Say What ?

Say what  ? …..Have you ever stopped to think just how much has changed in say the last 20 years  ? I could go back further  but no need to really as things have changed so very much just in 20 years that I sometimes wonder where  I am at all . We have changed the way we talk, what we believe , how we dress, how we expect others to behave , how  we expect others to behave toward us, our work ethic , our living standards , the way we treat others , the way we shop , the words we use , etc, etc, etc. I could name so many more things  that have changed in said 20 years that i would most likely still be writing them down  an hour from now , but I am sure you see what I mean .

Question is how do we manage ? How do we manage all these changes without going right off our rocker  ? The changes have been so fast and so many in just this last 20 years that it truly blows the mind. Things we do and say now for instance have  got us to the point that if we do not stop and actually think about the words we use we can land in a world of pain and or trouble , and we never even  meant to that is the frightening thing. I remember back to a time in the  UK when hubby and I were walking back to our car from a shopping centre , when I happened to say to him ” Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls ” when this young copper ( who I hadn’t even noticed  ) came over to me and said ” are you swearing? being vulgar ? ”  well I just looked at him , then his superior  officer with him , then hubby , and trying ever so hard not to crack up like both the others were  I just said  in a controlled voice  :” No that is the name of  an encyclopedia ” ….Then I cracked up too and we all went on with what we were doing.

Telling you this so you can see how such an innocent statement  to my hubby almost got me in trouble !! I mean really …Lol   we still laugh about it today but it goes to show how easy it is now to get in trouble for just talking to someone. Thinking back on just how many words we used to use that were totally innocent and had altogether different meanings now , the mind boggles  at how many now you dare not use in public. Just 1 word , to give you and example is the word ” gay ” it used to mean happy , loving life , enjoyment , now it has been twisted into something terrible and really you dare not use it in public or you risk being  called names  or getting into trouble .

Shopping too is something that has changed so very much , we used to just write a list get in the car go get the shopping , when we got there it was all nice and easy and easy to find what you wanted. Now supermarkets make it so hard they have so many products  it takes  an hour sometimes  just to find what you want , as now there are up to a dozen different brands of the same thing and all have something just a bit different in them , making a decision on what you want even harder. There is also the problem now of the huge tax rort called halal certification, it is not religious , it is purely  a tax rort to raise money for isis , after all they need money too. So add that to the list to look for the symbols so you do not get anything that has that on it. Even shopping online  is harder than it used to be because of this rort  . Mind you going back that 20 years we didn’t even have online shopping for food , or anything else for that matter.

We have also changed and not for the good , the way we react to other people , in the way we talk to them or the way we take longer to trust them in anyway , trusting people now is so much harder than it ever used to be , now it takes me for 1 a long time to trust anyone after all that I have experienced over the years . Reacting with people we do not know now is so much more difficult  as you have to know them longer  to be able to relax properly in  their presence , used to be meeting others was fun  now you just have to be so very careful with everyone  you meet for the  first time. Children now are not being taught how to be honest , how to be polite , how to show respect , none of this is being taught to the children because we ” might upset them ”  really , how  wrong is that ? Even having to be careful what we teach our own children because it might not be ” politically correct ”  how wrong is that ? As a mother  I am so glad this evil  concept  was not in existence  when my children were little , as  I for 1 would have been in the deep s**t  as  I tried to teach them respect  above all else  , and that now it seems is off the  board for teaching .

Thinking these days is a skill not too many have anymore  , people  just  do not want to , because if they do they might have to stand up for something that is right , and it is all too hard for most , they would rather just ” go with the flow ” it is so much easier that way , so that is what they do , and it is just so sad  that it has all come to this . Reading all the  dreadful, evil things  that are now allowed in our schools , that are actually allowed to be taught just makes me cry. When it comes to these now so called  ” Safe schools ”  and what they teach , it is horrendous  to think that they are filling our childrens heads  with this evil and doing it because it is too hard for people to think for themselves so they sit back and let it happen. Funny thing is how so many people are now starting to complain about these things , why did they let it happen in the first place? Had they had the guts to protest instead on going with the flow they would not now be in existence.

Say What ? All of these things and it is only the tip of the iceberg  have happened because we were all too busy, too lazy, too ready to go with the flow  that it has  happened all round and now it is way too late , I have no idea how much worse it will get but it will I am sure of it , if it can be stopped or even slowed down is something else I have no idea about we will just have to wait and see.

I had cheese, but no crackers … I was cracka-lackin….


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