Surprise Surprise

Surprise surprise  … You know what has me saying this  ? I saw  on  tv today where  a study has found that our children are not as academically  as good as they were 20 years ago  ? My reaction ? No ? Really ?  Whatever gave you that idea  ? Could it be the fact that kids are now given, almost from birth a phone, yes you saw that correct a phone . Nothing disgusts me more than seeing kids who cannot even dress themselves yet  or feed themselves  ,with a phone in their hands , what are they going to learn from that  ? What they will learn from that is how to be a prat , yes a prat , as all they learn from having 1 of these things in their hands so early in life is that they will learn to become a  me, me, me person  all that damn  thing will teach them is selfishness.  All they will teach them is how to make sure they get everything they want and to hell with everyone else  and all too often it is exactly this way.

That thing will teach them that all that matters in life is what they want  , not how to help someone else , not how to be nice , not how to love, and heaven forbid how to be a productive member of what we call society . Having said that though I am reminded just what our so called society has become and it makes me so sad , it is crumbling around us and we do not seem to care or want to do anything to fix it. So someone tell me please how will putting a phone in a babies hand help ? How will it make things better ? Or are we so far gone we just put it in the too hard basket ? Sadly I fear that this is exactly what we have done  and it seems unlikely that at anytime in the near future  anything will be done to make it better as people are now too self absorbed to care much. Society is dumbing down at such a rate it is appalling  we soon will be just like puppets doing what the bosses tell us and just accepting what we are told.

Getting back to babies with phones do not for 1 single minute try to tell me that is is the best way to keep the baby happy and also make it easier for the mother , that is crap and you know it , it is the worst possible thing you can do . How can stuffing a phone in the hand teach the child the realities of life  ? Will it teach your child you love it  ? No it will teach your child you do not have the time for it , that really you do not want it  so you just want to keep it quiet so you can do whatever you want and not have to worry about the baby. Can it hug your child when it gets hurt? Can it make your child feel loved ? Can it help your child learn the everyday things that will keep it alive? No it will not  after all the number of people and not just kids who almost get killed because they are  not watching where they are going is on the rise. As a mother  I am just very happy that these revolting things were not around when my kids were little so did not have to worry about them .

Surprise surprise  did you also know that among the things  that kids cannot do these days is  write ? They simply have too much trouble trying to get a pen and actually writing  on a piece of paper  , and writing it so it is legible . This fact is what  made me so mad  I just had to do this blog this way today , I have never been a fan of mobile phones with so many apps on them that they just take over people’s minds . To my disgust the % of kids now that cannot write a sentence down on a piece of paper in such a way that anyone else can read  it  is so high it just makes me wonder how long before no one can write on paper anymore and it all becomes digital. Seems the art of doing things that do not require the internet , or electricity , or some other means of digitally typing  is dying and as far as  I can see it will not be long before no one can  do it at all without a keyboard in front of them.

While we sit back and just let this happen we as a society are going backwards , allowing all the old skills to die out because we are so besotted with all our ” electronics ”  that we do not even notice  it all slipping away. Will all our electronics save us  ? No they wont how will they help if we lose all electric power  and need a way to communicate  but cannot because none of our devices work anymore  ? Trust me there will be a day when something will cause big power outages and then what? How will we communicate if no one remembers how to read or much less write if the need arises  ? What do we do then ? It will be useless then to try and write  if no one can read it , or if no one can even write a message with a pen or pencil. Time will come when no one will even know what they are or what you do with them if we just let this skill of writing slide away as it is doing now. Sliding away fast as the new figures show , they are not being taught what I consider to be the most basic of things we should be making sure the kids know.

When and if we ever wake up to the fact that writing and other basic skills are being lost too fast will anyone ever try to bring these skills back ? Nope doubt it very much as it is called ” old fashioned ”  and the new generations now cannot stand the thought of that now can they  ? Soon it will all be too late if someone doesn’t do something , so unless we start to care about more than ourselves  sooner rather than later what happens then is all our own fault  for not stopping the rot when we had the chance  .

I’d be sound asleep right now if i wasn’t awake…


I wonder why, I never wondered what I was wondering…

One thought on “Surprise Surprise

  1. Years ago I used to joke to my mom that one day kids are literally born with a keyboard in their hands. They go to school they use the computer or a calculator to work out the maths, We went to school we took our ruler, pencil and paper and did our Maths.

    The difference is…. when there is a black out we still know how to do our math the younger generation are freaking out because there is no WiFi or power to run their various gadgets.

    Fantastic blog Girlie absolutely loved it.

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