WE Are ..

We are …. We are what  you ask ? lol we are still stupid for each other , we still drive each other mad , we still  want to kill each  other , or rather give them away on a regular basis  , but that is just part of who we are as a couple . We have been together now for as close to 15 years as makes no never mind ,  so  by  now we really do know how to push each other’s buttons  either for good or bad  , lol and  I guess as we haven’t killed each other yet there must still be something working right. So far so good  lol 15 years down maybe another 15 to go  ?? Yikes !! lol , errrrr  oh well we will see only time will tell  won’t it ?

After all this time I guess we must just like being together  if we didn’t we wouldn’t still be pestering each other  we would have parted ways by now , so it seems there is something good still going on here. We still love the same things  and love going to the same places , meeting up with friends and just spending time together , I know  I still miss him  while he is at work as we are apart for long hours at a time , what with work hours and travel hours makes it a long time from the time he leaves here till the time he gets back . Yes I know this has to be as without his job we would be in trouble , but when you love someone that much it is hard to be apart that long every day.

Everyone knows the saying  about how 2 people who are so close will finish each other’s sentences  , well yes lol for us it is too true  and at times we just look at each other and laugh  as we maybe see something on TV  and both thought the same thing at the same time . Sometimes we do not even have to ask but we know what the other 1 wants/needs and do it  without a word being said . We are both sports mad and are always watching some sport or other and if the chance arises we will go to games , doesn’t happen enough but it does happen that we get to go to games. With  his long work hours it is very hard to plan anything , also the  different shift patterns  makes it hard  as there are 4 different  shifts , lol, never mind 9 to 5  ..

Another thing we both love is good movies or good TV series  and some we have watched for so long now that we are always quoting lines at each other  from a movie or a TV show. Sometimes  when we are out someone will  say something , it sparks a giggle and we look at each other and a quote will come out , leaving the person who said it perplexed  then we have to explain , lol then they laugh too  and see why we did . As we do not get a lot of time to go out when we can we do , it is good to interact  with others  rather than just staying to ourselves. We have met some lovely people and yes a few we wish we had never met , but basically  the ones we have met  have been really nice .

After  all this time we still love being able , when we go to bed to snuggle into each others arms and fall asleep that way , been doing it so long now it is really hard on that 1 week a month when he has to do nights and  I have to sleep alone at night and him in the day . Nothing worse  than  to have to try and sleep alone when you are not used to it , also amazing how quick  you do get used to having someone you love cuddling you as you fall asleep, so then having to sleep alone is harder  to take. We also love the same foods , the same way of cooking things , we often change who does the cooking , depending on what we are having as to who cooks , I still do all the dishes tho  lol thanks dear 😛 ….

Wonderful thing too is the way we help each other with all the chores that need doing , whatever they are  you know cleaning , etc, and looking after the plants , I have no problem at all about asking him to help as he just does as soon as  I ask , I try not to ask too often as he works  very hard and does not need to be doing my chores as well it is just not fair on him. About the only thing I might have to kick his bum about is putting his clean washing away , lol, I say if  I washed and dried it and folded it up least you can do is put it away ..fair enough …lol..

The problem with men is …you can’t live with them and they are too big to flush down  the toilet ….


What do you call a guy that is really good at putting bait on the end of a fish hook? Answer: a master baiter  

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