To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

To tweet or not to tweet  …These days this is more the question than any other , if you look at twitter anytime  of the day or night the tweets  will amaze you , they are so varied , cover so many subjects that truly  nothing is left out . The news people  even use it for finding out things they do not know about  as more often than not twitter knows  , people from all walks of life will tweet things  they see or experience  and often they are right in the middle of something going  on. Almost no one these days will not tweet if they see something or someone  that they think  we all should know about  which is why the news  is often behind the eight ball they are not on the scene so to speak  as quickly as the twits. There are more twits now than there ever was so way more information  gets passed around  so much quicker than it ever did , we know things now faster than ever  if we want to or not  so many twits it almost impossible to avoid finding out .

So how has this come to pass? how has Twitter become so big , so important to so many in such a very short time  ?  Let’s  face it , it has not been about that long , but it seems now that everyone and his dog has to use it , they either are on it or they have access to it. I know  I have blogged about Twitter before but thought  I would  go again from a different angle  as so much has changed and Twitter has gotten even bigger , and they are now looking to give us more than 140 characters  , and that will make it more interesting   lol  trust me on this , there has been times when trying to tweet someone that the character limit  get’s right in the way . So increasing  the amount of characters we can use should make things  quite interesting indeed. ( Should be very funny too )

So why has it all become so big  ? Why has Twitter become so popular ? Why  is it that so many people  have now got Twitter accounts  ? What  is so good that so many want to be on it  ? Myself I use it for the contact with friends  also for the fun and giggles  and there are a lot of those  believe me . I also use it to keep up with the news of what is going on around the world  as it is almost always way ahead  of  the main stream news , and it is good to know what is what . Also get most of my sports news  there first  as all of the sports  we follow all have twit accounts , and lol even some of the cars tweet  and a pit lane whiteboard  we know also tweets so what is not to like ? There are so many sports we love it is good to be able to see what’s going on with them so quickly , and Twitter is the best place to find out about things quickly. Also it is a very easy way to keep in touch with family as a quick tweet gets info to them very quickly  rather than having to wait , and you an tweet on the run knowing that the 1 you are tweeting will get the message .

So  is it a good thing or a bad thing  ? That is a very good question and no  I have not worked that out yet either , sometimes I think it is great other times  I don’t , depends on the day , the time, the circumstances , every 24 hours is so very different on it  you just have to go by what you see at any given time . Whether this is good or bad is  something  we have to work out by ourselves , make our own  decisions  what is good and what is not . I find that for me it is just mainly a giggle  and a great place to stir people  from a distance , have some fun , I find the best way is never to take any of it too seriously  that way  you can’t  get hurt  especially if we don’t let it get to us . That way we do not get our knickers in a twist over nothing , and keep ourselves intact   as much as possible.

To Tweet or  not to Tweet ? No idea but  I will continue  to monitor the situation and get back to you on it lol . This is a thing that really you do need to just keep watching  until you know what you want from it , and it is really up to the individual  to work out  what they do or do not want in a social  media outlet. There are other ways yes but not many as direct to people where you can get an answer right away , there is still IRC  and that is also good and a lot of fun  but not too many people use it anymore  , the glory days when almost anyone was on have long gone  sadly  as it too was a lot of fun , there are still a few of us that use it but  not many now.

To Tweet or not to Tweet ……Is all up to you …

I woke up this morning feeling down,so I stood up…

I think I’ve finally found someone I could spend the rest of my life with, I should probably get out of his closet and introduce myself……


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