What Is It ?

What is it that makes you  ..you ?  What is it that makes you special ? What is it that makes you different  from everyone else  ? There are so many things that makes each person different from any other we could go on for days  if we tried to list them all . Starting with genetics  , that is the 1 major thing that rules us all no matter what race , colour or creed we are , everyone has  a distinct genetic code  and that can never be changed , just as we are all born exactly the way we are meant to be , no matter what the evil that is transgender says , a man is a man no matter what he does to his body , the same for women , you are never born in the wrong body  .

What else is there  ? Hair for 1 everyone has a different style , colour , and even this is genetically controlled , but at least us changing it a bit as in cutting it  , perming it, colouring it  , is not  harmful so we can do that without harm to ourselves. Then there are the eyes , these too are all different , in colour and size and even shape  the only real difference  is the way we use them , lol you know when a woman flashes them at a man she wants to impress , do you do that to your man  ? lol I do to hubby  and  it works lol .We then get into body types and they are also so very different according to race, colour , etc , some are large , some are small , some are tiny , again all down to the genetics that we come from . Having  a large body does not always mean  it is your fault you are large or as the world sees you fat, some people through no fault of their own have a genetic thread that is very hard to beat , and no matter how hard you try you just cannot lose weight, but some people just cannot accept that as the truth and can be very hurtful to those larger people , yes some are that way because they eat too much but not all of them by a very long shot .

Also there are people who are too short or too tall  and who would love to be other but unless the genetics are there  it cannot happen  , so like large people you just have to manage until you can hopefully find a way to stall or stop the genetic code that rules your  life. Amazes me though just how many people will do anything and everything to change their body style and shape just to be more beautiful , when in actual fact  it is more than likely just an attitude  change that would work better. People with a selfish nature  or with a violent streak  or who are just shy or  just want a me , me, me, type of life all the surgery in the world will not change what is inside . Never in my life have  I cared about a persons shape, colour, nationality  , it is what that person is like inside , that is how I work out what people are really like . They can do all that , become the most famous , the richest , the most sought after , the most beautiful,  but if they are rotten inside it will all be a total waste of time and money to change it all.

What is it ? What is it that makes you happy or sad  or upset or  cynical or whatever you show to the world each day ? To me just being able to look after my hubby and also my family and keep clothes on our backs and food on the table , and the ability to  go and do things if we want to is more than enough for me . I am not 1 of the ones who has to try to change things that do not need changing , thinking that by doing so then  I will be happy , no I long ago realised the best way is to make the most of what  I have and to see the bright side wherever possible   and try to make people laugh. To let our problems  get us down is not the way to get the best out of life  , you have to take control or get controlled . Too many people let themselves be talked into things that they never should agree to and saddest of all now they are ruining the children , trying to tell a 2 year old  they were born in the wrong body , now how evil is that  ? We are supposed to protect the children not corrupt them , this is worse than those that stick a phone their kids hands as soon as they are born so they don’t have to worry about them .

The world has changed so much now it is so hard to make the right decisions about anything , and it gets down to what we really are inside as to what and how we make our decisions in life  that  helps also to make us what we are . Making the right decisions these days has become so hard I can see  how easy it is for some people to make the right ones , knowing full well that once the decision has  been made that is it  , for better or worse as they say in the classics …..or when you get married  ..lol ..So what is it with you  , and how you do things and how you handle day to day things  ? What is it that makes you tick in just the way you do ? The reasons why we do and say the things we do  are so many and so varied  that we all  have a very different style , and  the way we handle things is all mostly the same way our forefathers did , if we like it or not  that is the way it is or as they say also in the classics …..It is what it is  ….


Figuring out that you’ll probably never figure it out is the first step of really figuring it out…

What did the llama say when he got kicked off the farm? Alpaca my bags…

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