People ..

People … Love  them or hate them we have to deal with them everyday , unless of course you never go out and just live like a hermit miles away from civilisation . People  though you can only avoid them for so long usually , you have to talk to them 1 way or another  every single day even if you don’t want to …sheesh .. Most people on the whole are pretty reasonable  and you have no problems with them  and they cause you no grief , or very little anyway , these are the ones we mostly  deal with. There are of course a lot of people who fit  into their own categories , we will get to them in a minute , but basically the majority of people you come into contact with  are your decent , hard working people who just want to get on with life  and what they have to do . Some we have to deal with online or some on the phone  but we still have to deal with them as we just cannot  totally ignore them no matter how much we might want to.

Other people now , let’s start with the ones we see often and even though we don’t see them every day when we do it can be quite fun . Take 2 blokes we know  called Mark and  Paul , oh and let’s not forget Dimitri , so take these blokes …please  ? lol pretty please ?? Ha! Well anyway these blokes are regulars at our local pub and all 3  of them are unique in their own way ,now Mark for a start , lol, he is a funny man who seems to start yawning as soon as he get’s there and has the cheek to blame that on me , it is all my fault , how I have no idea lol. Then there is  Paul also a very funny bloke who also blames me for as much as possible  but as usual he is wrong , just as  Mark is , it is not my fault , so there , lol. Then there is  Dimitri  now he is also a funny bloke but has this habit of sneaking up behind me and putting his arms around me , lol all ok once  i get over the fright  ,lol, hubby is now on Dimitri watch  every time we go there . It just would not be the same  or have the same atmosphere without funny blokes like these , but shhhhh  I never said that  lol.

Some people though as well we know are only out for 1 thing and that is themselves , all they are dedicated to is making  themselves important and have no care what ever  for anyone they hurt along the way . These types are purely driven by money and power and other people  had best just get out of the way or they risk getting trampled on. They have an agenda and let nothing at all get in the way of that agenda especially not other people  they are just pawns in their end game . Guessing here that many others of you have met up with these types , I know  I have and they can be very hurtful as they just do what suits them and nothing more  ,and they are not 1 bit thankful  for anything you might do for them. Quite often they shrug off what you did for them and bitch about  what you didn’t do  and that’s when it can hurt very badly , when you have gone out of your way to help them , been there done that . Owing  to this type  I still have trust issues  it is hard to trust again after something like that , it brings you right down.

Then of course there are the so called leaders of all the countries , all they want to do mostly is line their own pockets first , then maybe they will try to help the country  they are supposed to be ruling . Right now there are daily clashes between  some of them and I very much fear it will all lead to another war , as they seem determined to be the ones that rule the world. World domination has now become the thing each and every country is seeming to want to do , they want it like that so they can have or do whatever they want and the people they are supposed to be protecting  are just second fiddles . Sadly there are more and more countries leaning toward this way of wanting things, it used to be if they were left alone they would all get along nicely. Now it seems more and more are eyeing other countries about them and wanting to take them over , it is just so sad and so wrong as in the end it is all fuelled by the lust for money and power.

Getting back to our blokes in the pub  they are a funny lot and  fun to be with for the short time we get to sit and wind each other up and have a drink. All of them work hard have lots to do all the time and  love to go to the pub to have a drink and unwind  and yes they all need to as work at times can be very stressful. These blokes  too will always try to help if  you need it , as will most genuine people  and that too makes it good to have a few drinks and a catch up with them . Raffle tickets though  now that is something else  lol every Friday or  Saturday  if we make it there at the right time we literally get mugged by both  Mark and  Paul , lol, ya gotta get tickets , lol, yeah right got no hope of winning , but ya gotta have them as the meat trays are well worth trying for . So yes we get our tickets and watch these 2 go round the pub  getting other people to get tickets too and it is quite funny watching them do it , they have a style all their own.

Love em or hate em these sorts of funny blokes make the world a happier place for  the short times you get to have with them  , it is good to catch up with them always  and always a lot of fun. Pubs may not be for everyone but we have found them to be mostly relaxing and a good place for a giggle , anytime that changes , as it did recently with 1 such pub we just leave it , we just want a nice place with nice people to relax with for a while . Nice staff with good senses of humor also helps make the place a more relaxing place to be . …

Sometimes, numbers are the only thing you can truly count on….

Instead of “lol”, try “lsimhbiwfefmtalol”. Laughing� silently in my head because it wasn’t funny enough for me to actually laugh out loud…..

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