To Pull Or To Push

To pull or to push this is a question almost everyone gets wrong , this is more than obvious  when you watch people opening doors  cannot count the amount of times  I have sat and giggled watching people do this.  Almost every time if it says pull they push , or if it says  push they pull  it has always fascinated me  that almost everyone  gets it wrong , makes me wonder if it is just that our brains are wired up to just do it wrong and we cant help it  or are we just too busy and too rushed to wait a split second to read what it actually says. Must admit it is a very long time since anyone I have ever seen  actually stopped and read it first  they just give it a shove and wait to see what happens  then do what is correct to get the door open. We are a silly lot  I think in that no matter how many times we  do it  , we still just keep on doing it  , pushing instead of pulling or pulling instead of  pushing , lol doubt we will ever change any time soon.

To pull or push can also be used as a term for other things too in that in everyday life sometimes we have a situation where we need to either push for it , or pull away a bit for a while . Funny thing is that in these situations we take a lot of time to make the right decisions , but when it comes to a door ( especially a door )  we take no seconds to try to go through it  the way you are supposed to , and do not look to see if we need to pull or push. Sometimes if it is a window we may take a second or two  to look and see what to do  and actually do it right , but a door ? lol  no way no how we just automatically flip off the part of the brain that should check to see if it is pull or push . Same can be said of some packages when we get them they can be boxed in such a way  that you can never be sure if you  need to push the cover out or pull it  in to open it but one thing for sure we take our time to read directions because  they are not on a door  .

There are just so many things that require either a push or a pull on a switch or a knob or a button , lol some people too need a push or a pull , but as stated before it dosen’t matter what it is as long as it is not a door we generally get it right .Seems to me that if it is  a  TV or a radio or a washing machine or anything like that we have next to no trouble getting them started or turned off . Taking time to read the directions  just does not seem to be a problem  as long as it isn’t a door with push or pull written on it ( Amazing ) . Cannot think of too many things that do not require a push or a pull to activate them or turn them off and we have no problems doing so , and we do it without even thinking about it , but come to a door and….bingo  we push or pull without even engaging  what passes for a brain so we do not even read it , clever aint we  ?  lol nope …

So what can we do about this affliction  every one of us seems to have  ? What can we do to try and switch on a sensor that says  hey wait !! Read the writing on the door first !!  It will only take a nano second  and then we can go through ? Will we ever learn or will it all be too hard because we have been doing  it for so long that a cure is impossible ? I am guessing it is way too late to get people to stop and think ( lol yeah that will be the day ) before they try to go through a door , we have passed the point of no return . If and when someone works out how to achieve it then they will make a million or three when they teach the rest of us how to do it . Until then I guess we will all keep on doing it  , pushing when we should be pulling etc etc etc  lol no hope for us is there  ?? Maybe we just need to replace all those pesky doors with fully automated doors that realise we will never learn so open up for us . They see us coming and just save us the bother  of trying to sort out pull from push and just open, what nice little doors they are . Should be more of them to save us all the pain of having to decide between the hard  job of working out whether to pull or push  as it is such a hard job and we are just not equipped for it or so it seems , lol we are hopeless really ..


I slept in this morning… Now I have less time to do nothing  


How I can remember that I forgot something but can’t remember what the heck I forgot?

Being old is harder than it looks. You have to slow down.bugger that.

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