Life …. Now who messed it up so much  ? Come on fess up …lol well it seems it has been messed up by someone doing something  silly to it , life has become these days just like a jigsaw  puzzle  and half the time you just don’t have all the pieces . Remember when, say only as little as 10 – 15 years ago life was a whole lot easier to manage ? You knew what you wanted to do  so you set yourself a task  to do and got on with it and the end result was you got where you wanted to be , doing what you wanted to do what you set out to do. All the hard work all the time you spent on it  everything you planned has all been done and you now have what you want  from the beginning , so now you relax and enjoy all that hard work , enjoy the fruits  of all the time spent.

Well somehow in the last 10 or so years this scenario  now has become all messed up , like the jigsaw you had all the pieces  you fitted them together , now however when you try to put them all together somehow there are 1 or 3 bits gone missing , somehow  you have been all messed up and it wasn’t even your fault  , you probably didn’t even see the bits get moved or nicked. How many times have you started planning  something , all goes nicely  until somehow just before the final bit drops into place Bang! Something  you did not plan for happens and all your lovely jigsaw pieces  get moved a bit or a lot and now you have to rearrange it all over again and hope like mad this time it all stays put. Crossing all your fingers and toes  and anything else you can get hold  of to cross you again set it all up and wait , this time all goes well and you achieve your goals.

Sometimes though if you are really , really lucky everything will go as planned and life for a while does what you hope it will with no big dramas  and you feel you can relax . Today though life has got so much more complicated and things happen you do not expect  or  you  can do nothing about , these are the times when you just want to strangle someone  , you get so stressed and wonder why , and how you can sort it all out again. Life has a funny way of giving you the unexpected , I think it does it just to stop things being boring , it matters not  how you feel life does what it does regardless of how you feel about it , as they say  ” it is what it is ” and you have to get on with it .  Well you may as well as griping about it wont help or fix anything you just have to adjust.

Let’s face it all you can do is as they say in the classics  ” pull up your big girls panties ”  and just move on , move on and reset direction , pretend it is a big computer game and just hit –control/alt/delete —  lol how well we all know these phrases now . Ok yes  I do know life just cannot be reset like a computer  no matter how much we might want  it to it just does not work like that * sigh * lol would make things easier though  wouldn’t it? Oh well like I said these days you just have to sit and do a mental  reset and start again, it takes time and patience to start again but doing that is way better than letting it get the better of you . Yes you might have to start from scratch you might even have to move house , move jobs, move a lot of things , but 1 thing for sure while you still have this  thing called life you have got hope and hope keeps us going .

Starting again is something  I have had to do many times and for many reasons  but I have not let it get the better of me ,  I just look around for the missing pieces  of my jigsaw and get moving again. Anyway  I now find it a challenge to get on with things rather than let the things get to me , for me it has been a real challenge  and also at times a lot of fun , I always try to find the funny side of things . Looking for the fun in this experience called life  is my way of dealing with frustration and challenges , lol and no this time I’m not talking about hubby . This time I am simply talking about all the things that make life more interesting and more challenging , well you wouldn’t want me to get bored would you ? lol I don’t want me getting  bored  either so looking for the funny things  in life stops the boredom  for me anyway .


My husband and I are having a serious fight. Do you think I should let him know about it?

Zippitydoodah… What on earth is a doo dah and how do you zip it?

To all you early risers out there…GO BACK TO BED….your making me look lazy.!!


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