyone has access to everything  they need to know and this  social media we now all use  is a good way to keep in touch . When all this first started a lot of people  just said no worries it will be gone in a month or two it won’t last , they said that too about the internet itself  when it was first brought  into being  and almost everyone underestimated  it , said it wont be a thing it will soon be gone . Like mobile phones too when they first came into being they were like bricks  to carry and could only do one thing and that was to make and receive phone calls when you were out . Look at them now and like the internet there is almost nothing you cannot do on either of them the technology has come so far now .

Still not convinced  that all the technology is a good thing  I think  they are going too far with a lot of it now  but it will never stop it will keep going to who knows where . When we join up for all these things now do we ever really know how much of an intrusion  into our lives  they will turn out to be  ? I rather doubt it as now in such a small thing like a phone we are able to take faceache and twitter and even our e mails and our banking with us wherever we go , to me that’s a bit scary  but it can’t be stopped now . So anyway back to why did you join , there are so many reasons it might be fun to know  but like  I said I was ordered into it , but having said that  it has and still is at times been a lot of fun , a little drama  but then that is what life is right  ?

Even though I like being able to keep up with all things  in the news and with family  there are times when  I just walk away and say nope not now I need some time away , I need some me time . I am not one of those  who cannot go a minute without checking all the time looking all the time to see if someone liked  something you did or  asked you a question. Heaven forbid that you miss someone liking something or a game request  or a comment or something . That can all wait with me as when I say I’m out it means just that and I get back when it suits me not faceache or twitter or anything else , I run them not  them me and it will always be like that I do not care if I am out of reach for a while  I will catch up when I want to nothing’s that important , well not to me anyway.

Another thing a lot of people do is go into chat rooms and meet up at a set time each day to chat about the days  goings on or what we are planning to do , sometimes we can pass on links to things and pictures and  help each other out . I love these times we do not stay that long just long enough to make sure our chat friends are all ok  and their families . An hour or so is enough and you can meet lovely people there  I have met  a lot of lovely people  from chat , even married 1 of them  lol. It just seems to me to be relaxing  just to sit and chat , it almost seems like we are all in the room together  not miles away from each other . So whatever the reason you joined  do you still like it or do you feel trapped? Feel like you can never be free again or does it control you  ? If it does then you have a big problem and you need to take charge of it , not let it keep controlling you.

Facebook isn’t a waste of time, it’s important, it um, let’s me, um, yeah OK it’s a waste of time but you do it too!


if love is blind,explain love at first sight😍😍😍😍😍

To Pull Or To Push

To pull or to push this is a question almost everyone gets wrong , this is more than obvious  when you watch people opening doors  cannot count the amount of times  I have sat and giggled watching people do this.  Almost every time if it says pull they push , or if it says  push they pull  it has always fascinated me  that almost everyone  gets it wrong , makes me wonder if it is just that our brains are wired up to just do it wrong and we cant help it  or are we just too busy and too rushed to wait a split second to read what it actually says. Must admit it is a very long time since anyone I have ever seen  actually stopped and read it first  they just give it a shove and wait to see what happens  then do what is correct to get the door open. We are a silly lot  I think in that no matter how many times we  do it  , we still just keep on doing it  , pushing instead of pulling or pulling instead of  pushing , lol doubt we will ever change any time soon.

To pull or push can also be used as a term for other things too in that in everyday life sometimes we have a situation where we need to either push for it , or pull away a bit for a while . Funny thing is that in these situations we take a lot of time to make the right decisions , but when it comes to a door ( especially a door )  we take no seconds to try to go through it  the way you are supposed to , and do not look to see if we need to pull or push. Sometimes if it is a window we may take a second or two  to look and see what to do  and actually do it right , but a door ? lol  no way no how we just automatically flip off the part of the brain that should check to see if it is pull or push . Same can be said of some packages when we get them they can be boxed in such a way  that you can never be sure if you  need to push the cover out or pull it  in to open it but one thing for sure we take our time to read directions because  they are not on a door  .

There are just so many things that require either a push or a pull on a switch or a knob or a button , lol some people too need a push or a pull , but as stated before it dosen’t matter what it is as long as it is not a door we generally get it right .Seems to me that if it is  a  TV or a radio or a washing machine or anything like that we have next to no trouble getting them started or turned off . Taking time to read the directions  just does not seem to be a problem  as long as it isn’t a door with push or pull written on it ( Amazing ) . Cannot think of too many things that do not require a push or a pull to activate them or turn them off and we have no problems doing so , and we do it without even thinking about it , but come to a door and….bingo  we push or pull without even engaging  what passes for a brain so we do not even read it , clever aint we  ?  lol nope …

So what can we do about this affliction  every one of us seems to have  ? What can we do to try and switch on a sensor that says  hey wait !! Read the writing on the door first !!  It will only take a nano second  and then we can go through ? Will we ever learn or will it all be too hard because we have been doing  it for so long that a cure is impossible ? I am guessing it is way too late to get people to stop and think ( lol yeah that will be the day ) before they try to go through a door , we have passed the point of no return . If and when someone works out how to achieve it then they will make a million or three when they teach the rest of us how to do it . Until then I guess we will all keep on doing it  , pushing when we should be pulling etc etc etc  lol no hope for us is there  ?? Maybe we just need to replace all those pesky doors with fully automated doors that realise we will never learn so open up for us . They see us coming and just save us the bother  of trying to sort out pull from push and just open, what nice little doors they are . Should be more of them to save us all the pain of having to decide between the hard  job of working out whether to pull or push  as it is such a hard job and we are just not equipped for it or so it seems , lol we are hopeless really ..


