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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

To tweet or not to tweet  …These days this is more the question than any other , if you look at twitter anytime  of the day or night the tweets  will amaze you , they are so varied , cover so many subjects that truly  nothing is left out . The news people  even use it for finding out things they do not know about  as more often than not twitter knows  , people from all walks of life will tweet things  they see or experience  and often they are right in the middle of something going  on. Almost no one these days will not tweet if they see something or someone  that they think  we all should know about  which is why the news  is often behind the eight ball they are not on the scene so to speak  as quickly as the twits. There are more twits now than there ever was so way more information  gets passed around  so much quicker than it ever did , we know things now faster than ever  if we want to or not  so many twits it almost impossible to avoid finding out .

So how has this come to pass? how has Twitter become so big , so important to so many in such a very short time  ?  Let’s  face it , it has not been about that long , but it seems now that everyone and his dog has to use it , they either are on it or they have access to it. I know  I have blogged about Twitter before but thought  I would  go again from a different angle  as so much has changed and Twitter has gotten even bigger , and they are now looking to give us more than 140 characters  , and that will make it more interesting   lol  trust me on this , there has been times when trying to tweet someone that the character limit  get’s right in the way . So increasing  the amount of characters we can use should make things  quite interesting indeed. ( Should be very funny too )

So why has it all become so big  ? Why has Twitter become so popular ? Why  is it that so many people  have now got Twitter accounts  ? What  is so good that so many want to be on it  ? Myself I use it for the contact with friends  also for the fun and giggles  and there are a lot of those  believe me . I also use it to keep up with the news of what is going on around the world  as it is almost always way ahead  of  the main stream news , and it is good to know what is what . Also get most of my sports news  there first  as all of the sports  we follow all have twit accounts , and lol even some of the cars tweet  and a pit lane whiteboard  we know also tweets so what is not to like ? There are so many sports we love it is good to be able to see what’s going on with them so quickly , and Twitter is the best place to find out about things quickly. Also it is a very easy way to keep in touch with family as a quick tweet gets info to them very quickly  rather than having to wait , and you an tweet on the run knowing that the 1 you are tweeting will get the message .

So  is it a good thing or a bad thing  ? That is a very good question and no  I have not worked that out yet either , sometimes I think it is great other times  I don’t , depends on the day , the time, the circumstances , every 24 hours is so very different on it  you just have to go by what you see at any given time . Whether this is good or bad is  something  we have to work out by ourselves , make our own  decisions  what is good and what is not . I find that for me it is just mainly a giggle  and a great place to stir people  from a distance , have some fun , I find the best way is never to take any of it too seriously  that way  you can’t  get hurt  especially if we don’t let it get to us . That way we do not get our knickers in a twist over nothing , and keep ourselves intact   as much as possible.

To Tweet or  not to Tweet ? No idea but  I will continue  to monitor the situation and get back to you on it lol . This is a thing that really you do need to just keep watching  until you know what you want from it , and it is really up to the individual  to work out  what they do or do not want in a social  media outlet. There are other ways yes but not many as direct to people where you can get an answer right away , there is still IRC  and that is also good and a lot of fun  but not too many people use it anymore  , the glory days when almost anyone was on have long gone  sadly  as it too was a lot of fun , there are still a few of us that use it but  not many now.

To Tweet or not to Tweet ……Is all up to you …

I woke up this morning feeling down,so I stood up…

I think I’ve finally found someone I could spend the rest of my life with, I should probably get out of his closet and introduce myself……



WE Are ..

We are …. We are what  you ask ? lol we are still stupid for each other , we still drive each other mad , we still  want to kill each  other , or rather give them away on a regular basis  , but that is just part of who we are as a couple . We have been together now for as close to 15 years as makes no never mind ,  so  by  now we really do know how to push each other’s buttons  either for good or bad  , lol and  I guess as we haven’t killed each other yet there must still be something working right. So far so good  lol 15 years down maybe another 15 to go  ?? Yikes !! lol , errrrr  oh well we will see only time will tell  won’t it ?

