Things We Love To Do

Things we love to do  …. Just what things do you love to do  ? Go to the beach , go shopping, go travelling , or just spend quiet time at home alone , or spend it  with family ?  There are so many things we love to do I  just cannot fit them all in here , and of all the things we do how many of them involve other people and going out , or being  at home just doing what you want ? There are so many things  we like to do  it is hard to pick just 1 , we have times when we just like to stay home and be with each other , and there are times when we love to go out and meet up with other people. Depending on the time of day/night when we are doing things  helps us decide if we want to be with others or we do not , sometimes we wait till the last minute to make this decision.

How about you  ? Do you like to go out and be with others  or stay in and be alone ? Decisions , decisions, decisions , lol makes life interesting doesn’t it ? Getting away from  going out or not what else is there you  love to do  ? Cooking is 1 of my favourite  things to do , usually once a month to fill up the freezer  with meals to last for weeks , takes a whole day when I do it but I love to do it also it saves us a lot of money  which is another reason  I do it . Also love reading can spend hours  and hours doing this as it takes my mind off things that might be causing  a bit of worry , things  I cannot for the time being do anything about .  Something else  I really love doing is travelling it has been a while now since  I was able to but while  I was  I enjoyed it so much I sure do wish I could do more  of it. Only have to remember some of the places  I have been to and it starts the wishing to travel bug again *sigh * oh well maybe 1 day again.

Love going out to a nice place for a meal and just having  fun with friends  or just to a pub for a few drinks , wish it could happen more but what with his crazy work shifts  we hardly get out much at all really , but when we do we have fun as we know it is good to have fun once in a while . Been to some wonderful stage shows too and  they have been so much fun it made it a real pleasure to be there , yes it costs  a bit which is why we do not do it often but when we can we do , as again  I think it is good to get out of the home , work routine  for a while even just an hour or 2 to break the monotony . Sitting back just chilling ( to use a new expression these days  )  not doing anything but drinking coffee  and just thinking about life in general  it can be so very relaxing . Think to myself if more people did this  the world might actually be a bit better off  as people would be a little more friendly and not so uptight about everything.

So how about you  ? What do you love to do  ? Have  I mentioned any of them yet  ? realise there are way more things to enjoy  but of those above  do any of them  ring a bell with you ? We all need to have things  that we really love to do and that makes us relax and  makes us happy  as  I think we all need to just relax , have fun , have a giggle  to help keep us on the right path  to a stable lifestyle. Stable lifestyle  is something  i think we all need if we are to be happy , a lot of drama  or too much of it is surely not good for us and can only lead to trouble  1 way or another . Going fishing is another thing  that is just so relaxing  again I wish I could  go more often , just love the peace and quiet  and it is an added bonus if you actually catch a fish or 3 .

Things we love to do , if we did more of them and less of the stress related things , just imagine how much better we would feel as would the people around  us as we would be way more relaxed . More relaxed is how we need the world to be but sadly  I very much doubt it will happen and we need to enjoy what we can before it all goes down to the depths , which it will there is no doubt . Too many  of the so called leaders now are too intent on running the world and with it our lives too it is only a matter of time before it all breaks down totally. Wishing it would or could be otherwise   does not help at all no matter how hard we wish , untill/unless someone finds a way to stop the rot it will just keep on going .

So let us all just try a little bit harder to concentrate  on doing the things we love to do more often  so we can at least help the part of the world we live in , and help those around us to be a little more relaxed too then we will all benefit . When it all gets a bit much , do what  I do , say a little prayer , thank God , and  go out and go swimming or fishing or cycling or something that needs a lot of concentration  so you forget the things that worry you just for a while . The more you have to concentrate on the  swimming, fishing, cycling, running  anything like that  the less  time  you have to worry and after a while you do really just relax and enjoy , even for just an hour or 2 I find walking is what helps me a lot  when  I can do it , try to at least  2 or 3 times a week  or more if  I can.


I can no longer afford to be driven insane, I’m going to have to walk there…


I hate spelling errors so much. You mix up two letters and your whole post is urined….

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