Why Did You ?

Why did you  ?  Join Facebook  or as  I call it  Faceache  ? What made you decide this was a good idea  ? Did you decide by yourself or did someone else  help you decide  ? Or were you taken in by all the advertising  that went on at the time all this started ? Me personally I only went on it because a woman I worked with at the time came to our place  and actually stood over me and said ” well come on get on with it ” lol and  as you can imagine once in stuck in . So that is the reason I got on it  what is yours ? Who or what made you do it ? Did you join because you really wanted all the crap that goes with it at times  ? Or just  the mostly connection with others , the games , a way to keep in touch with family , a way to learn ? There are so many reasons you might have joined  that it would be  probably impossible to work them all out right now .

Twitter  now  did you join twitter as well ? A lot of people seem to find their way  from Faceache to twitter in due course  as we both did and we do have a lot of fun with both , we learned to not take very much of it too seriously  , and with twitter  I just mainly have a giggle  though to be fair I also get a lot of news from there way before the media get it and that can be good at times . There are people though who seem to get on both just to look for trouble and see how much they can hurt people , but thankfully they are few and far between. Most people I know who are on both are just very nice people and we have met quite a lot of them in real life . Will never work out why people want to take it all too seriously  sometimes as  I said before , when all it is meant for is a bit of fun and a few games , and connection to family and friends. Sometimes too for housebound people or those with  reasons why they cannot go out very  much  it is a great way to keep up with everyday life  and to learn more from all the pages that are on there .

So to be fair to what is now called social media  they do have a real lot of good things they provide , a way to learn  of things you might never know any other way  as not everyone has access to everything  they need to know and this  social media we now all use  is a good way to keep in touch . When all this first started a lot of people  just said no worries it will be gone in a month or two it won’t last , they said that too about the internet itself  when it was first brought  into being  and almost everyone underestimated  it , said it wont be a thing it will soon be gone . Like mobile phones too when they first came into being they were like bricks  to carry and could only do one thing and that was to make and receive phone calls when you were out . Look at them now and like the internet there is almost nothing you cannot do on either of them the technology has come so far now .

Still not convinced  that all the technology is a good thing  I think  they are going too far with a lot of it now  but it will never stop it will keep going to who knows where . When we join up for all these things now do we ever really know how much of an intrusion  into our lives  they will turn out to be  ? I rather doubt it as now in such a small thing like a phone we are able to take faceache and twitter and even our e mails and our banking with us wherever we go , to me that’s a bit scary  but it can’t be stopped now . So anyway back to why did you join , there are so many reasons it might be fun to know  but like  I said I was ordered into it , but having said that  it has and still is at times been a lot of fun , a little drama  but then that is what life is right  ?

Even though I like being able to keep up with all things  in the news and with family  there are times when  I just walk away and say nope not now I need some time away , I need some me time . I am not one of those  who cannot go a minute without checking all the time looking all the time to see if someone liked  something you did or  asked you a question. Heaven forbid that you miss someone liking something or a game request  or a comment or something . That can all wait with me as when I say I’m out it means just that and I get back when it suits me not faceache or twitter or anything else , I run them not  them me and it will always be like that I do not care if I am out of reach for a while  I will catch up when I want to nothing’s that important , well not to me anyway.

Another thing a lot of people do is go into chat rooms and meet up at a set time each day to chat about the days  goings on or what we are planning to do , sometimes we can pass on links to things and pictures and  help each other out . I love these times we do not stay that long just long enough to make sure our chat friends are all ok  and their families . An hour or so is enough and you can meet lovely people there  I have met  a lot of lovely people  from chat , even married 1 of them  lol. It just seems to me to be relaxing  just to sit and chat , it almost seems like we are all in the room together  not miles away from each other . So whatever the reason you joined  do you still like it or do you feel trapped? Feel like you can never be free again or does it control you  ? If it does then you have a big problem and you need to take charge of it , not let it keep controlling you.

Facebook isn’t a waste of time, it’s important, it um, let’s me, um, yeah OK it’s a waste of time but you do it too!


if love is blind,explain love at first sight😍😍😍😍😍

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