Weather …. we all  have it in varying  degrees  and we cannot do a single thing about it , but have you ever  noticed just how much it rules your life  ? There is not a single thing that  I know of that we can do without  checking the weather first , and  I bet you can’t think of anything either  lol go on try it …. 1st  try this …get out of bed , go make coffee  , when you put on the kettle try really hard not to look out the window to see if it is raining  or not  …lol I bet you cannot , you cannot go another step in starting your day  until you see what the weather is doing and finding out what the rest of the day will be like  . If you say that it is not the 1st thing you check after putting the kettle on then  lol I just don’t believe you …. now I will tell you why  I don’t

Reasons  why the weather is the 1st thing everyone checks when they get out of bed  are as follows …1. you need to know what clothes to wear , I mean you do not want to get wet or get too hot in whatever clothes you put on right  ?  2. you need to do the washing or go out shopping  so again you need to know if washing will get dry  and you will not get wet getting home with  the shopping. 3. you wish to go walking or just go out and do some gardening  and in either thing you do not want to be either rained on or boiled and get burned . See? there are so many , many reasons why the 1st thing we check is the weather  as we do need to know what the risks  are before we even leave the house. After all who in what passes for their minds wants to get caught out in the wrong clothes  and with the wrong shoes on , it is no fun wearing sandals  if you get caught in the middle of a drench pour , trust me been there done that when unexpected rain came over once , it is yukky had wet feet for ages before I  could get  some new shoes and socks , which I had to do to continue with what I was doing that day ….not funny…lol

Weather controls not only all our plans but it also controls the world when you think about it , no one can do anything without sorting the weather out first , they cannot even launch a ship , or a rocket to the moon, or  a car race or a whole lot of other things pertaining to sport if the weather is playing havoc . Weather at it’s worst is when you get caught in storms  of either rain, wind, snow, or even some bush fires that have been started by the storms. Can you imagine what the odds are of having a good day if you never looked out the window 1st thing , looked at the forecast on TV, or checked a weather app  before you even get dressed and take the risk all will be ok , I would put the odds at more than  50- 1 you will end up in trouble  lol trust me  …Would you like to run a marathon or ride in a cycle race in the pouring rain ? lol no thank you ..

Weather  and what it is doing is just so important  to us in our everyday  comings and goings  that there is now a huge global job  for those that work in the weather industry , let’s face it the  weather has created so many jobs , in forecasting , reporting , researching . etc etc etc , it is now a multi million $$$$  industry now in every country in the world , there is not a country that can do anything  without knowing what the weather will be like that day or the next. Even these awful people who plan wars  they need to know they are not wasting their ammo  because the weather will affect the  firing of or where they land. Think about it  lol , they fire a weapon and it is too windy so said  bullet comes back at them because they never checked the weather to see if there was a tornado or something coming how funny would that be  ?

Weather …lol  ..we like it or not we have to take notice  of the weather before we even get the day started so if you think about it , it’s not people who run the world it’s the weather …lol, it says either yes or no to any plans you want to make . Imagine  just going out and you want to have  BBQ but you don’t check the weather  and instead of a nice day out you get drenched  , lol now tell me again who runs everything ?? Weather  is the real ruler because you cannot even go shopping sometimes  the weather is so bad  , yes you can do the shopping online  but that is not nearly so much fun sometimes as meeting  up with friends makes it all so much more fun than sitting in front of a screen. …and talking of screens  ..

Weather  even controls our internet , it can be washed out , blown out , burned out  , lol so one more time  who is incharge ?? lol you guessed it …the weather …so we  better  get used to it , coz it is not people who run the world it is the weather and it can be very nasty. Storms of all kinds do all sorts of damage , and cause us so much trouble over the years  that you would think we would have noticed by now how much power the weather  has and how much it rules us all , and not just 1 country either , it runs the whole world. Would you go out and try and tell a storm to nick off so you can do something  ? lol ..  Good luck with that , it will look at you and literally blow you over as it laughs it’s way past you , you have no more hope of telling a storm what to do than you have of ignoring the weather , it has you just where it wants you …. lol …  Weather  10 …people 0 …always …enjoy ..

Husband: I am so bored my bum has fallen asleep.
Me: I know, I heard it snoring.

Since it started raining all my husband has done is look through the stupid window… If it gets any worse, I’ll have to let him in…

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