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Things We Love To Do

Things we love to do  …. Just what things do you love to do  ? Go to the beach , go shopping, go travelling , or just spend quiet time at home alone , or spend it  with family ?  There are so many things we love to do I  just cannot fit them all in here , and of all the things we do how many of them involve other people and going out , or being  at home just doing what you want ? There are so many things  we like to do  it is hard to pick just 1 , we have times when we just like to stay home and be with each other , and there are times when we love to go out and meet up with other people. Depending on the time of day/night when we are doing things  helps us decide if we want to be with others or we do not , sometimes we wait till the last minute to make this decision.

How about you  ? Do you like to go out and be with others  or stay in and be alone ? Decisions , decisions, decisions , lol makes life interesting doesn’t it ? Getting away from  going out or not what else is there you  love to do  ? Cooking is 1 of my favourite  things to do , usually once a month to fill up the freezer  with meals to last for weeks , takes a whole day when I do it but I love to do it also it saves us a lot of money  which is another reason  I do it . Also love reading can spend hours  and hours doing this as it takes my mind off things that might be causing  a bit of worry , things  I cannot for the time being do anything about .  Something else  I really love doing is travelling it has been a while now since  I was able to but while  I was  I enjoyed it so much I sure do wish I could do more  of it. Only have to remember some of the places  I have been to and it starts the wishing to travel bug again *sigh * oh well maybe 1 day again.

Love going out to a nice place for a meal and just having  fun with friends  or just to a pub for a few drinks , wish it could happen more but what with his crazy work shifts  we hardly get out much at all really , but when we do we have fun as we know it is good to have fun once in a while . Been to some wonderful stage shows too and  they have been so much fun it made it a real pleasure to be there , yes it costs  a bit which is why we do not do it often but when we can we do , as again  I think it is good to get out of the home , work routine  for a while even just an hour or 2 to break the monotony . Sitting back just chilling ( to use a new expression these days  )  not doing anything but drinking coffee  and just thinking about life in general  it can be so very relaxing . Think to myself if more people did this  the world might actually be a bit better off  as people would be a little more friendly and not so uptight about everything.

So how about you  ? What do you love to do  ? Have  I mentioned any of them yet  ? realise there are way more things to enjoy  but of those above  do any of them  ring a bell with you ? We all need to have things  that we really love to do and that makes us relax and  makes us happy  as  I think we all need to just relax , have fun , have a giggle  to help keep us on the right path  to a stable lifestyle. Stable lifestyle  is something  i think we all need if we are to be happy , a lot of drama  or too much of it is surely not good for us and can only lead to trouble  1 way or another . Going fishing is another thing  that is just so relaxing  again I wish I could  go more often , just love the peace and quiet  and it is an added bonus if you actually catch a fish or 3 .

Things we love to do , if we did more of them and less of the stress related things , just imagine how much better we would feel as would the people around  us as we would be way more relaxed . More relaxed is how we need the world to be but sadly  I very much doubt it will happen and we need to enjoy what we can before it all goes down to the depths , which it will there is no doubt . Too many  of the so called leaders now are too intent on running the world and with it our lives too it is only a matter of time before it all breaks down totally. Wishing it would or could be otherwise   does not help at all no matter how hard we wish , untill/unless someone finds a way to stop the rot it will just keep on going .

So let us all just try a little bit harder to concentrate  on doing the things we love to do more often  so we can at least help the part of the world we live in , and help those around us to be a little more relaxed too then we will all benefit . When it all gets a bit much , do what  I do , say a little prayer , thank God , and  go out and go swimming or fishing or cycling or something that needs a lot of concentration  so you forget the things that worry you just for a while . The more you have to concentrate on the  swimming, fishing, cycling, running  anything like that  the less  time  you have to worry and after a while you do really just relax and enjoy , even for just an hour or 2 I find walking is what helps me a lot  when  I can do it , try to at least  2 or 3 times a week  or more if  I can.


I can no longer afford to be driven insane, I’m going to have to walk there…


I hate spelling errors so much. You mix up two letters and your whole post is urined….


Well Have You ?

Well have you  ? ……Have you ever just sat , looked around your home , the way you do things , what you have , what you have done over the years  ? Having done that , just sat and thought about it how did you feel ? Everytime  I do it I feel nothing but thankfulness  for  what  I have , what I have done , where I have been and so many ,many  more things , I know that  without  extraordinary  help that I have had from people and places  I would have done none of these things or been to any of these places , but my number 1 helper has always been God , he has always directed my path  that is why I am still alive to this day . A lot of people do not want to hear that but I am sorry it is the truth , so I will say it , I say it because I believe it and have seen it in my life .

How many things do you have today that you are thankful for ? Life , things, people , places ? There are just so many things we have and or do that we should be so thankful for  but with such a busy life these days who even has the time  to stop and sit down to think anymore  ? Think about when you do something for someone and when it is all done  doesn’t it feel so good if and yes sadly I say if  they at least say thank you ? Not everyone does that anymore unfortunately  but we should not let that stop us from doing the right thing even though it hurts when they do not. I put that down to 2 things  why they don’t  1. too rushed to realise they haven’t , 2. lack of respect  as no one teaches that anymore , I bet if you asked todays kids about respect  they would not have 1 clue as to what it means  as they are too used to having things their own way all their lives.

