Spoiled For Choice

Spoiled for choice … Have you noticed just how spoiled for choice the world has now become ? You try going to buy something , have you ever seen just 1 brand of that product  ? Have you ever seen a display that says  there is only 1 kind of item ? No you haven’t  because every single thing  we buy has so many types, colours, brands, levels of expense  that it just blows the mind , there will be so many different prices for the 1 product that it makes your head spin , you try to work out now, do I get the most expensive  ? Do I get the middle of the road price  ? Do I go for the cheapest? The thing that annoys me most is that this 1 item is exactly the same no matter what you pay for it  so deciding  to go cheap or go expensive really makes no difference  but the companies selling these things don’t want you to know this as they depend on our  getting sick of trying to work out which  1 to get just makes them more money.

What are the odds of getting a bad 1 out of all these things  ? Not very big as it is the same thing every time  just marketed differently  so you will be fooled into getting the more expensive 1 of them so making more money for the big boys . The odds of  everyone just going to get the cheaper 1 of them is not very big  so it is well worth them letting some go cheap and even then they still make  money . Marketing is such big business these days that people now make a whole career out of it , and it is taught as a separate subject on it’s own. Marketing  is so advanced now they can just about sell ice to  Eskimos , they can take this 1 product and make it sound so different for each category they are selling it in, make it sound expensive  for the up market , make it sound pretty good for next level , then make it seem a real bargain for the next level . Doing this makes it all work so well and we do not even stop to consider that for all of these approaches we are still talking about the same product  it is just how it is presented that makes the difference .

Wonder what  the difference would be if they were advertised  the right way  ? Without all the hype , without all the fancy displays , just telling the truth , lol yeah right , never let the truth get in the way of a good sale …So 1 product ,3 or more different ways of presenting it and 3 or more different prices for the same product , they love it as it makes them a lot of money and it will not stop anytime soon . Having said that the sales would end , the displays would be boring  and the staff would not have to help sell the most expensive and they would get bored  , so that is why it will never change can’t have   staff getting bored or boring displays  or all the same price now can we ? Even though as we know they are all the same thing just sold differently to make more money . It works so well because we are just too busy or too lazy or too rich ( lol yeah sure )  to be bothered  looking at it in the right way. Sales are all made to look so exciting and so good we all fall for them and love them , but how many of us will wait for a sale to get what we want? That is when the thing is at the price it should be not what they were selling it for.

Imagine if you will an electrical store  they have a ton of  TV’s a lot with very little differences but they are sold as though this 1 is a ton better than that 1 and this 1 can do a heap more than that 1 , but in actual fact  they are pretty much the same thing . Then look at any electrical thing  so many things so many ways to sell and a lot of it really just not correct at all . They all come from the same company more often than not , maybe just put in different boxes so they look different  but basically just the same thing . So many times I myself have bought a cheaper thing  maybe on sale maybe not but have never had any problem  with it despite the staff trying to get me to get the more expensive 1 . Never ceases to amaze me how many different prices there can be for 1 single thing , so imagine how they get away with  just changing 1 little thing in a box or a pamphlet  or something and we are fooled into thinking it is different but it is not.

Advertising is another thing that now has it’s own  thing going , it too is now a job and indeed  a future all on it’s own , selling the same thing  ar 3 or more different levels  and making it work . Anyone in this area makes a very good living and yes good luck to them they have made  a career out of selling us  what we want but at the price they want not what we want . Good luck to them they have found a way of making a living in an area most of us have no idea about, as  I said earlier  we are either too busy or too lazy to do do any research  so we just go along with it  and often end up paying more than we should for things we buy.

Anyway as  i said things would be very boring if they were sold in the correct way and all for the same price as they quite often should be , the displays would be boring with just 1 or 2 things on it and  staff would have nothing much to do anymore . About the only thing we would have to choose is what colour we want it in  , lol , that would save a lot of time for sure  but at least we would know that they really are all the same . The day this happens I think I would faint if ever they sold things by telling the truth and not try to talk us into things at a more expensive price than we really need to pay .

An easy way to “have your cake and eat it, too” is to buy two cakes…


I’m undecided what to do today 🙂 I know what I SHOULD be doing, but hey, since when have I ever done what I SHOULD when I can get away with doing what I WANT ?!


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