Well Have You ?

Well have you  ? ……Have you ever just sat , looked around your home , the way you do things , what you have , what you have done over the years  ? Having done that , just sat and thought about it how did you feel ? Everytime  I do it I feel nothing but thankfulness  for  what  I have , what I have done , where I have been and so many ,many  more things , I know that  without  extraordinary  help that I have had from people and places  I would have done none of these things or been to any of these places , but my number 1 helper has always been God , he has always directed my path  that is why I am still alive to this day . A lot of people do not want to hear that but I am sorry it is the truth , so I will say it , I say it because I believe it and have seen it in my life .

How many things do you have today that you are thankful for ? Life , things, people , places ? There are just so many things we have and or do that we should be so thankful for  but with such a busy life these days who even has the time  to stop and sit down to think anymore  ? Think about when you do something for someone and when it is all done  doesn’t it feel so good if and yes sadly I say if  they at least say thank you ? Not everyone does that anymore unfortunately  but we should not let that stop us from doing the right thing even though it hurts when they do not. I put that down to 2 things  why they don’t  1. too rushed to realise they haven’t , 2. lack of respect  as no one teaches that anymore , I bet if you asked todays kids about respect  they would not have 1 clue as to what it means  as they are too used to having things their own way all their lives.

I sit and imagine what my life would be right now if  I did not have my hubby …lol yes he is a pest ( at times ) and yes he is the world’s best procrastinator or should that be worst ?   but without  him I would not even be here  and would not have the life  I have now. Let’s face it without his stalking we would never have got together   so he would not be here now annoying me all the time , lol , I did ask for it didn’t I when  I said yes  ? No T’s & C’s  to get me out of this , lol, bugga, never mind dear  I loves ya ( at the moment  ) lol Getting back to things to be thankful for is also the fact that we live in a country where you mostly do have a chance to improve  the things around  you whether it be people or places , mostly  we can change  what we do not like.

There are so many people in countries around the world that cannot even begin to improve things as they live in countries that are run by evil men who want to  run everyones lives and will stop at nothing until they get that . Matters not 1 bit to them if  they hurt or even kill people on the way to getting what they want , numbers of dead  do not worry them 1 little bit as they have already  made their minds up and nothing will change the way they think  and they will listen to no one . I have never ever worked out why they have to be like that , the phrase live and let live to them does not even exist  all that matters to them  is what they want, selfishness taken to extreme .

Things also to be thankful for is the fact that , unlike years gone by if we want to eat , we do not have to go out to hunt it ourselves, yikes! Can you imagine if we still had to do that  ? The danger people  would be to themselves would be the greatest risk I think  as they do not even take care of themselves sometimes much less anyone else . Thankfully we are really spoiled for choice all we need to do is go shopping at the shopping centres or just go online , we can go and get what we want when we want it  , no waiting  for animals or birds to come in range . If  I had to shoot my own meals ..lol we would not be eating much I would be a terrible shot , ever seen me near a dart board ? No ? Lol no and you never will as  I could not hit the broadside of a barn , lol and  as  I know this you all are safe  from me and darts. ( lucky aint you ?  lol )

Apart from that  which I have now saved you from  , there is the matter of clothing , if we could not even shoot our dinner  how would we get the skins or  wool ? We wouldn’t would  we ? lol be a bit cold  at times or a bit hot , so it is a great thing that once again we have  shopping and the internet so we can safely get what we need and leave the getting of same to those who do know how to do it , phew! lol. …Now what else is there  ? Oh yes  I know shoes !! We do need them if we like wearing them or not  I for 1 hate shoes but realise there are times , like when you go shopping  , lol, that you do need to wear them , unless you are shopping online then clothing, shoes etc is optional. lol…Just be thankful that also is something  that  I just saved you from …

I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life…


Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope. I didn’t know planets had telescopes….

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