After all this time I guess we must just like being together  if we didn’t we wouldn’t still be pestering each other  we would have parted ways by now , so it seems there is something good still going on here. We still love the same things  and love going to the same places , meeting up with friends and just spending time together , I know  I still miss him  while he is at work as we are apart for long hours at a time , what with work hours and travel hours makes it a long time from the time he leaves here till the time he gets back . Yes I know this has to be as without his job we would be in trouble , but when you love someone that much it is hard to be apart that long every day.

Everyone knows the saying  about how 2 people who are so close will finish each other’s sentences  , well yes lol for us it is too true  and at times we just look at each other and laugh  as we maybe see something on TV  and both thought the same thing at the same time . Sometimes we do not even have to ask but we know what the other 1 wants/needs and do it  without a word being said . We are both sports mad and are always watching some sport or other and if the chance arises we will go to games , doesn’t happen enough but it does happen that we get to go to games. With  his long work hours it is very hard to plan anything , also the  different shift patterns  makes it hard  as there are 4 different  shifts , lol, never mind 9 to 5  ..

Another thing we both love is good movies or good TV series  and some we have watched for so long now that we are always quoting lines at each other  from a movie or a TV show. Sometimes  when we are out someone will  say something , it sparks a giggle and we look at each other and a quote will come out , leaving the person who said it perplexed  then we have to explain , lol then they laugh too  and see why we did . As we do not get a lot of time to go out when we can we do , it is good to interact  with others  rather than just staying to ourselves. We have met some lovely people and yes a few we wish we had never met , but basically  the ones we have met  have been really nice .

After  all this time we still love being able , when we go to bed to snuggle into each others arms and fall asleep that way , been doing it so long now it is really hard on that 1 week a month when he has to do nights and  I have to sleep alone at night and him in the day . Nothing worse  than  to have to try and sleep alone when you are not used to it , also amazing how quick  you do get used to having someone you love cuddling you as you fall asleep, so then having to sleep alone is harder  to take. We also love the same foods , the same way of cooking things , we often change who does the cooking , depending on what we are having as to who cooks , I still do all the dishes tho  lol thanks dear 😛 ….

Wonderful thing too is the way we help each other with all the chores that need doing , whatever they are  you know cleaning , etc, and looking after the plants , I have no problem at all about asking him to help as he just does as soon as  I ask , I try not to ask too often as he works  very hard and does not need to be doing my chores as well it is just not fair on him. About the only thing I might have to kick his bum about is putting his clean washing away , lol, I say if  I washed and dried it and folded it up least you can do is put it away ..fair enough …lol..

The problem with men is …you can’t live with them and they are too big to flush down  the toilet ….


What do you call a guy that is really good at putting bait on the end of a fish hook? Answer: a master baiter  

Say What ?

Say what  ? …..Have you ever stopped to think just how much has changed in say the last 20 years  ? I could go back further  but no need to really as things have changed so very much just in 20 years that I sometimes wonder where  I am at all . We have changed the way we talk, what we believe , how we dress, how we expect others to behave , how  we expect others to behave toward us, our work ethic , our living standards , the way we treat others , the way we shop , the words we use , etc, etc, etc. I could name so many more things  that have changed in said 20 years that i would most likely still be writing them down  an hour from now , but I am sure you see what I mean .

Question is how do we manage ? How do we manage all these changes without going right off our rocker  ? The changes have been so fast and so many in just this last 20 years that it truly blows the mind. Things we do and say now for instance have  got us to the point that if we do not stop and actually think about the words we use we can land in a world of pain and or trouble , and we never even  meant to that is the frightening thing. I remember back to a time in the  UK when hubby and I were walking back to our car from a shopping centre , when I happened to say to him ” Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls ” when this young copper ( who I hadn’t even noticed  ) came over to me and said ” are you swearing? being vulgar ? ”  well I just looked at him , then his superior  officer with him , then hubby , and trying ever so hard not to crack up like both the others were  I just said  in a controlled voice  :” No that is the name of  an encyclopedia ” ….Then I cracked up too and we all went on with what we were doing.