I slept in this morning… Now I have less time to do nothing  


How I can remember that I forgot something but can’t remember what the heck I forgot?

Being old is harder than it looks. You have to slow down.bugger that.

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Surprise Surprise

Surprise surprise  … You know what has me saying this  ? I saw  on  tv today where  a study has found that our children are not as academically  as good as they were 20 years ago  ? My reaction ? No ? Really ?  Whatever gave you that idea  ? Could it be the fact that kids are now given, almost from birth a phone, yes you saw that correct a phone . Nothing disgusts me more than seeing kids who cannot even dress themselves yet  or feed themselves  ,with a phone in their hands , what are they going to learn from that  ? What they will learn from that is how to be a prat , yes a prat , as all they learn from having 1 of these things in their hands so early in life is that they will learn to become a  me, me, me person  all that damn  thing will teach them is selfishness.  All they will teach them is how to make sure they get everything they want and to hell with everyone else  and all too often it is exactly this way.

That thing will teach them that all that matters in life is what they want  , not how to help someone else , not how to be nice , not how to love, and heaven forbid how to be a productive member of what we call society . Having said that though I am reminded just what our so called society has become and it makes me so sad , it is crumbling around us and we do not seem to care or want to do anything to fix it. So someone tell me please how will putting a phone in a babies hand help ? How will it make things better ? Or are we so far gone we just put it in the too hard basket ? Sadly I fear that this is exactly what we have done  and it seems unlikely that at anytime in the near future  anything will be done to make it better as people are now too self absorbed to care much. Society is dumbing down at such a rate it is appalling  we soon will be just like puppets doing what the bosses tell us and just accepting what we are told.

Getting back to babies with phones do not for 1 single minute try to tell me that is is the best way to keep the baby happy and also make it easier for the mother , that is crap and you know it , it is the worst possible thing you can do . How can stuffing a phone in the hand teach the child the realities of life  ? Will it teach your child you love it  ? No it will teach your child you do not have the time for it , that really you do not want it  so you just want to keep it quiet so you can do whatever you want and not have to worry about the baby. Can it hug your child when it gets hurt? Can it make your child feel loved ? Can it help your child learn the everyday things that will keep it alive? No it will not  after all the number of people and not just kids who almost get killed because they are  not watching where they are going is on the rise. As a mother  I am just very happy that these revolting things were not around when my kids were little so did not have to worry about them .

Surprise surprise  did you also know that among the things  that kids cannot do these days is  write ? They simply have too much trouble trying to get a pen and actually writing  on a piece of paper  , and writing it so it is legible . This fact is what  made me so mad  I just had to do this blog this way today , I have never been a fan of mobile phones with so many apps on them that they just take over people’s minds . To my disgust the % of kids now that cannot write a sentence down on a piece of paper in such a way that anyone else can read  it  is so high it just makes me wonder how long before no one can write on paper anymore and it all becomes digital. Seems the art of doing things that do not require the internet , or electricity , or some other means of digitally typing  is dying and as far as  I can see it will not be long before no one can  do it at all without a keyboard in front of them.

While we sit back and just let this happen we as a society are going backwards , allowing all the old skills to die out because we are so besotted with all our ” electronics ”  that we do not even notice  it all slipping away. Will all our electronics save us  ? No they wont how will they help if we lose all electric power  and need a way to communicate  but cannot because none of our devices work anymore  ? Trust me there will be a day when something will cause big power outages and then what? How will we communicate if no one remembers how to read or much less write if the need arises  ? What do we do then ? It will be useless then to try and write  if no one can read it , or if no one can even write a message with a pen or pencil. Time will come when no one will even know what they are or what you do with them if we just let this skill of writing slide away as it is doing now. Sliding away fast as the new figures show , they are not being taught what I consider to be the most basic of things we should be making sure the kids know.

When and if we ever wake up to the fact that writing and other basic skills are being lost too fast will anyone ever try to bring these skills back ? Nope doubt it very much as it is called ” old fashioned ”  and the new generations now cannot stand the thought of that now can they  ? Soon it will all be too late if someone doesn’t do something , so unless we start to care about more than ourselves  sooner rather than later what happens then is all our own fault  for not stopping the rot when we had the chance  .

I’d be sound asleep right now if i wasn’t awake…


I wonder why, I never wondered what I was wondering…

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