I sit and imagine what my life would be right now if  I did not have my hubby …lol yes he is a pest ( at times ) and yes he is the world’s best procrastinator or should that be worst ?   but without  him I would not even be here  and would not have the life  I have now. Let’s face it without his stalking we would never have got together   so he would not be here now annoying me all the time , lol , I did ask for it didn’t I when  I said yes  ? No T’s & C’s  to get me out of this , lol, bugga, never mind dear  I loves ya ( at the moment  ) lol Getting back to things to be thankful for is also the fact that we live in a country where you mostly do have a chance to improve  the things around  you whether it be people or places , mostly  we can change  what we do not like.

There are so many people in countries around the world that cannot even begin to improve things as they live in countries that are run by evil men who want to  run everyones lives and will stop at nothing until they get that . Matters not 1 bit to them if  they hurt or even kill people on the way to getting what they want , numbers of dead  do not worry them 1 little bit as they have already  made their minds up and nothing will change the way they think  and they will listen to no one . I have never ever worked out why they have to be like that , the phrase live and let live to them does not even exist  all that matters to them  is what they want, selfishness taken to extreme .

Things also to be thankful for is the fact that , unlike years gone by if we want to eat , we do not have to go out to hunt it ourselves, yikes! Can you imagine if we still had to do that  ? The danger people  would be to themselves would be the greatest risk I think  as they do not even take care of themselves sometimes much less anyone else . Thankfully we are really spoiled for choice all we need to do is go shopping at the shopping centres or just go online , we can go and get what we want when we want it  , no waiting  for animals or birds to come in range . If  I had to shoot my own meals we would not be eating much I would be a terrible shot , ever seen me near a dart board ? No ? Lol no and you never will as  I could not hit the broadside of a barn , lol and  as  I know this you all are safe  from me and darts. ( lucky aint you ?  lol )

Apart from that  which I have now saved you from  , there is the matter of clothing , if we could not even shoot our dinner  how would we get the skins or  wool ? We wouldn’t would  we ? lol be a bit cold  at times or a bit hot , so it is a great thing that once again we have  shopping and the internet so we can safely get what we need and leave the getting of same to those who do know how to do it , phew! lol. …Now what else is there  ? Oh yes  I know shoes !! We do need them if we like wearing them or not  I for 1 hate shoes but realise there are times , like when you go shopping  , lol, that you do need to wear them , unless you are shopping online then clothing, shoes etc is optional. lol…Just be thankful that also is something  that  I just saved you from …

I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life…


Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope. I didn’t know planets had telescopes….


Books …   Do you like books  ? Do you like to read  ? I love to read and will do so  as much as possible  I would be what people  would call a bookworm as once  I do get into a book not much else matters  and  I can tune out the world totally. What about  you ? Do you read  every single chance you get  ? Do you sometimes let other things go that you should be doing just to sneak some reading time out of a busy day  ? That would be me in spades when I am on a book binge as  I call it  , just love to sneak away from the things that  I should be doing if I have not already done them and get into reading. Ever been so into a book you are reading that you forget to maybe have a drink , have something to eat because the book is too good to put down  ? I have done this so many times it is not funny if a book is good enough then putting it down becomes too hard to do you want to just keep going  till you finish .This practice can get into a lot of trouble lol as  I have found out before today .

What kind of books do you like  ? There are so many genres  to choose from aren’t there these  days? It is so very hard to choose what book to read , Detective, Fantasy   , Romance , Travel , Poetry , Etc, Etc, there are just so many types to choose from  which in 1 way is a good thing for those that love to read  but the actual choosing is the fun part , well it is for me anyway . Ever walked into a bookshop or a library and just stood there almost with your mouth open at the amount and variety there is displayed in front of you ? Then you wonder how out of all these books are you going to find just 1 or 2 or whatever  that you would like to read  , the mind almost goes into melt down as there is just so much to pick from , it can be mind blowing just trying to make a decision . It can take just ages and ages to pick the book/books  you want because you do not want to make a mistake. Taking too long to make a decision can also get you into trouble lol yes as  I too have found out when book shopping with someone else  , so I now do it alone it’s safer that way lol.

Favourite book for me and 1  I reach for first every day has got to be The Bible just love it  and  I find it comforting  to me , and helps me day by day. Next would be good  detective  novels if they have a good plot and are written well, then would have to be a certain kind of fantasy the 1 I like the most is the Piers  Anthony  series called  the  Xanth series I  have all of them so far , all of these kinds of books apart from The  Bible  are what  I use to relax , escape and  enjoy the puns , as this series is full of puns and you have to like them to even think about reading this series. Never ever been 1 to read  so called romance  novels  they just do nothing for me but I do know a lot of people use these for escapism  the same way I use  the  Xanth series  if it helps them all to the good then as we all need a way to relax and chill at times. Life is just so frenetic  and violent these days that a way to relax and unwind is almost essential .

