Books …   Do you like books  ? Do you like to read  ? I love to read and will do so  as much as possible  I would be what people  would call a bookworm as once  I do get into a book not much else matters  and  I can tune out the world totally. What about  you ? Do you read  every single chance you get  ? Do you sometimes let other things go that you should be doing just to sneak some reading time out of a busy day  ? That would be me in spades when I am on a book binge as  I call it  , just love to sneak away from the things that  I should be doing if I have not already done them and get into reading. Ever been so into a book you are reading that you forget to maybe have a drink , have something to eat because the book is too good to put down  ? I have done this so many times it is not funny if a book is good enough then putting it down becomes too hard to do you want to just keep going  till you finish .This practice can get into a lot of trouble lol as  I have found out before today .

What kind of books do you like  ? There are so many genres  to choose from aren’t there these  days? It is so very hard to choose what book to read , Detective, Fantasy   , Romance , Travel , Poetry , Etc, Etc, there are just so many types to choose from  which in 1 way is a good thing for those that love to read  but the actual choosing is the fun part , well it is for me anyway . Ever walked into a bookshop or a library and just stood there almost with your mouth open at the amount and variety there is displayed in front of you ? Then you wonder how out of all these books are you going to find just 1 or 2 or whatever  that you would like to read  , the mind almost goes into melt down as there is just so much to pick from , it can be mind blowing just trying to make a decision . It can take just ages and ages to pick the book/books  you want because you do not want to make a mistake. Taking too long to make a decision can also get you into trouble lol yes as  I too have found out when book shopping with someone else  , so I now do it alone it’s safer that way lol.

Favourite book for me and 1  I reach for first every day has got to be The Bible just love it  and  I find it comforting  to me , and helps me day by day. Next would be good  detective  novels if they have a good plot and are written well, then would have to be a certain kind of fantasy the 1 I like the most is the Piers  Anthony  series called  the  Xanth series I  have all of them so far , all of these kinds of books apart from The  Bible  are what  I use to relax , escape and  enjoy the puns , as this series is full of puns and you have to like them to even think about reading this series. Never ever been 1 to read  so called romance  novels  they just do nothing for me but I do know a lot of people use these for escapism  the same way I use  the  Xanth series  if it helps them all to the good then as we all need a way to relax and chill at times. Life is just so frenetic  and violent these days that a way to relax and unwind is almost essential .

Where would we be without the book and the ability to read  ?  Life  I dare say would be horribly boring  if we could not read , so I salute the person or people  who came up with the way to read and write  because without them as with anyone who invented something  we use everyday without thinking  thank you  . Without the ability to read we could not use the internet, phones , news papers , etc,etc, and how boring that would make life  also what would we do then ? Even those who invented all the other things we use all the time had to know how to read and how to read books to give them new ideas or nothing would have got done would it  ? We should also thank the teachers that taught us how to read and write and spell , also thanks for whoever invented spell checker too as they must have seen the need for it ,makes you wonder what gave them the clue that 1 was so badly needed  ?

So the  really when you stop and think about it just how civilised  would we be if it hadn’t been for the ability  to read and write ? How else would all the instructions  that were needed get passed on  to those who needed them ? Without  those instructions  we would not have known what to do and when to do it or  how to do it  , so 1 more time we need to be thankful for the ability to read and for books to carry those instructions around with us , as we had to have them in a way that they could be taken from place to place. So without books we would almost certainly not be as educated or intelligent  as we are today , nor would we be able to do as much as we now can , and  I would not be sitting here writing this  on a computer  which most likely would  not have been invented.

I know something that you don’t! 😉 Oh wait you do know! But you don’t know that I know.


People are always asking whats the meaning of life, why don’t they just look it up in the dictionary. Duh!!!!

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