Waiting ..

Waiting  …Have you ever noticed how much waiting we and the whole world does ? We wait  for people  , for things, for events , for weather , for so many things  I could not possibly put them all down here  so I will for 1 more time be waiting  ..lol .. So how do you go at waiting  ?  Do you like waiting  ? Are you too impatient to wait ? Do you see it as a challenge to have to wait  ? How long will you wait for something  ? Will you wait for days, months, years  for something ? Do you decide how long to wait or just  wait and see  ? How many times have you waited only to find out you didn’t really have to  ? You could  have had that thing or gone to that place without waiting , you find that out later then  how did you feel ? There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for something or somebody only to have it called off at the last minute , have you been there and done that  ? I know  I have and it is so annoying , lol almost as annoying as husbands can be , and that can be pretty annoying  lol  ( sorry dear ) Waiting it is something we do all day everyday when you think about it , we wait for our food to cook , for our car/bus/train/etc  to get us where we need to go  and think nothing of it as we are so used to it, we even have to wait for our coffee !! lol ..

Waiting is not an easy thing to do if what we are waiting for is important to us , how do you wait? Pace the floor, listen to music, watch TV, read a book ? So many different ways to wait what is your way of waiting ? All those appointments  we have to wait for , all those sales we have to wait for , all those holidays we have to wait for , all those shows and  sports events we wait for ? So how do you wait for these things to happen ? I have found by either getting on Twitter or  Faceache  will take my mind off the waiting quite nicely  thank you lol . These 2 social media applications alone can keep you so occupied you do not even note the waiting and next thing you know time’s up and the waiting is over. Either 1 of 2 things has happened  the time has caught up to you and you are now running late  or you were able to control yourself  just enough to still be ready on time ., either way the wait is finally over and now it is time to do whatever you were waiting for .

Waiting has  an effect on most people , some do not mind waiting some hate it and want to have everything done the minute they want it  with no waiting at all , and some  do not care and simply say to themselves  it will be worth it in the end so I will wait . Which 1 of these covers you  ? What things do you not mind waiting for and which  ones do you really hate to have to wait for ? Somethings are really , really worth waiting for  while others  drive you crazy as they take too long to get here , I  know how I feel if I know something really good  is coming up I hate the waiting  as  I know it is going to be great , but if  I am waiting for something say, like a visit to the doctor lol I do not mind  waiting for that to happen , coz after all who actually likes going to a doctor  ? Some people do but that’s not me rather  keep away thanks , lol, so that is 1 thing  I don’t care how long  I have to wait for , but for a good outing somewhere or a great show or sporting event those are things  I just hate having to wait for , just want to get there .

Somethings as  I said are well worth the wait no matter how long you have to wait but what if  what you have waited so long for suddenly is not happening ? There is nothing to my mind worse  than finding out , just when you are  almost there that the thing has been cancelled , I really hate that  and anything you do after that , though it  may be good  it never quite measures up  to the 1 that got cancelled . What  do you do in these cases  ? Some people  go right off and just go and get  drunk or something  , while others  just  sigh  and say oh well  maybe next time . Things like that are really hard to take especially if it is something you have waited  a very long time for  , and with some of these things  you have to book them months in advance  so it is a real let down to have them cancelled at the last minute. We can at least be thankful that cancellations are not common to most things  so the waiting is worth it in the end ,and we can just relax and learn to wait a little more  without  getting our knickers in a twist lol.

Waiting is not something  I like doing much  for shortish  periods  is ok but long time waiting is not my best like ,  don’t mind waiting for something  I’m cooking to be done for instance is ok , or waiting for a bus/train/etc  is also ok  but having to wait months for a show or a sports event  is something that I really do not like having to do  but will if it means I get to go . Waiting for someone you love  to arrive or  to do something is a whole new world of waiting  as you worry too much about them getting to you or getting  what they went out to get and get back safely , this kind of waiting is the hardest  because you love them , if love didn’t come into it , the waiting  would pass without any problems. Waiting …waiting…waiting …lol …always waiting  for something or someone , but on the bright side it usually ends up being a good wait  mostly and it is only our style of waiting  that makes a big difference . Anyway how would getting everything we wanted  when we wanted it  be in anyway good for us  ? Let’s face it  it would only make for even more  impatient  people  than there  there is now and there are way too many of them now  as  I see it , too many people rushing around  and just knocking you over if you get in the way . …Oh well we will see , see if we can relax  more  and just learn to enjoy the waiting as  I doubt there will ever  be a time when  we stop having to wait  for something  or someone . .. So how will you wait  ??


You can lead a horse to water but I’d rather ride it to the liquor store…


Pop pop popsicle.. ice ice icicle.. test test… oops better stop here…..

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