Where would we be without the book and the ability to read  ?  Life  I dare say would be horribly boring  if we could not read , so I salute the person or people  who came up with the way to read and write  because without them as with anyone who invented something  we use everyday without thinking  thank you  . Without the ability to read we could not use the internet, phones , news papers , etc,etc, and how boring that would make life  also what would we do then ? Even those who invented all the other things we use all the time had to know how to read and how to read books to give them new ideas or nothing would have got done would it  ? We should also thank the teachers that taught us how to read and write and spell , also thanks for whoever invented spell checker too as they must have seen the need for it ,makes you wonder what gave them the clue that 1 was so badly needed  ?

So the  really when you stop and think about it just how civilised  would we be if it hadn’t been for the ability  to read and write ? How else would all the instructions  that were needed get passed on  to those who needed them ? Without  those instructions  we would not have known what to do and when to do it or  how to do it  , so 1 more time we need to be thankful for the ability to read and for books to carry those instructions around with us , as we had to have them in a way that they could be taken from place to place. So without books we would almost certainly not be as educated or intelligent  as we are today , nor would we be able to do as much as we now can , and  I would not be sitting here writing this  on a computer  which most likely would  not have been invented.

I know something that you don’t! 😉 Oh wait you do know! But you don’t know that I know.


People are always asking whats the meaning of life, why don’t they just look it up in the dictionary. Duh!!!!


Jobs ….. Almost everyone at some time in their life has had a job of some kind, a part time job , a full time  job, or a once off job , but 1 way or another most of us have had a job at 1 point. Now before anyone gets upset I will say right here and right now that to my mind the hardest job of all , even though it is a job of love is raising  children . This is a job where you as a parent are on site 24/7  until the child/children are of an age to fend for themselves and make their own decisions. To me this is also a job that is number 1 and is also a job that  goes for a lifetime as no matter how old your children get they are still your ” children ”  and you will always see them that way no matter how old you are or they are  it is just a fact of life and you will always be there for them.

Within this blog though I am covering the jobs that people do that we do not even  know about or acknowledge  simply because they are the kind of jobs that no one sees people doing . Starting off with the scientists , you never see them but they put in very long hours so you and me can have the best of things. Then there are what is called , lol, yes they even made a  TV show called this ” The IT Crowd ”  while that was a comedy in real life it is not such a comedy as these people  maintain our lifestyle  in a lot of ways , they send all the goods we need to the shops , they make the petrol pumps work, they keep the  TV channels going , the keep hospitals going  . Even though we do not see them or know what they are doing  we would sure know about it if they stopped . Basically they keep the world running while there is power to run it and they do a splendid job as each time we go to the store we can get what we came in for because they made the machines work to get the goods there .

Think about all the different types of jobs there are , go on try for just a few mins try and think of just how many jobs there are that need doing  , they think about what types of jobs there are  and how many types there are , got a headache  yet  ? lol . Like  I said there are so many and so many types it would be impossible to put them all down in just 1 article , so if you have a job , no matter if you love it or hate it, in this day and age just be very thankful that you have it , as so many cannot even get 1 job let alone  any more not even part time jobs. There might be a whole lot of different types of jobs , and maybe a whole lot of jobs going but not everyone can do what is on offer where they live , these days getting a job is not easy , especially if you are not a really skilled person.

Feel so sorry for those who cannot find a job or who have to quit work for 1 reason or another  as now you can no longer be the independent  person you once were , same thing happens when you get married , lol, now you got to work with someone else  lol (sorry dear ) but it is true . We by the time we get to the stage in life where work is mainly what we do to support ourselves  we get very used to being independent  that if something happens to stop that , then we really can feel quite lost . After who knows how many years of looking after yourself all of a sudden  there is no job , so out the window goes all your feelings of security  and you wonder what on earth  you will do now .

Looking for jobs now is a whole new ball game compared  to what it used to be , at 1 time you just went for an interview  and you either got the job there and then or you didn’t , not like it is today when most of it is online and you may not know for ages whether you got it or not . Some places want you to send in all this stuff with you qualifications  on it and a lot of personal stuff that you never had to worry about when getting a job before. Now that we are in the so called enlightened era  or maybe the computer era  even getting a simple job is made so very hard , way harder than it ever used to be , just glad  I no longer need to go through all this , yes thankfully I could do it if needed but sure glad  I don’t have to, just glad to be able to leave it to the younger ones I did my share  lol.

Jobs …If you have 1 hang onto it as nowadays  there are so many people out there looking for a job that if you screw up there are literally hundreds more that will gladly take your job and put you right out. Having a job these days is a bonus and a must  if you want to even have  some kind of a life , or any kind of independance  to do what you want to do with your life the way you want to . Think about all the things you do and have today that will all be done with if you lose the job , it would be a life changing  thing and not very pleasant at all , keeping your job  is so very important now more so than ever . World  changes have made being able to not work , unless you are rich  an impossibility as you then cannot look after yourself as you need to.

I think I’m gonna put my scales on a diet, they keep putting on weight!

I am confused… I’m not sure why I’m confused but i am confused about being confused… and that makes me more confused… is that confusing or what?


If your problem can’t be solved by me saying “damn” and nodding a lot, then you shouldn’t come to me for help.