Telling you this so you can see how such an innocent statement  to my hubby almost got me in trouble !! I mean really …Lol   we still laugh about it today but it goes to show how easy it is now to get in trouble for just talking to someone. Thinking back on just how many words we used to use that were totally innocent and had altogether different meanings now , the mind boggles  at how many now you dare not use in public. Just 1 word , to give you and example is the word ” gay ” it used to mean happy , loving life , enjoyment , now it has been twisted into something terrible and really you dare not use it in public or you risk being  called names  or getting into trouble .

Shopping too is something that has changed so very much , we used to just write a list get in the car go get the shopping , when we got there it was all nice and easy and easy to find what you wanted. Now supermarkets make it so hard they have so many products  it takes  an hour sometimes  just to find what you want , as now there are up to a dozen different brands of the same thing and all have something just a bit different in them , making a decision on what you want even harder. There is also the problem now of the huge tax rort called halal certification, it is not religious , it is purely  a tax rort to raise money for isis , after all they need money too. So add that to the list to look for the symbols so you do not get anything that has that on it. Even shopping online  is harder than it used to be because of this rort  . Mind you going back that 20 years we didn’t even have online shopping for food , or anything else for that matter.

We have also changed and not for the good , the way we react to other people , in the way we talk to them or the way we take longer to trust them in anyway , trusting people now is so much harder than it ever used to be , now it takes me for 1 a long time to trust anyone after all that I have experienced over the years . Reacting with people we do not know now is so much more difficult  as you have to know them longer  to be able to relax properly in  their presence , used to be meeting others was fun  now you just have to be so very careful with everyone  you meet for the  first time. Children now are not being taught how to be honest , how to be polite , how to show respect , none of this is being taught to the children because we ” might upset them ”  really , how  wrong is that ? Even having to be careful what we teach our own children because it might not be ” politically correct ”  how wrong is that ? As a mother  I am so glad this evil  concept  was not in existence  when my children were little , as  I for 1 would have been in the deep s**t  as  I tried to teach them respect  above all else  , and that now it seems is off the  board for teaching .

Thinking these days is a skill not too many have anymore  , people  just  do not want to , because if they do they might have to stand up for something that is right , and it is all too hard for most , they would rather just ” go with the flow ” it is so much easier that way , so that is what they do , and it is just so sad  that it has all come to this . Reading all the  dreadful, evil things  that are now allowed in our schools , that are actually allowed to be taught just makes me cry. When it comes to these now so called  ” Safe schools ”  and what they teach , it is horrendous  to think that they are filling our childrens heads  with this evil and doing it because it is too hard for people to think for themselves so they sit back and let it happen. Funny thing is how so many people are now starting to complain about these things , why did they let it happen in the first place? Had they had the guts to protest instead on going with the flow they would not now be in existence.

Say What ? All of these things and it is only the tip of the iceberg  have happened because we were all too busy, too lazy, too ready to go with the flow  that it has  happened all round and now it is way too late , I have no idea how much worse it will get but it will I am sure of it , if it can be stopped or even slowed down is something else I have no idea about we will just have to wait and see.

I had cheese, but no crackers … I was cracka-lackin….


There Is An App For That

There is an app for that  …How many times and in how many ways do we see this statement today  ? Seems like there is almost nothing anymore  that there is not an app for  . Almost everyday someone makes a new app for something we didn’t even realise   we   needed much less that we wanted 1 for , it never ceases to amaze me just how many  apps there are just right now , never mind the fact that there are people out there still making  more of them !! Makes you wonder why people see life as just something you need to keep making apps for  , why they think that us poor normal people  lol yes there are a few about the place  , need so many apps and  for so many things  ? Until now , meaning the last decade we seemed to get along quite nicely thank you without having  to have an app for so many things  . When we wanted to go out we just looked in the paper or went to the station for bus or train if we didn’t have a car , we didn’t need an app to tell us  when there was a bus or train  going to be there for us.

Amazing how we still got by quite nicely though isn’t it  ? We managed to go out  , do our shopping , go to the doctor,  go to shows , do whatever  without the need to sit down and check an app to find out how, when , where and why about what we wanted to do . Cannot ever remember having trouble  going out to any of these places  or doing any of these things without first checking my app to see if all was well , funny that isn’t it ? Knowing that some people will say yeah yeah because you are an old fart  you would say that , but yes ok I am , but having said that I really truly did get on and still do without a dozen or more apps  to tell me what to do . Guessing I may have about  half a dozen ( if that ) apps on my phone that I actually use , there are more but I never use them as  I do actually know how to think and get around without having to have an app tell me what to do , I still do know how to think and so wish many more people knew how to as well. Yes  I am the first to admit there are some apps that have been very useful  but  I still think we have too many for too many things , sorry but it is true , less is more remember  ?

Telling me that every new app that comes out is a  ” must have  ”  is the surest way  I know  to put me right off ever wanting it , there are very , very few things in my life that come into the category of  ” must have ”  and  I can assure  you  yet another phone app is not 1  of them. Almost sure by now that  I can do what  I need to do and have to do day by day  without having to check an app every time something needs doing , I do still have the ability  to function without an app , trust me on this lol . Well just this morning  I made coffee without an app to tell me how !! Wow !! amazing huh ? There is 1 thing  I can do without an app , and the other  day I actually did the washing without an app to tell me how , lol , see? Even you can do it if you try , you know we can even turn on the  TV and change channels and  things without an app , so you see there are a number of things we can still do without apps no need for an app at every turning so to speak .

Wondering now though ,who sat down 1 day , looked at their phone , and suddenly decided to make a whole lot of apps to put on it  , and make them so inviting that everyone and his dog will want them ? Well he  succeeded  very well for sure  because now everyone not only wants them ,too many cannot even function without them !! Sorry but to me that is just stupid as it makes the phone the intelligent 1 of the partnership. Know what they say and we have all heard this , smart phones dumb people and boy oh boy is that true now and more so every day sadly , now if we could just reverse that and start making the people smarter that would be the best way to go . The way it is now the phone and all it’s apps run the place as too many will not do anything without an app to tell them how , when ,where and why to do it and that is just wrong , talk about dumbing down the people  sheeesh .

Talking about an app for that  wouldn’t it be better if we had apps that made people realise that life  is not lived through an app  ? That people do not need an app to tell them what to do  , that they do have the capacity to think if they would only  put the damm phone down for a change and use what they were born with and learn  to think  for themselves  for a change.  Thinking about it though I am very much afraid this will never happen as people are now younger and younger when they first get phones with all these apps on them thrust into their hands and that is just wrong  but there is no way to stop it now it has become so ingrained into the world .  People  now almost as soon as they have a baby  give it a phone loaded with apps and 1 by 1 they teach them how to use them and to rely on them , they are no longer taught to interact  with other children or other people , all they are taught now is how to use  an app on a phone . This is 1 reason why  I am so very thankful that  I no longer  have to worry about  bringing children into this world . A world that is now more mechanical  than it ever was and the more like this it becomes the more the children  become like that too, which is why the children today are so selfish and have no respect , and most of them have no idea what respect even means now , the phones and apps have taken over. Given the chance  now if it was to be given to me I would say no , never would  I willingly bring a new child into this automated , uncaring world  it is just wrong and not fair to the children is it  ?


Being normal? Ugh. I can’t imagine how awful that must be…

I just bumped into a guy wearing a camouflage jacket. I couldn’t see him…